Facing up to the reality of energy, ecology and economy

Feb 28, 2011 | 07:00 PM |

Tags  EPA, OCTG, AISI, energy, ecology, economy

Forget the three Rs. Let’s talk about the three Es: energy, ecology and economy. All three are serious issues facing America and its citizens and businesses, and each is something the metals industry needs to take to heart in a frank way.

Several otherwise unrelated articles in this month’s issue highlight just how much this is the case on a regular basis these days. This issue is filled with stories about EPA regulations, proposed tougher local clean air and water guidelines, issues around opportunities and pitfalls in the OCTG market, the need for stronger and lighter metals in automobile manufacturing, and numerous views on where the metals economy is heading.

Often overlooked is how much the three Es are interlinked. While not always nor exclusively locked in a symbiotic relationship, it often is the case that energy, ecology and economy are dependent on one another. The businesses that most successfully understand and incorporate this thinking are the ones that will rule future markets.

Because it is grounded in science, technology and engineering, the metals industry is uniquely positioned to lead the country in discussing ways to find new solutions that can power people and industry, keep the environment safe and put strong winds at the sails of the American economy. ....

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