AMM's U.S. Ferrous Scrap Export Indices Methodology

Jul 03, 2012 | 09:06 AM |

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AMM is now publishing two new price indices tracking the export market for HMS 1&2 (80:20 blend) on both the East and West coasts. The new indices will be published weekly—online each Monday and in the daily paper each Tuesday—and will be calculated based on transaction data received that is then tonnage-weighted and normalized to produce a final index value. Detailed documentation relating to our methodology for these indices is available below.

U.S. Ferrous Scrap Export Indices Methodology Guide

AMM is the leading independent supplier of market intelligence and pricing to the North American metals industries and publisher of widely-used reference prices for scrap.

AMM’s U.S. Ferrous Scrap Export Indices are built upon the publication’s extensive experience in reporting scrap prices in a wide range of grades and locations and utilizes an established and leading index methodology.

AMM U.S. Ferrous Scrap Export Indices

The AMM U.S. Ferrous Scrap Export Indices have been developed to provide a fair, transparent and objective representation of the market.

AMM has been reporting on the U.S. scrap market for over 100 years and therefore has a unique level of experience and knowledge in providing benchmark prices to the industry.

The AMM Index methodology is a tonnage-weighted calculation of transactions that have been normalized to our base specification using value-in-use (VIU) curves as defined by the market.

The Indices are based on actual transactions, which are reported to AMM by any market participant who is conducting trades on an f.o.b. East Coast or f.o.b. West Coast basis and is not restricted to a panel or selected group. ....

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