What has William Penn wrought?

Oct 12, 2012 | 03:57 PM |

Tags  Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania DEP, air quality plan, Marcellus Shale gas, natural gas, power plant, Moxie Liberty LLC, Moxie Energy Moxie Patriot LLC

Call it symmetry.

On Nov. 10th and more than 150 years after Colonel Edwin L. Drake drilled America’s first commercially successful oil well in Titusville, Pa., the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania scored a first of its own by issuing an air quality plan approval to Moxie Liberty LLC, Vienna, Va., for construction of the first new power plant in the Keystone State conceived as a result of the boom in local Marcellus Shale gas.

"With this approval, Moxie now has all that it needs from DEP to move forward with the construction of this historic facility, which will use clean, pipeline-quality, locally produced natural gas as fuel," DEP Secretary Mike Krancer said in a statement. "It is a win-win and another landmark moment in the long history of Pennsylvania’s leadership role in producing and delivering energy for our nation."

The new plant, which will generate up to 936 megawatts of electricity, will be built on a 30-acre site in Asylum Township, Bradford County. The $800-million-plus investment consists of two power blocks, each block equipped with a combustion gas turbine and a steam turbine. Each combined cycle will be able to generate up to 468 megawatts of electricity and will also include a heat recovery steam generator and supplemental burners, the DEP said. ....

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