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Within this section of amm.com we proudly celebrate the accomplishments of our industry.  Companies large and small are recognized here for achieving excellence in a number of areas.   As the voice of the industry, American Metal Market is proud to honor the best among us.

2013 AMM Awards for Steel Excellence Winners and Finalists

Best Innovation - Process: Mesocoat Inc.


Winner: Mesocoat Inc. – Located in Euclid, Ohio, Mesocoat is an emerging leader in the material science and surface engineering industries. The firm has created CermaClad corrosion- and wear-resistant alloy clad pipe for energy producers. CermaClad is a unique metal-cladding process that uses a high-intensity light source to fuse various anti-corrosion and anti-wear materials onto metal substrates at a 40-ties higher productivity rate with better metallurgical properties.


• Mesocoat Inc.

• Scan Systems Corp.

• SMS Siemag

• The Material Works Ltd.


Best Innovation – Product: ArcelorMittal USA, LLC.


Winner: ArcelorMittal USA LLC – The Chicago-based company provides advanced high-strength and ultra-high-strength steel for the auto industry. ArcelorMittal commercially launched a cold-rolled dual-phased steel in 2011, becoming the first steel producer in North America to offer this grade in tube form. Ford Motor used the innovative tube product in its 2013 Ford Fusion to further improve safety of the vehicle.


• ArcelorMittal USA LLC

• Raildecks Inc.

• Recla Metals LLP

• Replasa SA

Best Merger and Acquisition:
AK Steel Corporation

Winner: AK Steel Corporation – To enhance its long-term operations, AK Steel has invested in Magnetation LLC and AK Coal Resources that will provide the company with about 50 of its annual iron ore and metallurgical coal requirements by 2015. By becoming more vertically integrated, AK Steel will gain greater control over its cost structure, enhance its raw materials sufficiency and provide a hedge against global price fluctuation for those critical steelmaking inputs.


• AK Steel Corporation

• Schnitzer Steel Industries Inc.

• Scrap Metal Services LLC

Best Operational Improvement: 
Evraz North America Inc

Winner: Evraz North America Inc. – Based in Chicago, Ill., Evraz North America is making a series of investments to increase quality and expand capacity of its production facilities in Pueblo. Colo., for rail, seamless pipe, and rod and bar. The investments are positioning the company to meet growing demand for premium rail, products in the transportation sector, seamless pipe in the energy sector, and rod and bar for road and bridge construction.



• Evraz North America Inc.

Pipe and Tube Producer of the Year:
Independence Tube Corp.

Winner: Independence Tube Corp. – About 90 percent of the company’s Decatur, Ala., facility was destroyed by a tornado in April 2011, and Independence Tube went to work to rebuild while shifting business to its ongoing facilities in Illinois. No customers were lost, and only of a handful of order were lost due to delivery issues No Decatur employees were laid off, and the company shuttled employees to the other two operations to help process increased orders because of the Alabama outage.


• Independence Tube Corp.

• Maruichi Leavitt Pipe & Tube LLC

Best Greenfield/Brownfield Technology:
OMK Tube North America, Inc.

Winner: OMK Tube North America Inc. – The company expanded its presence in the United States in 2011 by acquiring an oil country tubular goods facility in Houston, and, the following, year began construction of a pipe mill which began rolling in December 2012. Total investment exceeded $100 million.



• OMK Tube North America Inc.

• Steel Dynamics Inc.

Environmental Responsibility/Stewardship: Sims Metal Management, Ltd.

Winner: Sims Metal Management Ltd. –The company’s sustainability efforts have evolved to become a strong and integral part of how it conducts business. With much of the focus on the company’s energy and carbon footprint, water usage and waste generation, Sims’ sustainability agenda provides a comprehensive platform to measure nonfinancial performance. As a result, Sims has been named one of the world’s 100 most sustainable companies for the fourth year running.


• Metal Management Ltd.

• Recla Metals LLLP

Industry Ambassador/Advocate of the Year:
Thomas A. Danjczek

Winner: Thomas A. Danjczek, Steel Manufacturers Association – Under Tom’s leadership, the Steel Manufacturers Association, which advocates primarily for scrap-based electric-arc furnace producers, has focused on its activities on pulbi policy positions consistent with the interests of its members. The SMA also provides a forum for the exchange of information and serves as a source of information on the steel industry.


• Thomas A. Danjczek

• Ron Krupitzer, Steel Market Development Institute (AISI)

Logistics/Transportation Provider of the Year: Norfolk Southern Corporation

Winner: Norfolk Southern Corporation – The company emphasizes supplying its customers with reliable schedules and better information to improve the ease of doing business. Norfolk Southern’s Thoroughbred Operating Plan uses streamlined scheduling for a more fluid and efficient rail network. TOP’s primary benefits include greater asset utilization, decreased length of haul and increased network velocity, allowing Norfolk Southern and its customers to realize significant cost savings and improved service.


• Boyd Brothers Transportation Inc.

• Coil-Tainer Ltd.

• MoveTran LLC

• Norfolk Southern Corporation

Scrap Company of the Year: Schnitzer Steel Industries Inc.

Winner: Schnitzer Steel Industries Inc. – Despite industry weakness in 2012, Schnitzer’s three Portland, Ore.-based facilities remained profitable, reflecting the strength and resiliency of its business model as well as strong customer relationships. With more than five million customer visits annually, Schnitzer provides customers with efficient processing, operational integrity and competitive pricing.


• Cohen

• SA Recycling LLC

• Sadoff Iron and Metal Co.

• Schnitzer Steel Industries Inc.

• Upstate Shredding LLC – Ben Weitsman & Son Inc.

Service Center of the Year:
O'Neal Steel Inc.

Winner: O’Neal Steel Inc.–The Birmingham, Ala.,-based company continuously measures its on-time delivery and quality rates to ensure it is meeting customer expectations. O’Neal also reduces its operating expenses through purchase programs, the use of technology, employee training and a safe work environment. O’Neal recently acquired an improved capability for collaborative customer part drawing and part nesting, allowing all programmers to access the same program and data base to improve cross-functional and cross-facility collaboration.


• Berlin Metals Inc.

• Jemison Dempsey Metals

• Midwest Materials Inc.

• Mill Steel Co.

• O’Neal Steel Inc.

• Steel Supply Co.

Ferrous Exporter of the Year:
Scrap Metal Services LLC.

Winner: Scrap Metal Services LLC – The Burnham, Ill.,- based company is a supplier of ferrous and nonferrous scrap commodities to domestic and international customers. With the 2012 acquisition of All Star Metals and All Star Shredding, SMS was able to expand its operations in the United States and move into the Mexican scrap market. SMS said it plans to continue to explore other niche businesses and to expand through acquisitions and/or greenfield projects as opportunities arise.


• Metro Metals Northwest

• SA Recycling LLC

• Scrap Metal Services LLC

Steel Producer of the Year:
Nucor Corporation

Winner: Nucor Corporation – When its mills in Alabama were down following a tornado, the Charlotte, N.C.,-based steelmaker’s entire team worked to fill order with products from other Nucor mills. Recent capital investments have helped expand Nucor’s product mix for customers and continually improving quality. Last year, Nucor announced investments for expanded production capacity for special bar quality products as well as the capability to produce armor pate and high-end plate for the heavy machinery market.


• AK Steel Corp.

• Nucor Corporation

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