• Automotive market opens doors for new steel products Jul 01, 2014

    Automakers will demand not only more steel products, but ones that are innovative and sturdier while helping to improve fuel efficiency.

  • Distributors see rise in business through the rest of 2014 Jul 01, 2014

    The beginning of the year did not see strong performances, but executives at several service centers say demand for steel products will grow.

  • Global trade, capacity provide world-class headaches Jul 01, 2014

    Steel executives continue to express concerns about Chinese production, international trade practices, export opportunities and overcapacity.

  • Global Warning Jul 01, 2014

    Steel worldwide faces economic opportunities in emerging markets but also must confront numerous challenges, including the growing problems of overcapacity, environmental concerns and competition from lightweight metals, composites and new-generation plastics.

  • On the edge Jul 01, 2014

    There is an increasing understanding among steelmakers of how important it is to know and measure what is going on in their organizations—and how information technology solutions can give them a more comprehensive look at their enterprises.

  • Public speaking Jul 01, 2014

    Governments can have a powerful impact on the steel industry, and some company executives are concerned about whether that influence will be positive or negative for their operations, markets and the overall economy as they seek ways to sway policy decisions.

  • Strong chemistry Jul 01, 2014

    Several companies see big business in nanocrystalline steel applications as the automotive, aerospace and even construction sectors herald commercial growth for an emerging technology that is moving into production as quickly as companies can secure qualification.

  • AMM Hall of Fame: The 2014 honor roll Jun 01, 2014

    The latest class of inductees into AMM’s Steel Hall of Fame includes four truly outstanding individuals who we recognize as great achievers in the steel industry.

  • Award-winning distributors provide range of products Jun 01, 2014

    Past winners of AMM’s annual awards have tended to share more than just big revenues—they also provide a large variety of metal products.

  • Honors roll on: AMM Awards Jun 01, 2014

    The fifth year of AMM’s Awards for Steel Excellence is the biggest yet, with a record number of awards, nominees and finalists in categories that address issues of institutional accomplishments and individual achievements at many points along the steel supply chain.

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