• Part of the process Sep 26, 2016

    As automakers and their parts suppliers increasingly look to concentrate on their core competencies and to outsource other services, opportunities have been created for those service centers and toll processors that offer steel, aluminum, stainless and other metals.

  • Scrapyards’ lament: Mills can be penny wise, pound foolish Sep 26, 2016

    As was detailed in the recent feature on scrap sorting and processing (AMM September, p, [][]), steel mills are complaining to their suppliers of ferrous scrap that residual content has risen to unacceptable levels.

  • Shale has changed the energy equation permanently Sep 26, 2016

    Even though three quarters of the finished price of DRI is ore, the price of natural gas looms larger than its base percentage in the cost balance for DRI.

  • Building up Sep 26, 2016

    Engineers and metallurgists all say that there is not much new in direct-reduced iron (DRI) technology, nor is there likely to be, yet despite this problem of industry maturity, the technology involved is still experiencing innovations in the production and output of firms.

  • Reduction plan Sep 26, 2016

    Direct-reduced iron (DRI) is set to take center stage as merchant Great Lakes plans firm and low prices for inputs and energy reset the business case for clean iron units, all while electric arc furnace operators move more to high-margin sheet for automobiles and appliances.

  • The Ford Escort that vanished Sep 26, 2016

    Teets used to drive a light blue 1985 Ford Escort, his “mill car” and an object of affection.

  • Shaping the future Sep 26, 2016

    As U.S. automakers move toward meeting increasingly stringent Cafe fuel requirements, metals companies supplying them are upping their game as well, including leading stampers, blankers, extruders and others who are embracing the new market opportunities.

  • Cafe society Sep 26, 2016

    The metals industry is cheered by a reaffirmation of mileage standards for cars, as in what has been a widely misinterpreted interim report, regulators so far are staying the course on emissions requirements over the course of the next decade of automobile development.

  • Some in steel sector say they see better days for OCTG Sep 26, 2016

    As long as crude oil price don't weaken, service centers will need mills to send them more OCTG stock; some see further gains on the horizon.

  • Low energy Sep 26, 2016

    Oil prices are expected to remain flat well into 2017, and months of new oil capacity is sitting untapped in wells that are already drilled but not yet producing as uncertainty exists over the question of how long OPEC will continue to hold down prices by flooding markets with its products.