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American Metal Market has a long history of pricing hot-rolled coil and other steel products and is widely accepted as the leader in producing industry benchmarks for this market.  AMM’s extensive editorial network of highly skilled market experts means it is best-positioned to create a truly superior mechanism for representing the value of the highly liquid HRC spot market. The resources and technology that support our pricing activities allow us to produce an index value the same week that transaction data is collected, making this index the most reactive in the market for that week’s transactions. AMM’s HRC Index follows a rigorous methodology and highly sophisticated data processing model designed to ensure balance among all market participants. Producers, Consumers and Traders have an equal weighting in the final index price. The result is a reflective index that is intrinsically linked to spot market transactions. Click the cover image to the right to view the AMM HRC Index specifications and methodology. Contact Thorsten Schier so we can help you establish AMM’s new HRC index coverage as the benchmark you trust for your transactions.

The HRC Index price is published on a weekly basis, every Thursday with the following specifications: 

Currency and Unit: U.S. dollar per hundredweight Hot-rolled coil HRC index methodology AMM
Location: U.S.
Basis: f.o.b. Midwest mill
Price Type: Index
Frequency: Weekly, Thursday
Minimum Tonnage: 50 tons
Gauge: 0.09 to 0.38 inch thick x 48 to 72 inches wide
Quality: ASTM A1011 Commercial Sheet and corresponding grades
Packaging: Standard
Raw material surcharges: Included

American Metal Market disseminates its pricing data and market news only through direct license agreements suited to the specific needs of each company. In all, more than 1,400 different prices are assessed regularly across a range of metals, grades and locations and more than 10,000 stories are published every year. All of AMM's data can be accessed through a variety of solutions including the website via Price Tracker, a custom data feed and using many other solutions. To license the HRC Index, or any other AMM data, please contact Aaron Goggan at 312-929-4193.

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AMM & the North American HRC Market

For the past several decades, American Metal Market has published prices for a variety of steel products across the supply chain. The majority of these prices cover amounts paid by consumers or distributors to the producing mills. The assessments consider actual transactions, although the calculation of the price depends to a great extent on the experience and expertise of AMM’s editorial team. These prices have become widely used by the industry in contracts and other pricing relationships. AMM ’s hot-rolled coil price assessment specifically goes back to the 1960’s, and AMM has always been a leading benchmark in this field.

Hot-rolled coil (HRC) is the predominant finished steel form in the domestic and global steel industry and is the basis for many steel-based industrial products. Significant liquidity in the HRC market along with its importance as a raw material for manufacturers makes this a critical material with some level of volatility in its physical markets.

Hot-rolled coil (HRC) is mostly used in industrial fabrication, random uses include shelving, office furniture and post boxes. It is also used as a substrate in welded steel tube and pipe production and heavy industrial equipment in the agricultural industry. Participants active in the physical spot market for HRC include purchasers for fabricators and service centers, steel mills sales teams in contracts with customers on the sell side and with end users like pipe mills on the buy side of contracts with steel mills. End users further down the supply chain might use these prices as escalators or de-escalators for contracts. HRC prices are also generally used as an indicator of the health of a steel industry as it makes up such a large part of the market, and so often tracked by analysts and financial institutions.

HRC Index calculations

The American Metal Market Hot-Rolled Coil Index is intrinsically linked to spot transactions. An index price is produced through the collection of data from a varied group of market participants on both the buy and sell side of a transaction. Then the index is calculated using an objective mathematical model that ensures impartiality and removes subjectivity. Indices are designed to track the most volatile, complex and liquid markets with a representative weekly price. Using a more complex data process model, robust methodology and objective mathematical calculations AMM's index produces a truly representative market price.

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