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Magazine Issue: 06-June-2012

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Predicting the ferrous scrap market’s next move
While it is next to impossible to accurately predict the scrap market’s next move, there are a host of indicators that can make it easier to turn the odds in your favor.  Understanding factors that drive the scrap market and paying close attention to numerous cues are essential for all prognosticator wannabes.

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From the Editor

  • AMM Comment: Seven habits of highly successful metal execs

    At AMM, we’re going to be full of stars in the coming weeks as we induct the newest members of our Steel Hall of Fame and present awards for excellence to industry leaders in aluminum and steel. In this issue, we profile the latest Steel Hall of Fame inductees, as well as the finalists for our aluminum and steel awards.


  • Tube, pipe makers in holding pattern for Canada, Alaska

    A series of developments in Canada and Alaska have forced steel tube and pipe interests to take a wait-and-see approach to regional energy projects, with one major initiative stumbling as another starts—slowly—to get off the ground.

  • ISRI 2012 expo, study show importance of scrap

    As a ‘Made in America’ success story, scrap recycling in the United States generates total economic activity in excess of $90.6 billion annually, making the industry similar in size to the nation’s forestry and fishing industries combined, and is responsible for employing more than 450,000 people, according to the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries.

  • AMM Awards: 2012 Steel Excellence Finalists

    What constitutes ‘excellence’ in steel? American Metal Market answers that question as we present the finalists for our third annual Awards for Steel Excellence.  A panel of industry experts nominated a total of 24 organizations and three individuals in 10 different categories (note: those finalists marked Editors’ Choice were added by AMM staff).  A prestigious panel of judges will choose the winner in each category before we announce the final results at a June 19 ceremony during our Steel Success Strategies XXVII Conference June 18-20 in New York.

  • AMM Steel Hall of Fame: Class of 2012

    The AMM Steel Hall of Fame is pleased to announce its Class of 2012 inductees: five distinguished individuals who pioneered, developed or furthered the practices, strategies and interests of the steel industry.

  • Energy market lull casts doubts on steel pipe and tube

    The pipe and tube market appears to be in a holding pattern as the impact of price increases on non-energy-related tubulars remains in doubt and concerns mount in the long-robust energy tubulars sector about the drill rig count and declining natural gas prices.

  • AMM Awards: 2012 Aluminum Excellence Finalists

    Like the aluminum industry itself, American Metal Market will be rolling out something valuable this month when we announce our first-ever Awards for Aluminum Excellence to recognize the best in the industry.  Here, we profile the finalists: 15 companies and four individuals.  We will announce the winners at a June 12 ceremony during our second annual Aluminum Summit June 11-13 in New York.