American MetalMarket

Magazine Issue: 07-July-2012

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Steel commodity trading is the wave of the futures
Established exchanges as well as new players are bringing both physical and financial instruments to the steel market, which is slowly accepting that times are changing.

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From the Editor

  • AMM Comment: The past still lives in our minds and actions

    When William Faulkner wrote that “The past is never dead. It’s not even past,” chances are he wasn’t thinking about the steel industry. But nevertheless, the idea applies quite well. Without an awareness of metals history and at least living partially under the shadow that it casts, forward progress would not be possible.


  • Steel museums offer bridge to the past

    Steel is a modern marvel with a deeply rooted past. America’s love of iron and steel can be seen across the nation in museums dedicated to preserving, honoring and educating about the history and heritage of the molten metal that runs through the nation’s veins.

  • Guilherme Gerdau Johannpeter: The man with the plan

    Guilherme Gerdau Johannpeter, president of Gerdau Long Steel North America and scion of one of the industry’s most illustrious families, discusses his company’s rapid growth, its sometimes surprising strategic decisions, and the advantages of a long-term perspective.

  • Steel starts to see benefits of financial trading software

    Commodity trading and risk management are starting to bloom across all metals, and while aluminum and copper were early adopters, some steel operators are only just beginning to look into the world of possibilities for their sector.

  • Software makes inroads in scrap industry

    The scrap metals industry generally lags most of the large mill customers in information technology sophistication, but even small, family owned businesses have come a long way in how they use computers in their day-to-day operations.