American MetalMarket

Magazine Issue: August/September 2012

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  • Checking the forecast: AMM/PwC surveys the metals industry

    AMM conducted a survey of global steel and aluminum executives on behalf of PricewaterhouseCoopers.  The results show that producers are cautiously optimistic for the near term, even as confidence has slipped during recent economic uncertainty.

  • Distributors taking inventory seriously

    With demand strong, even if historically anemic, service centers have been optimistic yet cautious as they control stockpiles to help shield against price volatility and mill production while still attempting to satisfy the needs of their customers in the market.

  • Stoe away: Long-time metals stalwart George Stoe retires

    Over the past four decades, George Stoe has been witness to an industry that has been severely disjointed, beset by fierce competition and many other challenges.  His experience has allowed him to develop informed visions for the future of metals processing and distribution.

  • Top service centers by revenue for 2012

    This list ranks service centers by revenue, in millions of dollars.  Service centers that didn’t respond to requests aren’t included in the survey.

  • Survey shows service centers' resilience

    AMM surveyed service centers on a wide variety of issues in addition to their revenues, asking about everything from their willingness to expand to their attitudes toward future mergers and acquisitions.  

  • US aluminum sector keeps on rolling along

    Industry leaders say that slowdowns in European and Chinese economic growth have not significantly dampened the domestic aluminum sector, which remains relatively robust in terms of both physical demand and regional premiums despite sometimes-weak LME prices.

  • Aluminum price slide could cap smelter capacity

    As aluminum prices sink on the London Metal Exchange, a majority of smelters worldwide are now operating at a loss.  With a staggering 5 million tonnes of unprofitable capacity overhanging the market, major players face some tough decisions on whether they should curtail capacity—and by how much.

  • AMM ’s 2012 Steel Excellence award winners

    Ten awards recognizing advancements rooted in technology, customer service, logistics and other practices were presented to those within the steel industry and its support services whose efforts stood apart from their peers over the past year.

  • AMM aluminum award winners announced for 2012

    Nine AMM awards recognizing achievements within the aluminum sector and related industries were presented to mark some of the greatest ideas, performances and people, shining a light on those who have excelled in their fields.