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Magazine Issue: June 2013

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AMM Awards for Steel Excellence: 2013 finalists
What does it take to get out in front and hold the lead in the highly competitive world of steel? What is it, exactly, that makes a steel organization or executive excellent? American Metal Market addresses those questions as we present the finalists for our fourth annual Awards for Steel Excellence.




From the Editor


  • It's an honor to recognize the best

    We always have a spring in our step here at AMM at the start of summer, an exciting time of year. Soon we will be announcing the winners in the fourth annual Awards for Steel Excellence program, as well as inducting the next group of honorees into our Steel Hall of Fame.


  • AMM Steel Hall of Fame: Keith Busse

    After leading Nucor’s pioneering Crawfordsville, Ind., facility into production in the mid-1980s, Busse built Steel Dynamics into one of the nation’s premier steel companies.

  • AMM Steel Hall of Fame: Cecilia Danieli

    Italy’s Lady of Steel helped build or equip numerous mini-mills around the world at a time when integrated mills were still recovering from the hard times of the 1970s and early 1980s.

  • AMM Steel Hall of Fame: Tadeusz Sendzimir

    Sendzimir’s life was defined by change, with innovations including the introduction of the continuous process for galvanizing steel and the rolling of stainless steel.


  • Steel in the data: A retrospective

    In this issue, AMM is looking back at the careers of three steel industry giants whose contributions spanned the 20th Century (AMM Steel Hall of Fame inductees, page 34). Some interesting statistical trends emerged over the course of that century that help tell the story of the industry.


  • 'Frac pipe' poses new threat to steel mills

    After a recent incident at a Texas steel mill in which a scrap charge thought to contain ‘frac pipe’ exploded, a debate has kicked up over the dangers posed by some raw materials.

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