• A-OK at AK May 31, 2016

    For more than a century, AK Steel, along with its predecessor company, has been one of the leading steelmakers supplying U.S. automakers. And with its $36-million investment in a new research and innovation center, AK Steel plans to keep it that way.

  • At SDI, automation is boosting safety May 31, 2016

    At fellow steelmaker Steel Dynamics Inc. (SDI), recent safety measures have prevented molten metal splash-back and crane collisions, among other concerns.

  • Material world May 31, 2016

    Material Sciences Corp. prides itself on being ‘metals neutral’ as it has quietly created a niche in electrogalvanizing steel for a variety of end-use customers, and more recently, coating metals for the automotive industry, on its way to growing as a key sector player on a variety of market fronts.

  • Moving forward May 31, 2016

    Innovation is the key in solving logistical issues as companies have been working in recent years to offer new processes, equipment and access to the metals industry.

  • No accident May 31, 2016

    Gerdau Midlothian forges safety path in EF industry as establishing the correct mix of measures, automation, systems and personal protective equipment—ranging from the right plant uniforms to the best helmets and gloves for welding—all play a part in a run that has lasted years.

  • Recharging energy May 31, 2016

    JLE tackles energy slump head-on with new, efficient facility in West Virginia to inspect and process steel energy tubulars in order to help drillers save money in an attempt to help steel and its end-users continue to remain viable in what continues to be a rough patch for the metals industry.

  • Red zone May 31, 2016

    Red Bud Industries celebrated a landmark earlier this year by processing the first 1-inch-thick coil on a Red Bud line. The line was installed at Paxton & Veirling Steel Company at its Omaha, Neb. facility.

  • Road, rail, water May 31, 2016

    The long-term outlook is looking up for trucking, rail and ports, modes that serve partly as a barometer of the U.S. economy, as they consider resolving congestion and other issues impacting the U.S. intermodal system, and seek ways to reduce supply chain costs for their customers in metals.

  • Steel of the century May 31, 2016

    Especially in the 21st century’s highly competitive business environment it is vital that companies become more innovative in the products they produce; it’s a win-win when a company develops a product that not only benefits its customers, but also results in additional efficiencies.

  • Storied steel May 31, 2016

    Whether it’s investing in research, promoting safety, restoring and refitting older mills, developing new steel products or installing the latest in equipment and technology, the industry – both large and smaller players – has a number of success stories to tell across a wide range of experiences.