Why work with American Metal Market?  

American Metal Market (AMM) provides industry-standard pricing, exclusive news content and valuable insight daily for metals industry professionals. The AMM brand is extremely well established, currently entering its 128th year and is considered by many of its subscribers as the industry benchmark.

The Product  

AMM is a high value product.  High customer retention each year provides a reliable source of commissions and is a good base to build your business on.   Subscription options are flexible, allowing customers to add-on extra pricing services or news story archives. Subscriptions include online access, the daily pdf newspaper and the monthly print magazine.   Subscriptions are available for single users and groups alike.   AMM attracts subscribers across the full supply chain and from all metal industries. Anyone who uses metals news and pricing in her/his job will benefit from an AMM subscription.  

The Content  

AMM provides live metals news with a focus on North America, but also featuring world markets from a global editorial network so customers never miss a beat. RSS feed is available to get stories of most relevance as they happen. A pdf is sent every day to subscribers featuring a round up of the most important new stories.   AMM’s proprietary pricing is widely quoted as the industry standard for North American ferrous, nonferrous, scrap and energy pricing. Customers only need to check one source for latest and most accurate pricing.   AMM offers market coverage that goes beyond a list of North American prices so customers will understand the driving forces behind the change.  

The Support  

Subscription agents are handled by a dedicated central department who deal with all aspects of ordering, online access, customer service issues and marketing support. You work with a team that understands your requirements and has vast experience dealing with partners based all over the world   Benefit from receiving marketing materials with our branding for use with your promotion efforts. We can tell you the types of customer you should be targeting and give you as much product information as possible to give you the best chance of making sales.   The most recent AMM content is only available from us.

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Latest Pricing Trends Year Over Year


After witnessing the pace of steel plant idlings and worker layoffs during the first half of the year, what is your view of the second half of 2015? (choose one)

No matter what else happens, layoffs and shutdowns, etc., have nearly or essentially stopped for the year.
The environment will change little and the pace of layoffs will continue at a similar rate as the first half of 2015.
The environment will change little yet the pace of layoffs will begin to slow slightly to moderately.
The environment will change little yet the pace of layoffs could exceed the rate seen thus far.
The environment will improve slightly to moderately yet hiring and plant restarts will not resume this year.
The environment will improve slightly to moderately, with hiring and plant restarts commencing.
The environment will improve dramatically yet hiring and plant restarts will still be negligible in comparison.
The environment will improve dramatically yet hiring and plant restarts will only be slight to moderate.
The environment will improve dramatically, with hiring and plant restarts occurring nearly in tandem.

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