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A subscription to American Metal Market is for one individual. Photocopying, sharing security software, forwarding, printing and scanning, saving on an intranet or server, sharing of usernames to the website or otherwise sharing the content of American Metal Market is strictly prohibited and is a violation of American Metal Market Copyright. Below are some guidelines about what is acceptable and not acceptable use of American Metal Market content (This information is taken from the Specialized Information Publishers Association brochure Know Copyright from Wrong. To receive a copy of the brochure please contact 412-765-2580).

What you CAN do

You are permitted to have one copy of each issue of the daily electronic pdf issue on your computer at any time (you can't put it on a network unless you purchased a license to do so). If you have paid for more copies, then you may have only that many copies on computers at any time. Electronic transmission of a copyrighted work such as American Metal Market in-house or online is the legal equivalent of photocopying it (and so is posting it to an intranet or an in-house electronic database).

You can copy, on an occasional basis, a single story or article and send it to a single colleague from the daily pdf issue. We allow you to email single articles through the Email a Friend function on

You can obtain permission to copy and distribute articles from American Metal Market through the Copyright Clearance Center paying a royalty. But not even the CCC can authorize cover-to-cover photocopying or wholesale electronic forwarding of newsletters. For more information, call American Metal Market or the CCC at 978-750-8400.

You can take advantage of the Corporate Access Program available from American Metal Market which allows you to legally give access to a specific number of employees at a substantial discount off individual subscription rates. For more information please call 212-224-3002.

You can circulate the monthly print magazine that comes as part of your AMM subscription package.

What you CAN'T do

You cannot forward e-mail copies of an entire issue of American Metal Market. This includes printing and scanning an entire issue with the intent of distributing it electronically. The law provides for a very limited amount of copying, commonly referred to as "fair use". However, cover-to-cover photocopying is forbidden.

You cannot routinely copy and distribute portions of American Metal Market.

You cannot republish or repackage the contents of American Metal Market including its proprietary pricing.

You cannot share a username and password to - the username and password are to be used only by the person named on the subscription account.

You cannot print and distribute hard copies of the daily electronic issue of American Metal Market. The subscriber has permission to print a copy of the daily issue for his/her own reading or to retain for later reference but distribution especially on a regular basis is strictly prohibited.

You cannot set up access for multiple readers of the daily electronic issue by giving shared access to an email address, saving the files on a network where multiple people can access them, or posting the file on an intranet.

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