• Aerospace expected to remain strong in coming years Oct 01, 2014

    Backlogs for airliners and engines are providing a ‘momentum lift’ to aerospace metals such as aluminum and titanium, according to analysts.

  • Auto correct Oct 01, 2014

    As increasingly stringent fuel-economy standards push automakers toward more-efficient vehicles, new car models are introduced each year using lighter-weight, higher-strength steel components that provide cost-effective solutions to demands for increased performance.

  • Car keys Oct 01, 2014

    The challenges facing metal producers in the automotive market cannot be overcome without aggressive research and development efforts, especially in metallurgy breakthroughs, according to executives and industry analysts.

  • Composite image Oct 01, 2014

    Composites weigh less than steel but can be as good or better in terms of stiffness and strength, and they do not corrode like steel or aluminum, leading some market players to think they could significantly increase auto fuel economy by reducing vehicle weight.

  • Distributors guardedly hopeful about next few months Oct 01, 2014

    Business was up this summer in key markets, including automotive, aerospace, and building and construction, creating a generally bullish outlook.

  • Enterprise risk management offers firms better control Oct 01, 2014

    Issues that can be addressed under ERM include market risks, raw materials and energy, regulatory, technology, safety and environmental.

  • Flight path Oct 01, 2014

    Early this year, aerospace titanium prices began to slowly recover and aircraft original equipment manufacturers announced that backlogs were starting to bulge, creating some optimism about the titanium market.

  • Pickup lines Oct 01, 2014

    The aluminum-intensive redesign of Ford’s F-150 pickup is seen as a watershed moment. Many in the industry say it is the start of a revolution that will see additional aluminum-bodied vehicles launched over the next several years.

  • Ready. Set. Goal. Oct 01, 2014

    With only 10 model years until new national vehicle fuel efficiency standards are scheduled to take effect, steel and aluminum suppliers are jousting with each other as automakers decide which metal products they will use to meet the regulations.

  • Titanium: Time is now Oct 01, 2014

    While the overwhelming majority of titanium mill products and castings are produced for commercial and military aerospace uses, other key applications include industrial, medical, energy and a variety of consumer goods.

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