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  • Cut Costs - Become more cost-efficient by reducing over-payments and protect yourself against fluctuating prices
  • Gather Intelligence - Drive your operations and gain insightful knowledge with a powerful combination of breaking news, current prices and a robust historical archive
  • Stay Competitive - Learn how to anticipate the impact fluctuating markets have on the materials you track, giving you a stronger negotiating position and leverage.
  • Work Smarter - Using AMM's Custom Price Tool, you can viewing pricing for the material you want then download, print, chart or view the history. Coming November 2015 we will be launching a new and improved pricing tool! Get a preview here.
    • We offer custom data feeds. We can package the data you need, in the format you need it. Contact John Lecky to find out more information about how AMM can customize a price feed for your business.

At American Metal Market we carry an extensive list of  prices. With over 130+ years as the trusted resource for metals pricing you can rely on us. Our reporters are required to follow robust pricing procedures, clearly defined methodologies and clear-cut price specifications during their market reporting and price sessions. We also comply with the IOSCO Principle for Price Reporting Agencies. You can find out more about our methodologies by clicking here. See all of the metal statistics we offer below. If you have questions, please reach out to our customer service team at or 412.765.2580.

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Metal Statistics

Purchasing Manager's Index

US Trade In Goods - Exports

US Durable Goods Manufacturing - New Orders

US Service Centers' Steel Inventories

US Service Centers' Aluminum Inventories

Dodge Index Of Construction Contract Value

Nyse Arca Steel Index

US Leading Indicators Index

US Durable Goods Manufacturing - Unfilled Orders

US Durable Goods Manufacturing - Shipments

US Trade In Goods - Imports

US Trade In Goods - Deficit

Raw Steel Production

Steel Utilization Rate

Amm Construction Steel Index

AIA Architecture Billings Index

Latest Pricing Trends Year Over Year


Should AMM increase its news coverage of Mexico? Should this also include pricing assessments? And should this be available in the current AMM daily or in a new product dedicated to Mexican coverage?

Yes, write more about Mexico in the current AMM daily.
Yes, write more about Mexico and launch/increase Mexican pricing assessments in the current AMM daily.
Yes, write more about Mexico in a new product and not the current AMM daily.
Yes, write more about Mexico and launch/increase Mexican pricing assessments in a new product, not the current AMM daily.
No, leave things as they are and/or do not make major changes.

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