• webcast A New Approach for Steel and Metal Industry Control Systems

    For the past few years, the market was concerned about terminologies such as distributed control systems (DCS), programmable logic controllers (PLC), and new system terms such as hybrid control systems (HCS) and programmable automation controllers (PAC). There were also questions around how each technology should be applied to steel and metals processing applications.
  • webcast Leveraging ERP to Drive Down Costs and Increase Profts

    If you’re using a homegrown system or a big box ERP that’s been in place for a while, you are probably leaking more dollars than you realize. And with the metals industry experiencing razor thin margins and tight budgets, taking a second look at your enterprise systems may not seem like a priority. Should it be? Join us for this informative, educational webcast that explores best practices for utilizing ERP for metals producers and service centers.

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