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Our Steel Tube and Pipe coverage has moved!  You no longer have to check two separate pages on for AMM steel news.  Please visit the News page for AMM's complete daily steel coverage now including steel tube and pipe. 


AMM's Inner Circle

This is your insider’s guide to the metals industry, with in-depth commentary and analysis on industry happenings by AMM’s executive editor.   Separate from AMM's daily news coverage, AMM's Inner Circle will offer market intelligence of a different kind.   This is where you can get inside the heads of industry executives and market experts, where conversations happen, where our editors can share some of their insights outside of the constraints of traditional news and market stories.  We'll take you behind the numbers and really explain what they mean, post a wealth of reference material, and really dig into the issues facing the market today - join the Inner Circle and gain access to a new level of market intelligence. 

• Guest contributors
• Roundtable transcripts
• One-on-one interviews
• Technology trends

Free with your AMM subscription. 

This tab will change to ‘Comment & Analysis’ when Inner Circle is launched.

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How do trade cases and other protectionist measures affect domestic metal demand?

They sharply increase demand
They slightly increase demand
They have no impact on demand
They slightly reduce demand
They sharply reduce demand
Don’t know

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