Which license is right for you?

Thank you for your interest in purchasing a license to American Metal Market.

If you are considering purchasing a license to American Metal Market, take a look at our many licensing options and choose the one that best suits you and your company's needs. To find all the details of access that each license allows, visit our subscribe page. To view all of the tools that come with an American Metal Market license, please visit our product page.

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*for renewing an existing license

Licensing options:

Single User License Options

Basic License
This license option is ideal for the individual who occasionally uses Price Tracker to view prices and reads current market stories and news. This license can be upgraded to include LME 30-minute delay pricing.

Professional License
This license option is ideal for the individual who needs tools to analyze material pricing, download historic trends and gain unlimited access to AMM market stories and news content. This license can be upgraded to include LME 30-minute delay pricing.

Expanded License Options

Group License
This license is ideal for a company that needs multiple single user licenses. This license can be customized to the appropriate number of users at your firm and also may be eligible for group discounting. Click here to learn more about group licensing.

Data Feed License
This license is ideal for a company that needs AMM metals prices to automatically feed into an internal software program for use by a group, department, location or enterprise. This license is customizable depending on use, functions, geography and data types. Click here to learn more about data feed licenses.

Enterprise License
This license is ideal for a company that needs global metals pricing and news coverage for the entire organization. Depending on the needs of your organization, this license could include various other services in the Metal Bulletin Holdings family of companies, including AMM, Metal Bulletin, Industrial Minerals, FastMarkets, Scrap Price Bulletin and Metal Bulletin Research. There are more than 2,000 material prices available in the Metal Bulletin Group across six brands, encompassing the global markets from raw materials and mining to manufactured goods.

Data Use License
This is the only license that will allow an individual to distribute AMM price data beyond the single user license to non-licensed individuals within your firm or contracts. Processes for this license would include internal pricing emails, use of AMM data in contracts, or the input of AMM price data into any software. This license provides coverage and compliance if your company needs to share AMM prices across multiple departments, divisions, locations or needs to be visible to more than one person in a company. Click here to learn more about data use licenses.

Choosing the correct AMM license is important for several reasons:

  • Keep your company compliant with AMM’s copyright terms as well as AMM’s Terms & Conditions and keeps your company safe from exposure to risk
  • Save time and money
  • Access the range of information that you need to make valuable business decisions
  • Streamline your business operations
  • Eliminate human error during manual data entry
  • Align everyone in your company to the same data and processes

American Metal Market's assessed prices are proprietary in nature and can only be legally accessed through a license to American Metal Market. Anyone with visibility to AMM's assessed pricing will require their own license even if they are not directly accessing through AMM's products. This type of license is called a derived -se license (learn more). Without the proper AMM license option you are putting your company at risk.

Please call 877-638-2856 or email if you would like to discuss your license options with one of our account representatives.

AMM subscribers don’t always have the right license in place for their needs. Take a moment to evaluate your use of your AMM license and review the licensing options to be sure you’re compliant with AMM's copyright terms as well as the Terms & Conditions.

Infringement of copyright is easy to commit, despite clear and frequent warnings alerting subscribers to their obligations. Subscribers may not have the appropriate license to facilitate compliant use, or they may choose to ignore warnings in an effort to “save money.”
AMM assessed prices are original works protected by intellectual property rights and they also cannot be shared internally or externally without proper licensing in place. If you have any questions about your company's use of AMM pricing data with respect to compliance, please consult with us by calling 312-929-4193.


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