• Energy boost? Oct 01, 2015

    As far as the near- and long-term outlook for tubulars and energy is concerned, looking across the energy field valley the eventual view on steel products is positive, as U.S. Steel doubles down with new connections and Evraz sees OCTG demand recovering in time.

  • A cut above Sep 30, 2015

    The increasing complexity of accessing available hydrocarbon reserves to meet the world growing energy need is driving development of more advanced solutions. A number of firms have been helping steel tube and pipe makers meet those needs with tech breakthroughs.

  • Line items Sep 30, 2015

    A continuous down market is creating fractures along the energy tubular supply chain as distributors doubt whether producers can salvage an oversupplied, underpriced market, while mills have shown more willingness to cut out middlemen and supply end-users directly.

  • Proof positive Sep 30, 2015

    The underlying demand for titanium in the aerospace sector has been and is expected to continue to be good, while optimism prevails that next year will be a better year for everyone in the titanium supply chain, especially if low oil and natural gas prices recover.

  • Tenaris CEO says Bay City is ‘biggest endeavor ever’ Sep 30, 2015

    Tenaris SA top executive Paolo Rocca visited his company's new Texas plant, emphasizing its importance to the company's overall strategy.

  • Beginningwith end (users) Sep 30, 2015

    For long-term end-user markets, titanium holds potential for growth of existing products and industries, while new markets are expected through advocating advantages of titanium such as durability, environmental friendliness, bargain costs and strong design flexibility.

  • Direct involvement Sep 30, 2015

    Incremental DRI improvements key in on alternative gases, and with quantum changes not expected, the current focus in development and progress is on efficiency and economy for those suppliers and steelmakers who see the materials as the wave of the future for metals.

  • Driving DRI Sep 30, 2015

    The technology to make DRI and its cousin HBI continues to evolve as steelmakers avail themselves of breakthroughs and services provided by some of the world’s leaders in developing new methods for generating alternative irons for metals production.

  • It takes one to know one Sep 30, 2015

    After a 30-year career at General Motors, Jody Hall was looking for a change. Now, as vice president, automotive market, at the Steel Market Development Institute, she’s on the outside looking in. And she’s drawing on every ounce of the insight she gained at GM into the dynamics of Motor City decision-making to drive steel’s future as the automotive material of choice.

  • Fired up Aug 27, 2015

    Complexity, but not frequency, rises in scrapyard fires as worker and environmental safety drives operators to best practices and new technologies.