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Agenda Overview

Day one: Wednesday November 11

7:30am Registration desk opens

Plenary day in conjunction with the 3rd DRI & Mini-mills Conference

8:30 Chairperson’s opening remarks

Session I: Keynote presentations

8:35am  Steel mill keynote panel: production strategies

  • How is the US steel industry adapting to economic headwinds?
  • Capacity utilization rate, regional raw material availability, the global economy and trade flows: what fundamentals influence a metallics procurement strategy?
  • Feedstock flexibility: how can TCO principles be used in steel production?
  • What is the conversion price from scrap to billet to steel?
  • What is the outlook for US steel production?

John Hritz, President & CEO, JSW Steel
Peter Campo, President, Gerdau Long Steel North America

9:15am  Global steel outlook

  • Global overcapacity: when will capacity utilization improve?
  • Iron ore and economic pressures: what is subduing the global steel market?
  • TPA fast-track legislation: how will it help US trade cases and the health of US steel mills?
  • The strength of the dollar, Ukraine geopolitical risk, Eurozone troubles and Iranian sanctions: how are they influencing the global steel market?

Evan Kurtz, Vice President, Morgan Stanley

9:45am Scrap industry keynote address

  • The view from a leading player: what are the most important considerations for the scrap industry?
  • What are the three biggest challenges and opportunities for scrap processors?
  • How are regulatory and industrial trends shaping US scrap?

Tamara Lundgren, CEO, Schnitzer Steel

10:15am Networking coffee break in conjunction with the 3rd DRI & Mini-mills Conference

Session II: Strategies for steelmaking raw materials

11:00am Iron ore in North America

  • What DR grade ore is available? How much beneficiation does it require?
  • Delivery time and freight costs: how do US suppliers compare with imports?
  • How feasible could a divorce from global iron ore prices be? Could protectionism and domestic pricing be beneficial in an iron ore market skewed by Sino-Australian purchasing?
  • How could a DRI producer take advantage of natural resources and steel demand in the Great Lakes area?

Cliff Smith, Executive Vice President, Business Development, Cliffs Natural Resources

11.30am DRI outlook: hot or not?

  • Has the sizzle and sexiness of DRI worn off?
  • Wall Street’s view of DRI: how accurate has it been?
  • How feasible is the widespread use of DRI in US mini-mills? What needs to change for this to happen? Will scrap remain the metallic of choice?
  • Pig iron squeeze: what affect has Nucor’s DRI growth had on pig iron demand and prices?

Charles Bradford, Partner, Metals Industries Advisory Group

12:00pm Metallics strategy: panel discussion

  • What factors are influencing metallic prices and availability? How has this changed with the emergence of DRI and recent commodity prices?
  • How are scrap processors adapting their strategies to cater to changing steel demand and melt mixes?
  • Imported pig iron and alternative iron units: how do they fit into the mix? Are they the most under threat from potential DRI expansion?
  • Which mills have the flexibility to utilize a multi-melt strategy? How important is captive raw material supply to achieving this?
  • Finished product quality and cost of production: what factors make DRI attractive to steel makers?

Sujit Sanyal, Vice President, Operations, ArcelorMittal Montreal
Kevin Crary,
President - SMS Mill Services, Scrap Metal Services
Hank Wilson
, Senior Vice President, North American Trading, Tube City IMS
Glenn Knoedler, General Foreman MS Raw Materials, Cascade Steel Rolling Mills
Herbert Black
, President & CEO, American Iron and Metal

1:00pm Networking lunch break in conjunction with the 3rd DRI & Mini-mills Conference

2:15pm  Big River Steel: New mill, new demand

  • What impact is the new Big River Steel mill likely to have on scrap markets and pricing? Could it cause a scrap shortage?
  • Will there be higher prices for freight as consumers begin to source scrap from outside their geographical region?
  • What plans does the mill have for production and raw material purchasing?
  • What are the challenges of entering a market during a downturn and period of overcapacity?

Dave Stickler, CEO, Big River Steel
Paul Dreher, Owner, Jefferson Iron and Metal

Session III: The US economy

2:45pm The outlook for the US economy

  • Where are we now and what lies ahead for US economic growth?
  • What will drive the demand for metals and will manufacturing rebound?
  • How are global economic conditions affecting the US?
  • What are the key drivers for the US economy? 
  • Will the consumer continue to boost the economy?
  • What are the effects of Federal Reserve actions?

Dan North, Chief Economist, North America, Euler Hermes North America


3:30pm Networking coffee break in conjunction with the 3rd DRI & Mini-mills Conference

Session IV: DRI technology

4:00pm DRI and technological drivers for US steel making

  • How can technology providers help steelmakers navigate difficult market conditions?
  • What technology allows steelmakers to utilize DRI in steel making?
  • How is DRI technology going to drive DRI use?
  • Will DRI technology replace iron ore and blast furnace technology rather than replace scrap?

Robert Hunter, Manager, Market Research, Midrex
Pablo Duarte,
Commercial Vice President, Tenova HYL

Session V: Raw material pricing

4:30pm The relationship between DRI and scrap: history, pricing and outlook

  • A historical review of DRI: what factors have encouraged and curtailed DRI use in US steel making?
  • The cyclical relationship of DRI and scrap: how do they interact in terms of prices and their availability? What divergence in price is required to make DRI more attractive?
  • What effect do natural gas prices have on the consumption of DRI and scrap?
  • What factors push scrap into short supply? What impact does this have on DRI demand?

Joseph Poveromo, President, Raw Materials & Ironmaking Global Consulting
Adam Parr, Vice President, Policy & Communications, Steel Manufacturers Association


5:10pm USA scrap prices: its place within the global scrap market

  • The importance of USA scrap prices within the global scrap market: how scrap prices interact with global prices
  • How does the price of scrap impact the price of rebar and HRC prices?
  • Why is there is a need to hedge price risk?

Peter Marcus, Founder & Managing Partner, World Steel Dynamics

5:30pm The economic fundamentals of scrap and iron ore prices

  • What US and global economic indicators tie into scrap prices?
  • To what extent does access to DRI hedge against scrap prices?
  • How are steel makers adapting to take advantage of consistent low iron ore prices? What impact is this having on scrap demand and prices?
  • What factors are depressing the iron ore price? How long will this continue? Is consolidation of supply inevitable?
  • Value added products – to what extent do low iron ore prices increase the attractiveness of beneficiation and pelletization to add value?

Atilla Widnell, Senior Metals Analyst, Metal Bulletin Research

6:00pm End of day one and networking drinks reception in conjunction with the 3rd DRI & Mini-mills Conference

Day two: Thursday November 12

8:00am Registration desk opens

Session I: The state of steel and scrap processing

8:45am Steel mill strategy: the impact of inputs, politics and economics drivers

  • What are the key drivers for EAF steel manufacturing? How are political dynamics influencing strategic priorities for the industry?
  • With low raw materials and energy costs, why are steel mills still suffering? How can better performance and profitability be achieved?
  • What are the margin differentials of large, publically traded scrap companies compared with smaller, nimble players?
  • Did the rush to acquire and vertically integrate play out as mills intended?
  • Are captive scrap models an advantage or a hindrance in this market? How much more agile are smaller steel mills and scrap processors?

Burke Byer, President & CEO, Byer Steel
Chris Risdon, Director, Supply Chain Management, Grede Holdings
Phil Bell
, President, Steel Manufacturers Association
Joseph Pickard, Chief Economist and Director of Commodities, ISRI

9:45am M&A outlook for steel mills and scrap processors

  • Is further consolidation expected either amongst US steel mills or scrap processors?
  • What are the M&A opportunities in this space?
  • Analysis of the Metalico acquisition: is it a sign of a change in strategy for Chinese players?
  • What do such strategies mean for steel import concerns? Does overcapacity mean opportunities are limited for new entrants?
  • Why did Upstate lose out to Ye Chiu? Does Upstate have any other acquisitions in its pipeline? What criteria and synergies is it looking for?

Vince Pappalardo, Managing Director, Brown Gibbons Lang & Company
Adam Weitsman
, Owner, Upstate Shredding
Michael Jenny,
Director, Industrials, Houlihan Lokey

10:30am Networking coffee break in conjunction with the 3rd DRI & Mini-mills Conference

Session II: Export markets

11:00am India and Asia: the future for Asian EAFs

  • How competitive are Asian EAFs compared with cheap iron ore consuming BFs?
  • Which have been the most active Asian trade routes from the USA this year?
  • India: How is India streamlining its import systems? How healthy is demand?
  • North Asia: What are Korean, Taiwan and Japanese prices and demand like? Where are these regions getting their material from?
  • South-east Asia: How much scrap are they consuming?

Ved Prakash, Director – Commercial, Gemini Corporation

11:30am The impact of Chinese billets and cheap iron ore

  • With iron ore so cheap, who is choosing to make steel with cheap Chinese billet over scrap?
  • How is cheap iron ore impacting the competitiveness of blast furnaces with EAFs?
  • Can cheap billet compete with scrap over the long term? In which markets is most likely to persist?
  • What has been the impact on global scrap prices?

John Heffernan, Partner, Metal Industries Advisory Group

12:00pm Logistics: Container versus bulk

  • What are the preferences for bulk or container in the current market conditions?
  • How has the fall in scrap prices impacted dry bulk and container rates? Can rates go any lower?
  • Are low energy prices helping manage lower margins?
  • What impact has the fall in bulk prices had on the growing shift towards container use?
  • How are new sulphur regulations in Europe and North America impacting freight rates? Where are the designated exclusion zones?
  • What are cost structures like for ship owners?
  • Bulk shipping advantages and disadvantages from seller’s point of view

John Spruce, CEO, Advanced Steel Recovery
Ben Chia
, President, Urban Resources Corporation

12:45pm Networking lunch break in conjunction with the 3rd DRI & Mini-mills Conference

2:00pm Mexico: its place in global steel

  • How is the local steel industry being impacted by global imports?
  • When is the government expected to enact trade barriers and who will they target?
  • What is the scrap deficit in Mexico? What are steel mills producing and what grades of scrap do they need? What is their capacity utilization?
  • To what extent is the Mexican government supporting infrastructure and industrial development? What impact will this have on the secondary market and the production of steel?

Ryan Thrasher, Commercial Manager of Mexico, OmniSource Corporation
Javier Perez Dominguez, CEO, Reciclacentro
Bob Oehlers
, Vice President, Zimmer Recycling

3:00pm Turkey and MENA: what next for these regions?

  • What are Turkey’s current buying patterns? Where is it getting its scrap from? Is Chinese billet being purchased?
  • What is the export outlook for Turkish steel products? Where are Turkish exporters looking to increase their market presence in areas where they have a lower share?
  • How will the CIB’s International Competition Development Project (URGE) helps Turkish domestic steel companies to increase their export volumes?
  • What are Turkish mills’ pricing policies and flat product producers’ quality requirements?
  • How is the MENA region changing the dynamics of steel production? Are there opportunities for scrap exporters here?

John Can Unsalan, Managing Director, Ferrous Scrap Brokers
Philip Hoffman Esq, Chairman, Hoffman Iron and Steel

3:45pm Networking coffee break in conjunction with the 3rd DRI & Mini-mills Conference

Session III: Demand makers and market movers

4:15pm Traders perspective: different dynamics of demand

  • What the greatest pressures on traders at the moment?
  • What has been the impact of reduced export activity on domestic trading and pricing of scrap?
  • What are the major that challenges that traders experience in the domestic market? How is that impacted by today’s market conditions?

Steve Leddy, Director, Ferrous Trading, Triple M Metal


4:30pm Understanding how futures can effectively manage risk

  • An overview of the new LME ferrous futures contracts
  • What is different about these contracts?
  • Other LME initiatives to further support the ferrous market
  • How is the Nasdaq being set up to trade mid-west shredded scrap?
  • What or who are the major market makers for scrap and market makers?

Oscar Wehtje, Head of Product Development, LME
John Conheeney, President, World Steel Exchange Marketing

5.30pm End of day two and close of conference




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