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Agenda Overview

Day one: November 17 2016

In conjunction with AMM’s 4th DRI and Mini-mills conference

Registration to Steel Scrap will grant you access to the DRI and Mini-mills Conference

Session I: New project keynotes

07:30am Registration desk opens

08:30am Cliffs: closing the raw materials loop with alternative iron units

  • How have factors such as China’s environmental issues and predicted scrap availability led Cliffs to decide to supply directly to the USA’s 60% plus mini-mill market?
  • Why is Cliff’s Minnesota based taconite iron ore deposit an ideal source for DR pellet production?
  • Where will Cliffs sell their supply of merchant DRI? Will it be destined for national or international sale?

Lourenco Goncalves, CEO, Cliffs Natural Resources

09:00am Big River Steel: a new generation mini-mill

  • What effect will the entry of the Big River Steel project have on the US market? Will it create over-supply? How will this impact scrap markets?
  • Is this a good market for a new steel project given current global over-supply?
  • What raw material mix will be used in this new mini-mill?
  • How will the entry of this new steel mill be staged?

David Stickler, CEO, Big River Steel

09:30am Growth in a weak environment

Tamara Lundgren, CEO, Schnitzer Steel

10:00am  Scrambled eggs vs scrambled scrap: What's the difference?

Peter Marcus, Managing Partner, World Steel Dynamics

10:30am Networking refreshment break in conjunction with 4th DRI and Mini-mills conference

Session II: The American economy and manufacturing

11:15am Automotive: the (head)light at the end of the steel tunnel

  • To what extent are EAF technological improvements helping mini-mills cater to the automotive sector?
  • How does growth in automotive translate into prime scrap generation?
  • Will there be enough to cycle back into the scrap stream or will we continue to see prime scrap imports?

Dean Kanelos, Market Development & Product Applications Manager, Nucor Automotive

11:45am Key macroeconomic factors in the US and their impact

  • Examination of some of the key indicators preoccupying the Fed in 2016
  • What impact will these indicators have on monetary, fiscal action and credit availability for American manufacturing businesses?
  • How will manufacturing, housing, energy consumption and construction trends translate into steel demand?

Dan North, Chief Economist, North America, Euler Hermes

12:15pm Networking lunch in conjunction with 4th DRI and Mini-mills Conference

Session III: Critical issues in global steelmaking

1:45pm Turkish steel capacity utilization, exports, purchasing activity and global influence

  • How is Turkish steel expected to fare on the export markets? How is the correlation between the import of semi-finished products and export activity affecting this trend?
  • How does regional demand for Turkish flat products differ? Is it expected to continue at current rates?
  • Turkish scrap purchasing activity status and outlook – how much and from where?

Cihan Akdeniz, Market Research Analyst, Turkish Steel Exporters Association

2:15pm Chinese steel imports into the US: how effective can anti-dumping measures be?

  • Overview of cases pending and being opened by US steelmakers against Asian trading partners
  • Details of the newly filed case for the imposition of duties on Chinese flat rolled steel
  • How effective can trade cases by the USA against China be in isolation? Does Chinese semi-finished sales into other key trading partners render the impact reliable?

Roger Schagrin, President, Schagrin Associates

2:45pm South East Asian steelmaking: the growing EAF-based region

  • Shifting patterns of steelmaking prosperity: what are the growth prospects in the ASEAN region?
  • Which countries are experiencing a growth in scrap purchases?
  • How is EAF steelmaking expected to develop in the region?

Ved Prakash, Director, Gemini Corporation

3:15pm Networking refreshment break

Session V: EAF feedstock dynamics

3:45pm Keynote scrap presentation: setting the scene for the key issues

  • Outlining the last 12 months – can scrap prices once again revert to its uncomfortably low floor experienced in the past year?
  • Scrap collection rates – what does the incentive price curve for peddler scrap resemble when prices start to drop?
  • What have been the key challenges to the major scrap processors in this new environment?

Lou Ivezaj, General Manager Strategic Sourcing, TMK IPSCO

4:15pm Raw materials pricing dynamics: how will metallics prices interact?

  • How have US scrap exports impacted prices and the domestic market?
  • How long will iron ore prices remain low? Where will recovery come from?
  • What are the potential implications of creating a more market flexible DR pellet premium pricing model? Should the premium reflect iron ore prices more closely?
  • How have pig iron imports to the US impacted steel mill procurement decisions?

Atilla Widnell, Senior Metals Analyst, Metal Bulletin Research

4:45pm Mini-mill procurement panel: price reflective strategies

  • What are purchasing managers looking for when determining strategic procurement plans?
  • Do the metallic benefits of pig iron outweigh the often unreliable supply given the geopolitical risk faced by supplier nations?
  • How do transport and logistics costs factor into a procurement strategy?
  • What options are available to navigate a turbulent metallics market? Is procurement hedging or flexibility more favorable in ensuring profit stability?

Stanley Davis, Manager – Scrap Procurement, Steel Dynamics
Lou Ivezaj, General Manager Strategic Sourcing, TMK IPSCO
Rob Thompson, VP Metallics Raw Materials, Gerdau

5:45pm End of day one and networking drinks reception in conjunction with 4th DRI and Mini-mills Conference

Day two – November 18 2016

Steel Scrap Conference

Session I: Steel scrap keynote presentations

08:30 Keynote panel: Shredder (over)capacity and industry overview

  • What is the raw material to shedder capacity ratio at this point in time?
  • What do capacity utilization rates say about shredding activity?
  • In the current market conditions, what kind of consolidation are we heading towards?

Vince Pappalardo, Managing Director, Brown Gibbons Lang and Company
Bobby Triesch, Vice President – Director of Operations, Newell Recycling
Adam Weitsman, CEO, Upstate Shredding

09:15 Keynote panel: The Ohio River valley, the Midwest, the South and the East Coast – regional heavy hitters

  • Pricing discrepancies and arbitrage between the scrap generating and processing regions: what impact does this have on market participants? How can it be managed?
  • How has the bargaining power of suppliers and buyers changed in recent years?
  • The price deviation of shredded, cut and prime scrap – how will this dynamic continue to play out?

Hank Wilson, Senior Vice President, NA Trading, TMS International
Joel Denbo, Chief Manager of Operations, Tennessee Valley Recycling
Peter Meyers, VP of Ferrous Sales and Marketing, Metalico, Inc.
Gary Clayman
, Co-President, Niles Iron and Metal

10:15 Networking drinks reception in conjunction with 4th DRI and Mini-mills Conference

10:45 Panel: North American export markets and demand from abroad

  • What is the future for scrap exports given international competition for raw materials?
  • Will North American scrap companies continue to be vulnerable to purchasing habits of Turkish steel mills and cheap, foreign, semi-finished product substitutes?
  • How are the industry players to calibrate if this trend continues?

Herbert Black, President and CEO, American Iron and Metal
Joe Pickard, Chief Economist & Director of Commodities, ISRI
Doug Kramer,
President, Kramer Metals
Peter Marcus, Managing Partner, World Steel Dynamics

11:45 The implications of major Asian competitors for US scrap exports

  • The depreciation of the yen and availability of scrap exports
  • How active has Japan become in both the prime and obsolete export markets in the marked pull-back of American exports?
  • Has China started to emerge as a potentially significant scrap player? What factors are likely to boost support for this opportunity, including the lifting of export ban?

Kensuke Kitani, CEO and Chairman, Shimabun Corporation

12:15 Networking lunch in conjunction with 4th DRI and Mini-mills Conference

Session II: The international stage and NAFTA scrap markets

1:45 Introducing Mexico: scrap demand, prices and regional differences

  • What are the benefits of establishing prices reflective of local industry dynamics?
  • How divergent are the prices in the different regions and what are the limitations of working off of a distant benchmark?
  • Overview of trends in the Mexican scrap industry – prelude into the experts’ panel

Lisa Gordon, Chief Reporter, Raw Materials, American Metal Market

2:15 Regional panel: Mexico and the Southern States

  • Outlining the fundamentals of supply and demand for scrap products in Mexico
  • Examining the bright spots in steel: Mexico’s automotive future and the resultant demand for scrap
  • How significant is Mexico’s demand for scrap from the energy markets
  • EAF vs integrated steelmaking in Mexico and the impact on scrap demand – what opportunities does this present?
  • The influence of American scrap companies in the Southern US and Mexico

Lane Gaddy, President, W Silver Recycling
Ryan Thrasher, Director of Mexico Operations, OmniSource
Bob Oehlers, Vice President, Zimmer Recycling
Joe Burke, Director of Recycling, Progress Rail Services

Session III: The role of intermediaries and financial services

3:15 Ensuring the smooth functioning of terms: Payables, receivables and financial influence

  • How have scrap prices paved the way for new intermediary opportunities, from insurance to lengthening/shortening of payment terms?
  • Which part of the supply chain is being alleviated by these new agreements? Are some benefitting and others not?
  • Has this become a new paradigm?

Jim Petrou, Risk Management Consultant, Euler Hermes

3:45 End of conference