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Agenda Overview

Day One: Wednesday September 10, 2014

Plenary session in conjunction with the 2nd DRI & Mini-mills Conference

12:00pm   Registration desk opens
1:00pm   Keynote panel - Economic health of North American steel mills
  • How is US economic growth aiding steel mills?
  • How is this impacting the products made and purchasing requirements?
  • Imports and global trade balance: What is the latest on the trade cases? How is overcapacity in the steel industry being navigated?
  • Skilled labor retention: How could a lack of skilled labor curtail the predicted steel industry expansion?
  • What concerns do steel mills have about the supply of raw materials? How are raw materials preferences shifting?
  • What investments in DRI plants are occurring and where are they likely to be in the future?
Sujit Sanyal, Vice President - Operations, ArcelorMittal , Montréal
Richard Oppelt, Senior Principal, Resources Group , Accenture
1:45pm   Macroeconomics of US manufacturing and steel

  • What indicators are there of potential economic growth in the US?
  • The outlook for global economic growth
  • Automotive and construction: How are key steel demand sectors recovering?
  • Fiscal and monetary policy overview and forecasts
  • Re-industrialization and re-shoring: The return of manufacturing to the US and its ongoing potential

Dan North, Chief Economist North America, Euler Hermes

2:30pm   Networking coffee break in conjunction with the 2nd DRI & Mini-mills Conference
3:15pm   Metallics panel - How do the available mini-mill feedstock compare?

  • Scrap, DRI and pig iron: How do the metallics prices interact and how might this impact demand?
  • How will pig iron react to competition from DRI?
  • How might different grades of scrap be impacted by DRI as the market matures?
  • How can DRI be used in conjunction with scrap?
  • What metallurgical advantages are there?
  • What are the advantages of diversifying feedstock?

Atilla Widnell, Senior Analyst, Metal Bulletin Research
Henry Gaines,
Director of Marketing, Midrex
Pablo Duarte,
Commercial Vice President, Tenova HYL/Energiron
Robert Bellisle,
President and CEO, ArcelorMittal Long Carbon Central America
Adam Mervis,
President & CEO, Mervis Industries

4:15pm   Shale gas revolution - Facts, figures and forecasts

  • The impact of shale gas on American industry and future opportunities
  • What are the political and environmental challenges for shale gas production?
  • LNG export: When will it take off? What impact will it have on the price of natural gas?

Nicole Leonard, Analyst, Bentek Energy
Stan Kaplan,
Director, Office of Electricity, Renewables & Uranium Statistics, Energy Information Administration

5:45pm   Networking coffee break in conjunction with 2nd DRI & Mini-mills Conference

Day Two: Thursday September 11, 2014 

Session I: US supply & Demand dynamics for steel scrap

8:45am    Keynote address - The health of the scrap industry

Tamara Lundgren,
CEO, Schnitzer Steel

9:15am   Scrap production and consumption trends

  • Will the global supply of shredded scrap relative to other grades continue to increase?
  • What are the pricing trends for different grades f scrap?
  • How are prices impacting steel mills’ aterial choice?
  • Is dealer speculation causing instability of scrap low to end-users?
Phil Bell, President, Steel Manufactures Association
Chris Risdon, Director, Supply Chain Management, Grede Holdings
Andre Pujadas, President, Northern Region, PSC Metals
Michael Kennedy,
NAFTA Regional Manager, Purchasing, ArcelorMittal Dofasco
10:15am   Automotive growth in the US and its impact on scrap

  • Is this the shining star for the US steel industry?
  • What impact is it expected to have on sources of scrap?
  • Is the aluminum versus steel debate a concern or an opportunity for diversifying sources of scrap?

Kevin Moore, Former Generals Motors Materials Technical Fellow, President, All Raw Materials Consulting

10:45am   Networking coffee break in conjunction with 2nd DRI & Mini-mills Conference

Session II: Pricing, margins & quality 

11:30pm   Panel discussion - Regional pricing and supply dynamics

  • What are the pricing dynamics and outlook for the major scrap regions?
  • How will new mill locations impact scrap demand regionally? Is a surplus in bushelling still expected?
  • How will scrap logistics be impacted?
  • What will happen to the domestic market as the US and global economic growth bifurcates?

Tyler Adams, Regional Manager, SA Recycling
Pete Meyers, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Metalico
David Hodory, Vice President, Marketing and Communications, David J Joseph Company
Ralph Pinkert, Executive Vice President - Business Development, Scrap Metal Services

12:30pm   Quality and safety of scrap streams

  • Has the typical export scrap package infiltrated the domestic market as a result of weakened export demand?
  • Are HMS packages deteriorating?
  • Are shredders still having to shred atypical feedstock? How is this impacting buyers?
  • Dangerous objects in the scrap stream: How is the issue of detection being addressed?
  • What are the latest concerns about perforating guns and other material from the oil and gas industry?

Adam Parr, Vice President, Policy & Communications, Steel Manufacturers Association
John Gilstrap,
Director of Safety, Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries

1.00pm   Networking lunch in conjunction with 2nd DRI & Mini-mills Conference
2:30pm   Diversifying material - Opportunities to expand margins

  • What are the opportunities for value from shredding other forms of scrap?
  • What has been the investment in non-ferrous recovery equipment?
  • Where are the sources of material most likely to come from?

Dave Dobronos, Vice President, Sales, Ferrous Processing & Trading

Session III: East & West coast export realities

3:00pm   Seaborne scrap trends

  • Are world scrap trade volumes expected to increase in coming years? What impact is this having on seaborne freight costs?
  • How are volatile oil prices impacting risk in the freight industry?
  • Are greater portions of collected scrap now positioned to be exported as a result of freight rates for containerized scrap?

Jay Jaywant, Director of Chartering, ICAP Shipping USA
Michael DiCaprio, Director of Business Development, CMA CGM

3.30pm   Networking coffee break in conjunction with 2nd DRI & Mini-mills Conference
4:00pm   Export markets – Changing patterns of demand

  • How much is scrap is consumed in steel production in the major export markets at the moment?
  • What are domestic utilization rates? Could the supply cope if there were a pick-up in export demand?
  • Container versus bulk export outlooks: Which markets look most appealing and where is material being sourced from? Where might
  • increases in EAF investments be seen?
  • Geopolitical instability: How could recent political events impact the movement of scrap and the health of domestic steel industries?
  • Is Turkey’s steel market expected to stay subdued? Is Turkey looking to Europe over the US for its scrap?
  • Asia: Is Japanese scrap attractive for Asian buyers? Is China still favoring iron ore over scrap? Is the Indian market picking up in activity?
  • What is demand like in South Korea and how is it set to change?
  • Mexico: How will the recent US import tax ruling impact the health of the Mexican steel industry? Will it impact demand for scrap from the US?

Javier Perez Dominguez, Director of Operations, Reciclacentro
Atilla Widnell,
Senior Analyst, Metal Bulletin Research
John Spruce, CEO, Advanced Steel Recovery 
Satish Sareen , Additional Chief Economist, Economic Research Unit,   Joint Plant Committee, Government of India, Ministry of Steel

Session IV: Technology

5:00pm   Technological developments in scrap processing

  • Presentations on the latest equipment and processing development

5:30pm   End of day two and close of conference 

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