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Agenda Overview


Wednesday March 9th

Keynote presentations

08:00 Registration desk opens

08:30 Keynote presentation: Market overview and updates for 2016

  • Thoughts from an industry leader on the OCTG markets moving forward into 2016
  • When and how incrementally do you expect oil prices to recover?  Q2 and Q3 of 2016 were industry hopefuls for price recovery – where are we at?
  • How should the industry be tackling the problems of oversupply, pressure on margins from competing imports and lacklustre demand in OCTG?

Piotr Galitzine, CEO & Chairman, TMK IPSCO

09:00 Introducing Benteler Steel & Tube Corporation

  • Who is Benteler Steel & Tube?
  • What is Benteler’s business model and how are they conducting business?
  • What is your view on the current market situation and the role of distributors?

Corné Buijs, President, Benteler Steel & Tube Corporation

Viewpoints from producers and distributors

09:30 Linepipe: Supply, demand, capacity and some peripheral considerations

  • Current demand load and its play in the balance of available supply
  • Theoretical capacity; how does the equation change if some OCTG mills start producing linepipe?
  • A relentlessly hot topic: how are imports weighing in on the formula?
  • Pipeline repair, replacement and reversals

Geoff O’Donnell, Product Manager – Linepipe, Energex Tube

10:00 Networking break

10:45 Storage: How are the distributors fairing given relentless inventory costs and new producer tactics?
  • Just how long can service centers continue to bear the inventory costs in a market characterised by lacklustre demand and still strong production figures?
  • Has the role of the distributor morphed during this period, given the circumstances of the downturn?
  • How has the role of the producer changed during the recent price downturn?
  • What could the long-lasting implications be for the relationship between producers, end users and distributors?
Don Baysal, President, Seba Pipe
Arthur Cressman, CEO, Cressman Tubular Products
Matthew Beckmann, Vice President, Trident Steel

11:45 Steelmaking raw materials overview; trends in ore, scrap and coil

  • Raw material trends for the primary steelmaking raw materials in the US
  • How are these materials influencing the prices for rolled steel?
  • Are raw materials prices helping producers to regain a portion of the margin lost due to lower tube and pipe prices?

Lou Ivezaj, General Manager Strategic Sourcing, TMK IPSCO

12:15 Networking lunch

International considerations and offshore applications

1:45 Offshore markets for oil and gas: Demand overview

  • Different investment horizons, different susceptibility: what is the vigor of the offshore markets?
  • Is there a consensus of how long current prices must endure before the offshore markets start to convulse like the onshore?
  • Types of products in demand given new and challenging drilling environments

Kim Leppold, Senior Analyst, Metal Bulletin Research

2:15 The latest on import duties and anti-dumping; ERW and the ongoing

  • The status of trade cases in the USA: what have been the advances in the last 12 months?
  • Are imports from the likes of Korea and Turkey still eroding profits for American companies?  Is this, coupled with the weakened demand, a double-whammy and final blow for some American producers of OCTG and small diameter linepipe?
  • Updates on the new cases opened up on heavy walled rectangular tube
  • What is the outcome likely to be regarding the various trade cases?  Are there stirrings of discontent which could see new cases filed in the USA?

John Gurley, Partner, Arent Fox
Jeffrey Gerrish, Partner, International Trade, Skadden
Roger Schagrin
, President, Schagrin Associates

Technology workshops

3:15 Measuring tube straightness with laser technology

  • Instant measurement of tube straightness - both inline production and offline capability.  Tube O.D. and ovality are also available
  • Improved quality management and data collection
  • Reduced rework/reject rates - certified production capability

3:45  Cutting technology advancements for seamless pipe mills

  • Heavy duty sawing machines for billet preparation and for pipe layer cutting
  • Tooling technology to reduce cutting costs and sawblade logistics
  • In-line sample and reject cutting with handling automation

Michael Siegl, International Sales Manager, Linsinger, Austria

5:00  Networking drinks reception


Thursday March 10th 2015

Keynote presentations

09:00 Steel tube industry: Yesterday, today and tomorrow
Bülent Demircioglu, Member of Board, Turkish Steel Exporters; CEO, Borusan Mannesmann, Turkey

09:30 Panel: The disequilibrium in OCTG and outlook for oil prices
  • What strategies are tubular producers adopting to best fare the storm of current market conditions?
  • Has this changed the landscape for the seamless vs welded argument, given cheaper prices for both products?
  • Utilization rates and potential consolidation or more shut downs: where are we and where might we be heading?
  • How does any new capacity fit into the existing supply/demand equation?  Are there any other capital projects underway which weren’t already at the event of the downturn?
  • Display of opinions: survival strategies and speculation on the market’s expected recovery

Moderator: Jorge Leis, Partner, Bain & Company

Joel Johnson, CEO, Borusan Mannesmann
Alexey Gostev, CEO, OMK North America
Piotr Galitzine, Chairman, TMK IPSCO
Nicolas de Coignac
, Senior Vice President, Vallourec North America

10:30 Networking break

11:00 End user panel: OCTG and linepipe purchasing activity – how robust the demand?

  • Albeit activity is currently slower, when do you see demand picking up?
  • Comparative outlook in purchasing trends for offshore and onshore projects – which products for which applications and their respective prospects
  • Are there many projects waiting for a recovery in oil and gas prices to be approved?
  • Besides the obvious longer term positive impact of strengthening oil prices, what shorter-term solaces are keeping Category and Supply Chain Managers busy?
  • As numerous projects get underway, just how significant is their impact on the demand for linepipe products?
  • Of the projects currently pending approval, what is the market’s sentiment on these going forward in the near future? 
  • Outlook for the longer term prospects for large diameter linepipe given potential demand for LNG products
  • Could the potential incremental lifting of crude oil export ban aid the development of energy infrastructure?  Can the same be said for LNG?

Mark Frick, Senior Global Category Lead – OCTG, Artificial Life & Wellheads, ConocoPhillips
Semir Belage, Managing Director, Pipeline Services of Canada Ltd.
John Long, Manager Supply Chain Management, Williams
Perry Roberts
, Sr. Director - Procurement and Material Management, Energy Transfer

11:45 Seamless mechanical tubing: Flexible product for a broad range of needs

Shawn Seanor, EVP Sales & Business Development, TimkenSteel

12:15 Networking lunch

New drilling methods and macro considerations

1:30 Oil and gas outlook: drilling activity, rig count and price predictions in the USA

  • Overview of recent trends in the oil rig count and production statistics
  • Sketching a detailed picture of investor sentiment towards new drilling projects in the USA
  • Investment horizon differences between onshore and offshore projects since the downturn; is there more capital tied up in one or the other?
  • Prediction for oil price recovery given China slowdown, India’s potential (over)stated promise and the current glut

Stan Kaplan, Director, Energy Information Administration

2:00 America’s role in the global energy markets: LNG, NGLs and export markets

  • How is the commencement of liquefied natural gas exports beneficial to the American economy and positive for tube and pipe consumption?
  • The role of the USA as a net exporter of oil and gas goods: what will the impact be on drilling activity and, therefore, tube and pipe consumption?
  • What are the approximate timelines for USA’s projected presence as a dominant global energy player, should policy become favourable?

Nicole Leonard, Analyst, Bentek Energy

2:30 The future of re-fracking and what it could mean for raw material consumption

  • A positive for one segment of the industry, a negative for another: what exactly is re-fracking?
  • Description of the commercial and technical viability – when might we start to see this happening on a larger scale?
  • What, to date, remain the greatest impediments to its success and what are its greatest promises?

Neil Stegent, Technology Manager Fracturing, Halliburton

3:00 End of conference





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