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Agenda Overview

Monday March 9 2015

Field trip to OMK Tube

Provisional schedule:

12.30pm Bus departure from the hotel
1.00pm Tour of OMK’s pipe mill
4.15pm Bus departure back to the hotel

6.00pm Networking drinks reception sponored by OMK Tube

For full details and registration click here

Day one: Tuesday March 10 2015

7.30am Registration desk opens

Breakfast sponsored by JSW Steel

8.30am Chairman’s opening remarks

Session I: Trade case developments

8.45am  The OCTG and line pipe trade cases panel: What next?

  • What has happened to the price of imports from the targeting countries? Are price hikes here to stay?
  • To what degree will domestic and import prices come together?
  • What is next for the trade case and the appeal process?
  • Are other related steel products in the firing line? What impact would this have on US domestic steel production?
  • Have imports abated?
  • How many tonnes could divert to other products or regions?
  • How does the line pipe trade case compare with the OCTG case?

John Gurley, Partner, Arent Fox
Roger Schagrin, President, Schagrin Associates
Jeffrey Gerrish, Partner, International Trade, Skadden

9.45am  The importers view: The Turkish steel market

The importers view: Dumping vs. Globalization

  • What are the consequences of globalization as it relates to steel production? How have forces of globalization interacted with anti-dumping cases?
  • How has the Turkish steel market been impacted by the trade case?
  • How have producers adapted to the new anti-dumping margins?
  • Is it a concern for importers?

Bülent Demircioglu, Member of the Board of Directors, Turkish Steel Exporters’ Association, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Borusan Mannesmann

10.15am Networking coffee break

Session II: The view on oil and gas

11.00am  The relationship between steel and natural gas

  • How will macroeconomic conditions affect demand for natural gas?
  • Will the shale gas boost to the US economy be short lived or remain for the foreseeable future?
  • How has shale gas stimulated steel production and is it set to continue?
  • Can cheap gas for manufacturing be balanced with the impact of LNG export opportunities?
  • What stage are LNG export terminals at? Will the impact on price be felt?

Dan North, Chief Economist, North America, Euler Hermes

11.45am Shale gas: still a boon to manufacturing?

  • How will US manufacturing take advantage of shale gas?
  • Will US manufacturing will continue to benefit from shale gas cost savings and job creation?
  • How will lower energy prices affect production of shale gas?

Michael Tomera, US Metals Leader, PwC

12.15pm  The changing dynamics of the global oil market in a lower price environment

  • What significance is the oil price having on drilling? Are oil prices a concern for some higher-cost drilling operations?
  • What is the forecast for oil and which hurdles could affect drilling rates?
  • Is drilling in shale plays expected to slow down long-term? Will small end users or heavily leveraged larger companies be put out of business?
  • What will happen to the US economy and the steel industry if this occurs?

Nicole Leonard, Analyst, Bentek Energy 

12.45pm The oil price drop: what does it mean for distributors and producers of tube and pipe?

  • How have producers and distributors reacted to the drop in prices? Are there orders for any products other than existing contract items?
  • What has been the impact on hot rolled coil prices?
  • Will end users buy more domestic pipe as prices become more appealing?
  • How much tonnage is being cancelled? How is this impacting distributors and producers?
  • What effect will reduced costs of future pipe orders have on distributors selling existing inventory?
  • Will mills reach out to end users directly?
 Art Cressman, Chairman and CEO, Cressman Tubular Products

 1.15pm Networking lunch break sponsored by Borusan Mannesman

Session III: Production and demand for OCTG and line pipe

2.30pm  Projects and projections: The end user perspective

  • How have recently announced projects impacted demand for pipe?
  • What will stimulate future demand for pipe? Are there any concerns regarding the oil or gas price?
  • What are the preferences for particular types of pipe and their application?
  • What are the cost limitations and other concerns for projects?
  • How do offshore needs compare with onshore needs?

Jeff Farmer, Director, Supply Chain, Atwood Oceanics
Navdeep (Nick) Sohal, Global Category Manager Steel & Valves, ConocoPhillips Company
Perry Roberts, Senior Director, Procurement, Energy Transfer

3.30pm  Shale by shale account of OCTG

  • What are the drilling trends and rig counts in each shale play?
  • How do local drilling needs influence the grade of pipe demanded and connections used?
  • Is there much drilling in tight gas?

Kim Leppold, Senior Metals Analyst, Metal Bulletin Research

4.00pm Networking coffee break

4.30pm  New capacity: Where, when and how much?

  • How are new mills progressing and what are they producing?
  • What finishing services are being installed at these plants?
  • What are the latest figures and trends for expected capacity?
  • How do theoretical production forecasts compare with the reality of what is occurring on the ground?
  • Has predicted capacity come into fruition? Why has it not in certain areas?
  • What are the technical, construction and market issues that start-ups are being hindered by?

Geoff O’Donnell, Product Manager – Line Pipe, Energex Tube
Chris Rowland, COO, Laguna Tubular Products
Buddy Brewer,
CEO, Borusan Mannesman
Jeff Hanley
, Vice President, Energy Tubular Sales, Welded Tube of Canada

5.30pm  Distributors’ view: Seamless versus welded

  • What demand trends are distributors seeing in the market? Are depressed oil prices encouraging oil and gas companies to cut costs and use ERW?
  • What are the OCTG market fundamentals? What are the domestic versus import trends?
  • How are natural gas drilling rates affecting demand for seamless versus welded? What are the pros and cons for both in either application?
  • Why is seamless preferred by some?
  • Is there a cut-off point for welded once you get to a certain grade of pipe?

Brandon Dewan, President & CEO, Eagle Pipe

 6.00pm End of day one followed by networking drinks reception, co-sponsored by CAN-ENG Furnaces International, Inductoheat, Automation Engineering Group, Fives Bronx and REA JET

Day two: Wednesday March 11 2015

8.00am Registration desk opens

8.45am Chairman’s opening remarks

Session IV: Market drivers

9.00am  Raw materials for pipe: Latest trends

  • How are raw materials impacting the price of flat rolled steel?
  • What is the pricing and availability of flat rolled steel?
  • What have been the trends over the past year and what has been shaping this? Are price falls expected to persist?
  • Is this market being impacted by its own trade cases?

Michael Fitch, CEO, JSW Steel
Greg Goad, Vice President of Purchasing, Northwest Pipe
Sachin Shivaram
, Steel Sourcing Manager, Tenaris

10.00am  Keystone and new projects panel: What does it mean for line pipe?

  • What does the recent investments in pipeline mean for the industry?
  • Is a shortage of large OD line pipe expected? What will be the impact on pricing as capacity is squeezed?
  • Keystone: When might political tides turn for this and other projects?
  • What are the other opportunities for producers of line pipe?
  • Where are other investments occurring?

10.45am  Mexico: An opening market

  • How have recent regulatory changes impacted the oil and gas market in Mexico?
  • What are the opportunities for IOCs and producers of OCTG?
  • How many tonnes of tube per year will be needed for offshore and onshore projects?
  • Are international partnerships likely?

11.15am  Networking coffee break

Session V: Logistics

11.45am  Railroad capacity: The relationship between crude and pipe

  • Is there going to be enough capacity to move crude by rail if line pipe is not built?
  • How are safety regulations on rail cars going to impact cost?
  • How are rail companies adapting to these changes?
  • What upgrades are occurring?
  • Are there railcar shortages?
  • Which companies are building rail terminals to cope with additional capacity?

Philip Hornak, Director, Distribution Services, CN
Senior Representative, Union Pacific

12.30pm  The outlook for trucking

  • What are the rates and availability of drivers for trucking?
  • How are legislative changes impacting the trucking of steel products?
  • How will the easing of rules help the steel industry?

Dan Mullins, Senior Vice President of Supply Chain, PLS Logistics

1.00pm Networking lunch break

Session VI: Technology workshops

2.15pm  Achieving higher output and lower cost for cutting high tensile OCTG pipes

  • How to ensure reduced operating costs with increased mill output
  • Fast and accurate cutting of end scraps and samples
  • Enhanced safety and flexibility at the cutting system with robot handling system

Michael Siegl, International Sales Manager, Linsinger Maschinenbau

2.45pm  Induction heating solutions for the OCTG industry – improving process and ROI

  • How induction works and how it can an improve the bottom line
  • Induction technology solutions for the OCTG industry

Wayne Thomas, Sales Application Engineer, Inductoheat

3.15pm  Manufacturing complexities of heat treating tube and pipe

  • Should a distributor produce in-house heat treat finishing capability?
  • Understanding the primary manufacturing complexities of tube and pipe heat treating
  • Quality and cost considerations when modifying mills to properly heat treat tube and pipe

Don Gibeaut, Regional Sales Manager, Ajax Tocco

 Additional panelists to be announced

5.00pm End of day two and close of conference

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