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Event Overview

Copper and copper alloys have long been remade into new products thanks to the metal’s ability not to degrade physically or chemically during the recycling process. Some 35% of all copper used each year is derived from scrap metal and residues. Copper recycling activity has traditionally been cyclical and very much tied to metal price fluctuations, but there is no question that the longer term trend is upwards: ICSG studies show secondary refined production has increased 77% in the past decade compared with a 14% rise in primary output.  Enhanced collection and recycling processes are maximising recovery and reuse in the direct melt sector, while the electronics revolution has brought with it another dimension to copper’s re-use, as legislation and technology combine to generate more and more innovative ways of recycling consumer appliances and gadgets.

With such good growth trends in global copper demand, especially in the emerging markets, and the ongoing shortfall in newly-mined copper, not to mention the all-important issue of industry sustainability, recycling has moved centre stage in the copper arena. And yet recycling industry dynamics, economics and material flows are often difficult to dissect and get to grips with.

Recognising the heightened importance of copper’s recovery and re-use, and the need for more information on this sector, Metal Bulletin Events is holding its inaugural International Copper Recycling Conference in Brussels to examine and debate the challenges and opportunities that exist in this key segment of the copper industry loop. If you are already involved in copper recycling but want to increase your market knowledge and contacts, or if your company needs to learn more about who does what and how in copper recycling, then join us in Brussels in June for this unique industry event:

Key topics for discussion:

Material flows in the recycling loop – cathode, direct melt, electronics

How is scrap availability and scrap type changing and what implications for recyclers?
What limitations are there for the primary copper producer when it comes to using secondary raw materials?
Emerging market demand for copper – how are the likes of China and India affecting scrap flows?
No longer a waste material – but should copper scrap be considered a strategic material and protected as such?
Producing cathode from scrap – capacities, technology, quality
Optimising metal recoveries through pre-treatment, sorting and technology improvements
Increasing internal recycling at secondary refiners and direct melt operations
Recycling of increasingly complex alloys and residues – what are the technological challenges – and solutions?
Is enough focus being given to designing-in recyclability in end-products?
The copper e-volution – electronics and multimetal recycling 
Boosting recycling from end-of-life products – the need for enhanced collection systems
Basel, Reach, WEEE, RMI – what next in terms of legislation for copper and copper alloy recycling?