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Agenda Overview

Steel Scrap Workshop agenda

February 1, 2017


11:00     Registration opens

11:50     Chairperson’s opening remarks


Session I: Keynote presentations

12:00   Automotive scrap sales presentation – How can OEM’s and scrap processors achieve a harmonious relationship?

  • Analyzing scrap generation from Mexican OEMs by weight and grade
  • How and with whom do automotive manufacturers distribute their scrap?
  • Can scrap companies and automotive manufacturers work together to create a closed loop?
  • Is this necessary to stop the flow of high-grade scrap out of Mexico to be imported as finished steel products?

Shawn Brown, Manager - Raw Materials Division, Honda Trading America

Session II: AMM Mexican scrap index

12:30   AMM’s Mexican scrap index

Grace Lavigne, Reporter - Steel Supply Chain, American Metal Market

13:00   Break

Session III: What are the key areas on interest and concern for scrap companies in Mexico?

Moderator: Vincent Pappalardo, Managing Director, Browns Gibbons Lang & Company

14:00   Panel discussion

  • Analyzing the grades and quantities of scrap in the Mexican market
  • What challenges are being presented by the flow of scrap to the southern USA?
  • What is the influence of companies from the southern states of the USA on the Mexican scrap market?
  • How can the closed-loop recycling for steel scrap be achieved in Mexico?
  • What are the prospects for domestic scrap consumption in the future?
  • To what extent is automotive industry growth energising the market, are Mexican recyclers relying on them?

Nikhil Shah, President, SMS de Mexico

Thomas Romer, Specialty Markets Operations Manager, Worthington Industries

Javier Perez, CEO, Reciclacentro

15:30   Break

Session IV: The future of steel scrap use in Mexico - technology session

16:00   Outlining the best practices for scrap use in EAF steelmaking

  • Outlook and analysis of EAF steelmaking in Mexico
  • What are the key considerations purchasing departments when making strategic procurement decisions?
  • How can scrap be used more effectively in EAF steelmaking?
  • Will a bright future in EAF steelmaking emerge in Mexico?

Guillermo Gonzalez, CEO, Primetals Technologies

Luis Gamboa, Sales Director, Primetals Technologies

16:30   Workshop close

16:30 – 18:30      Steel risk seminar hosted by Cargill Risk Management and London Metal Exchange


18:00 – 19:30      Welcome drinks reception


Conference agenda

Day one – February 2

8:00am Registration opens


9:00am Chairperson’s opening remarks

            Inauguracion por parte del presidente de la conferencia

9:15am Keynote presentation: Discussing the future of US/Mexico trade relations

Dan Pearson, Senior Fellow, Trade Policy Studies, CATO Institute

9:45am Mexico’s steel industry in focus

Enfoque de la industria siderúrgica mexicana

  • Analyzing the key opportunities and threats for steelmakers in Mexico
  • Is the excitement and optimism about new developments in Nuevo Leon warranted?
  • What are the necessary conditions that need to be met to continue the upward trajectory of Mexican steel?
  • Is government CAPEX still linked closely to the oil price? What level of support will the steel industry receive as the government looks to cut the fiscal deficit?

Daniel Rojas, Sales Sub-director, Ahmsa

Santiago Rico, Marketing Director, ArcelorMittal Mexico

Fabricio Menegoni, Executive Director, Gerdau Corsa

11:15am Networking refreshment break

              Receso y refrigerio para networking

12:00am Global steel dynamics and the implications for the Mexican market

              La dinámica global del acero y las implicaciones para el mercado mexicano

  • How is the global steel industry addressing market headwinds?
  • What is the outlook for North American steel supply and import/export balance?
  • Are anti-dumping trade cases having a significant effect on steel trade flows?

Amy Bennett, Principal Consultant, Metal Bulletin Research

12:30am Networking lunch

             Almuerzo y networking

2:00pm Executive interview on the flow of financing for Mexican steel projects with Jamie Matos, Vice President, ABN AMRO by AMM’s Steel Correspondent, Mike Cowden

Entrevista ejecutiva sobre el flujo de financiación para proyectos de acero en México con Jaime Matos, VP, ABN AMRO

2:45pm Mexico’s new environmental measures – can an appropriate balance be struck?

                 Nuevos medidas ambientales en México - ¿se puede llegar a un equilibrio adecuado?

  • Outlining the environmental measures due to be introduced
  • How will the measures be imposed?
  • What is the importance of balancing environmental protection with support for the industry?

Regulo Salinas, Chairman of the Energy Committee, CONCAMIN

3:15pm The energy industry – the tentative beginning of the turnaround?        

La industria de la energía - ¿el comienzo del cambio de tendencia?

  • What is the outlook for the oil and gas sector? Have prices rebounded from their lowest point?
  • Analyzing the future of oil price volatility? What factors are driving price fluctuations?
  • With the effect of the 2013 energy reforms dampened due to the price collapse, will a price rebound see the predicted effects finally take hold?
  • Will this be negated if such a rebound does not occur?
  • What will this mean for steel demand in Mexico?

Ross Wyeno, Senior Energy Analyst, Bentek Energy

3:45pm Networking refreshment break

           Receso y refrigerio para networking

4:15pm Automotive – Mexico’s new golden hen?

            La industria automotriz – ¿La nueva gallina de los huevos de oro de México?

  • What is the outlook for automotive demand in Mexico? Will predictions of a doubling in production by 2020 come to pass?
  • Incentives for purchase are at extremely high levels – is there any suggestion that this is unsustainable and Mexico has already reached peak auto demand? How would this affect the Mexican steel industry as a whole?
  • How true are predictions of domestic steelmakers’ rejuvenation on the back of the rapid growth of the automotive industry? Will this be sustained?

Oscar Albin, Presidente Ejecutivo, Industria Nacional de Autopartes

5:00pm Logistics: what are the challenges being faced by transport providers?

  Logística: ¿Cuáles son los retos que enfrentan los proveedores de transporte?

  • What are the key challenges and opportunities being faced by logistics providers?
  • While the rest of the industry celebrates lower imports to Mexico, is this creating extra hardship for logistics companies?
  • Are there are opportunities emerging for logistics providers looking inwards?
  • What are the key logistics considerations for the movement of steel products between Mexico and the US?

Michael Rutherford, Vice President - Industrial Products, CSX

5:30pm End of day one and networking drinks

Clausura del primer día y coctel networking

Day two – February 3


8:30am Registation opens


9:15am Chairperson’s opening remarks

            Inauguracion por parte del presidente de la conferencia


9:30am Scrap panel – discussing the key challenges and opportunities facing the Mexican scrap industry

               Panel: Los desafíos y oportunidades principales que enfrenta la industria de la chatarra en México

  • Analyzing the supply and demand fundamentals of scrap products in Mexico
  • What has changed in the Mexican scrap industry in the last 12 months?
  • How can the flow of high-grade material to the southern US states be halted? Is a closed-loop system achievable?
  • To what extent is automotive industry growth energising the market, are Mexican recyclers relying on them?

Lucas Ramuchio, Metallic Load Operations, Exiros

Nikhil Shah, President, All Star Metals LLC

Oscar Flores, Commercial Director, Zimmer Recycling

10:45am Networking refreshment break

             Receso y refrigerio para networking

11:30am Steel service center panel

             Panel sobre los centros de servicio

  • Analyzing current capacity utilization levels across the service center sector in Mexico
  • How are service centers reacting to the continued growth of the automotive industry in the country?
  • Are we likely to see further consolidation in the sector?
  • Challenges and opportunities for the mid to long term for service centers

Moderator: Vincent Pappalardo, Managing Director, Browns Gibbons Lang & Co.

Kristian Eichler, General Manager, Olympic Steel

Angel Lagarda, VP Sales & Marketing, Serviacero Worthington

Brad Beauchamp, Vice-President, Global Stainless Steel

12:30pm End of day two and conference close

             Clausura de la conferencia y almuerzo networking