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Agenda Overview

Steel Scrap Seminar: Tuesday, January 16, 2018

9:00AM Registration opens
9:50AM Chairperson’s opening remarks

Session I: United by steel scrap – Mexico and the USA

10:00AM Trading steel scrap between Mexico and the USA
  • What grades of scrap are the most attractive to US buyers and in what US states are the largest purchases being made?
  • What are the advantages when exporting scrap to the US and do these advantages only apply to scrap recyclers near the border? What advantages do scrap recyclers in other regions of Mexico have when making sales?
  • How might this buy-sell relationship change as Mexico begins to produce more industrial scrap? Would a decline in automotive sales tighten scrap supply?
Nikhil Shah, President, Scrap Metal Services Brownsville
Alfonso Salazar, CCO, DIMECA
10:45AM M&As in the USA, is there a Mexican equivalent?
  • Why, unlike their US counterparts, are Mexican steel mills not acquiring scrap recyclers at the same rate inside of Mexico?
  • What are the factors limiting these mergers? Could it be a lack of scrap flow or cash flow?
  • Have scrap recyclers proven that they are best left to source and distribute scrap independently?
  • How would the scrap market change if M&As occurred at a greater rate within Mexico?
Vincent J. Pappalardo, Managing Director, Brown Gibbons Lang & Company
11:15AM Networking refreshment break

Session II: Progress, pricing and the peso

12:00PM Mexico’s scrap pricing in practice
  • Is there a disparity of scrap pricing between US indices, Northern Mexico and the Bajío region?
  • What is the current correlation between the US and Mexican currency exchange rates and how is this affecting the demand for Mexican scrap?
  • Would the scrap market benefit from futures pricing instead of spot pricing?
Thorsten Schier, North American steel and ferrous scrap editor, American Metal Market
12:30PM Advancing AMM’s Mexican scrap index
  • Since the launch of AMM’s scrap index last year, what improvements have been made since then and what developments can be expected in the future?
  • How does AMM provide the most up-to-date pricing information?
  • In what ways can AMM’s scrap index assist your purchasing and selling decisions?
Thorsten Schier, North American steel and ferrous scrap editor, American Metal Market
1:00PM Networking lunch

Session III: The road ahead for automotive scrap

2:30PM Outlining Mexico’s steel shredding capacity
  • What is the impact of the surplus of busheling within Mexico and is it affecting sales of shredded scrap?
  • What is the availability of feedstock for Mexican shredders and what are Roca Acero’s capacity rates?
  •  What amount is Roca Acero paying for whole automobiles?
  • How can scrap shredding help scrap recyclers reach markets with higher added value?
Adalberto Becerra, Strategic Planning Manager, Roca Acero S.A. de C.V.

Session IV: Moving Mexico’s scrap

3:00PM Inspecting the internal movement of Mexico’s steel scrap
  • Which regions in Mexico is steel scrap being generated, where is it being distributed and how long does it take to reach buyers? 
  • To what extent do Mexican companies exert control over the flow of Mexican scrap and is this control limited by the influence of foreign imports and exports?
  • What new projects may disrupt or increase the current scrap flow?
Bernardo Muñoz, Director Logistica, Distribuidora De Metales Y Cartones Sa De Cv
Javier Perez Dominguez, CEO, Reciclacentro
Armando Santiago Bringas, Recycling Mgr. Mexico, Progress Rail Services De Mexico
3:45PM Logistical considerations of transporting steel scrap
  • Is Mexico’s infrastructure causing bottlenecks when transporting scrap within Mexico as well as exporting it?
  • What factors must be taken into consideration for profitable logistics and are some factors such as theft, import duties and fuel costs outside of a transportation company’s control?
  • How might new US legislation on commercial trucks being fitted with electronic logging devices (ELD) affect cross border trade?
Rodrigo Garcia Del Rio, Regional Sales Director, CSX Transportation
4:30PM End of steel scrap seminar and welcome drinks for Mexican Steel Forum

Mexican Steel Forum: Wednesday, January 17, 2018

8:00AM Registration opens
8:50AM Chairperson’s opening remarks

Session I: Keynote presentations

9:00AM Leadership panel: Steel mills and market insights
Senior representative, Gerdau Corsa
Daniel Riojas, Sales Sub-Director, AHMSA
9:45AM Grupo Simec’s Tlaxcala SBQ Mill
  • What effect will the entry of Grupo Simec’s Apizaco, Tlaxcala project have on the Mexican market?
  • Will this plant make Mexico less reliant on international imports of SBQ products?
  • Which industries within Mexican will benefit from the production of this new facility?
Alma Iglesias marquez, Director Of Business Development, Aceros Especiales Simec Tlaxcala SA de CV
10:15AM Politics, NAFTA and Section 232
  • Since President Trump’s inauguration in January 2017, were some initial concerns justified?
  • Where does Mexico stand in relation to US anti-dumping duties? Where the June 2017 revisions indicative of positive changes for Mexico’s steel sector?
  • Could Mexican companies expect to be impacted by Section 232’s findings?
  • What has been the impact of NAFTA renegotiations?
Dan Pearson, Senior Fellow, Trade Policy Studies, CATO Institute
Peter Koenig, Of Counsel Attorney, Squire Patton Boggs
11:00AM Networking refreshment break

Session II: Automotive developments

11:30AM The future of the automotive industry within Mexico and NAFTA
  • To what extent is President Trump’s rhetoric, if not bringing automotive manufacturing back to the USA, preventing new investments in Mexico?
  • Despite recent events, is automotive production still on target to double by 2020? 
  • What are the new exciting projects coming to Mexico that could benefit the market?
Matthew Neild, Automotive Account Manager, ArcelorMittal
12:00PM Purchasing dynamics in automotive production
  • As hybrid automobiles appear to be the next step in automotive production, will their material requirements affect steel scrap procurement?
  • What is the supply-demand balance for high grade steel?
  • What are the best methods for OEMs to reduce supply risk?
Oscar Albin, Presidente Ejecutivo, Industria Nacional de Autopartes
1:45PM Is aluminum a cause for concern for steel mills?
  • What have been the trends with regards to aluminum in automotive production?
  • Would the demand for aluminum remain greater than the supply? 
  • Are the rates of aluminum recycling so high that this further restricts supply?
  • Would the refining of bauxite be too energy intensive and offset the lack of CO2 emissions produced by lighter aluminum-based vehicles?
Norberto Vidana, President of Mexican Aluminum Institute, IMEDAL, Nemak
12:30PM Networking lunch

Session III: Mexican politics and international actors

2:15PM Trade remedies and challenging Chinese imports
  • Which parts of the steel supply chain are Chinese imports affecting the most?
  • To what extent are cheap imports into Mexico market hurting Mexico’s steel production?
  • How can the Mexican government encourage cooperation and coordination to control unfair trade?
Jorge Miranda, Principal International Trade Advisor, International Trade Group, King & Spalding LLP
Dan Pearson, Senior Fellow, Trade Policy Studies, CATO Institute
3:00PM Examining Mexico’s 2018 elections – what to expect?
  • With seven months to go to the election, what do the current polls say?
  • What do different party policies have to say about the steel industry?
  • How would such policies impact the steel industry after the election?
Francisco Abundis, Director, Parametría
4:00PM Clarifying the rules and regulations of importing steel into Mexico
  • How are the ever-changing government regulations affecting the steel business?
  • Are the Mexican government’s attempts to tax and regulate the economy improving growth and investment?
  • What rules apply to which organizations? Are some companies managing to circumnavigate import regulations better than others?
Armando De Lille, Partner, Baker & Mckenzie Abogados Sc
Manuel Padrón-Castillo, Baker & Mckenzie Abogados Sc
3:30PM Networking refreshment break

Session IV: Mexico’s energy and infrastructure

4:30PM Mexico’s energy industry and the post-reform landscape
  • What is the current outlook for Mexico’s oil industry?
  • Does Mexico, like the USA, have the capacity for shale gas drilling?
  • To what extent could the Mexican steel industry benefit from further energy reforms and the opening up of the energy markets to private companies?
Luis Miguel Labardini, Partner, Marcos y Asociados Infraestructura y Energia S.C
5:00PM Importing and exporting steel within the Gulf of Mexico
  • An overview of the current import and export flows within the Gulf of Mexico.
  • What are the long-term categories of steel that Mexico exports to the USA?
  • What investments are being made on the US side of the Gulf to increase steel exportation from the US?
Eduardo A. Campirano, Port Director and CEO, Port of Brownsville
5:30PM End of day one and networking drinks

Mexican Steel Forum: Thursday, January 18, 2018

8:00AM Registration opens
8:50AM Chairperson’s opening remarks

Session V: Spotlight on Mexico’s steel scrap industry

9:00AM Understanding key challenges and opportunities facing Mexico’s scrap industry
  • An overview of the key issues that are facing Mexico’s scrap industry.
  • How are changes in the Mexican steel industry affecting scrap procurement?
  • Has Mexico achieved a greater level of domestic scrap consumption since 2017 or is too much steel scrap still being exported out of Mexico?
Nikhil Shah, President, Scrap Metal Services Brownsville
Alfonso Salazar, CCO, DIMECA

Session VI: What’s next for Mexico?

9:45AM Steel technology showcase
  • What new technological breakthroughs will advance Mexico’s steel industry?
  • To what extent can the refurbishment of steel mills breathe new life into production rates?
  • How is DRI used in melt mixes and what are its advantages to the steel industry?
10:45AM Audience Q&A
11:00AM Networking refreshment break
11:30AM Steel service center panel
  • Value-added strategy: where is processing capacity most constrained?
  • Are service centers in short supply of some materials and are oversupplied in others? 
  • What are the logistical issues for delivering products on time and at an affordable rate?
Kristian Eichler, General Manager - Mexico, Olympic Steel Inc
Brad Beauchamp, Vice President, Global Stainless Steel Inc
Angel Lagarda, VP Sales & Marketing, Serviacero Worthington
12:15PM End of day two and conference close

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