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Agenda Overview

Pre conference: Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Welcome networking drinks party

5:30PM Welcome drinks party

Join us as we begin our conference with our welcome party. Connect with old friends and new contacts before meetings begin the next day in a relaxed environment. 

Day one: Thursday, September 7, 2017

Economics of the region

8:30AM North American economic outlook: Challenges and opportunities
  • How is the US economy performing? What is the long-term growth rate forecast?
  • In which ways are the American economic developments affecting the demand for steel raw materials?
  • How is the US economy performing and what is the growth rate forecast?
  • How will the new Administrations proposed policies affect the economy?
  • What are the prospects for US manufacturing? Housing? What is the status of the US consumer?
  • What are the macro influences on the metals market?
  • How will the ageing workforce, the skills mismatch, and growing debt affect the US economy in the long-term?
  • Is the Canadian housing market in a dangerous bubble?
Dan North, Chief Economist, North America, Euler Hermes

Pricing trends

9:00AM Is the price right?: Pricing trends of ores and alloys within America compared to other regions
  • In which steel end products are we seeing noticeable developments within the American market?
  • Which steel consuming markets are driving raw material prices?
  • Pricing forecasts in light of perceived market demand for the coming year
  • How far have regional sentiments within Asia affected the domestic markets of Europe and America?
Christopher Kavanagh, Reporter, American Metal Market
Tom Jennemann, Non-Ferrous Reporter, American Metal Market
9:45AM Networking break

Carbon and stainless steel outlook

10:15AM Carbon and Stainless: The what, how much, and where
  • What are the limits of the demand of stainless steel to the international market? What impact will this have on American steel supply to the domestic market?
  • Will the reduced demand of steels within the Chinese market and changes in their economic status affect steel outputs within the US?
  • What are the estimated growth trends and market forecasts for 2018?
  • How are these segments expected to fare during the forecast period in 2017/2018?
  • Where are the growing and emerging product markets? What impact will these have on steel demand in the coming year?
  • What are the regional and international protectionist challenges that are facing the market?
  • Where are elements of cooperation taking place across the region in policy and organic relationships?
Amy Bennett, Senior Steel Editor, Principal Consultant, Metal Bulletin Research
John Anton, Director, Steel Analytics, Pricing and Purchasing, IHS Markit

Policy, people and projections

11:15AM Policy making, manufacturing and trade duties: What next for ferroalloys and steel products?
  • What are the discussions taking place on sustainability and environmental policy in the automotive and aerospace markets which may, in turn, affect the supply of ferroalloys?
  • Are steel mills’ preferences in line with long-term environmental standards?
  • How will the current administration's manufacturing policy impact the purchasing patterns of ferroalloys into the United States?

Meet the buyers speed networking

12:00PM What do purchasers want to know from suppliers

Join us as we facilitate the networking discussions with the ferroalloys market end users and discuss their requirements and desires from ferroalloys producers – first come first served basis

  • What are the known reserves in ferroalloys? 
  • What are the production capacities for ferrochrome, ferromanganese, and ferronickel for North American producers?
  • In light bullish market movement, where is the ferroalloys production market steering towards in the next quarter?
  • What will the effect of the consolidation of alloys have on steel mills?
12:30PM Networking lunch break

With numerous spaces dedicated to networking, lunch will give further opportunity to interact with delegates outside the conference room


2:00PM Molybdenum roundtable

Discussions include:

  • How is the oil and gas sector affecting demand across molybdenum products?
  • Is there a prospect of focusing energies away from molybdenum as a primary product in light of increased copper prices? 
  • What is the role of the primary molybdenum consumption rebound in metallurgical, chemical and metal products playing in price volatility? 
  • How are producers taking advantage of the arbitrage window within copper?

Chris Kavanagh, Reporter, American Metal Market

Mark Wilson, President, Thompson Creek Metals Company
3:00PM Ferrosilicon and silicon metal

Discussions include:

  • What are the utilization capacities within global ferrosilicon products?
  • In which ways will capacity reduction affect the industry if it were to take place in the coming quarter? 
  • Will the spot ferrosilicon market continue to be supported by firm longer-term prices? 
  • With European prices hitting highs on account of tight supply, what implications may this have on supply to the North American market?
Kevin Fowkes, Managing Consultant, Alloy Consult
Louis Parous, Executive Director, Viridis.iQ
4:00PM Manganese ore and its alloys

Discussions include:

  • What are the challenges to reducing excess inventory from manganese producers?
  • Will China continue to enforce stricter environmental policies and shut down non-compliant plants next year? How will this affect exports to North America?
  • With manganese ore’s continued contractions, how will supply dynamics be affected?
  • What effect will the new ore projects have on manganese prices, if any?
  • Are smelters anticipating a price fall and reduced buying?
Cleber Mattos, Procurement Manager, Gerdau
Aloys d Harambure, Market Research Manager, International Manganese Institute

Day two: Friday, September 8, 2017


9:00AM Ferrochrome and chrome ore

Discussions include:

  • How is efficiency increased in light of the increasing volumes of fine ferrochrome?
  • Where is the foreign investment of ferrochrome going to and how is this affecting the supply to the North American market?
  • Which applications will most effect the mine to market lead times in light of bearish demand?
  • Will there continue to be rapid moves in the indexes of Cr in the short or long term?

Kevin Fowkes, Managing Consultant, Alloy Consult
Dmitry Pastour, CEO, UniChrome AG


10:00AM Ferrovanadium

Discussions include:

  • What has been the rate of growth of demand in ferrovanadium within the US? What are the respective consumption figures for market end uses? 
  • Automotive and critical steel components: where will specific growth or decline be seen within the North American market for ferrovanadium products?
  • What effect will this have on the export and import of ferrovanadium?
  • Where are the major imports of ferrovanadium coming from? Will China’s supply to the market be sustainable in the long term? 
Paolo Rizzo, Director of North America, Sideralloys NA
11:00AM Ferronickel

Discussions include:

  • What role will the announced supply cutbacks in response to depressed LME prices play in pricing activity for the next quarter?
  • How much nickel is tied up in financing deals?
  • With the nickel sector in deficit and the increase in ferronickel premiums experienced in the first half of the year, what are the perceived implications on short-term demand? 
  • With the supply uncertainty tied to political and environmental actions across Asia, what are the alternative supply sources for nickel products?
  • With steel capacity closing across ferronickel intensive consumption areas, where are smelters refocusing exports?
Michael MacKinnon, Manager Raw Materials, Carpenter Technology Corporation
Alex Khodov, Principal Nickel Analyst, Norilsk Nickel