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Do you want the most up-to-date metals pricing and information conveniently delivered to your desktop and  other devices? Pricing and data are no longer static, so why would you manually enter data into your excel sheets and ERP systems when don't have to? Get access to the pricing data you rely on in the particular format and frequency you need with just a click of a button. Not only are our data solutions custom-made for you, but they're easy to use. Build the ultimate metals pricing tool using data from American Metal Market, Metal Bulletin and Industrial Minerals with a customized Data Feed, XML Feed, Bloomberg Terminal or live streaming data platform. Export, share, reference and trade using our data solutions tailored to your needs. Click the button below to find out how to get access.

XML Feed

Once our XML feed is integrated into your internal system or spreadsheet, data consumption, analysis and charting becomes seamless. Whether you're creating customer contracts, in need of data as the basis for derivative contracts, valuing inventory, using data to analyze price trends, calculating NAV values and more, Metal Bulletin's Data Price Feeds will be a valued addition to your daily operations. Access, integrate and manipulate our data with any software. Full support is provided to assist you with integration.

Bloomberg Terminals

The pricing and news you already know and love from American Metal Market, Metal Bulletin and Industrial Minerals are now available to access through a Bloomberg terminal. Choose from any of our global content packages: Steel, Steel raw materials, Scrap (ferrous & non-ferrous), Base metals, Ores & alloys, Minor metals, Precious metals, Industrial minerals (including lithium). Whether you produce, trade, buy or consume metals, you can depend on our comprehensive package of prices and actionable insights.

Data Feed

Access everything you need in a consolidated data format, delivered in a timely manner in a consumable form. Add any price assessed by American Metal Market or Metal Bulletin to your custom data feed. Prices can be fed via an XML/API framework or a DDE service into your excel sheets formatted for various internal and enterprise systems.  If you’re using AMM data in a spreadsheet and updating it regularly, you can benefit from a data feed. Eliminate human error caused during manual data entry.

Live Streaming Data Platform

The most complete tool for global metals content is available through our FastMarkets platform.  Access delayed or real-time exchange data and global price assessments from American Metal Market and Metal Bulletin in a single view.  Create synthetic prices for alloys that are not currently assessed by AMM or MB through a My Alloys tool.  Create personalized market data displays, automate common calculations in conjunction with pricing data, and experience the utility of a trading platform – all available as a simple add-on to your existing AMM license.f the prices that AMM publishes are available in a data feed including exchange prices. For a full list of AMM prices, please visit this page or email a specific list of commodities you track and we can map them to our data.

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