Data Feeds

Does My Subscription Already Cover a Data Feed?

Your AMM subscription is a single-user license for your own personal consumption of AMM data and cannot be used to create your own “feed” via Excel spreadsheet if it makes AMM data visible to others in your organization.  If you require others in your organization to view AMM's assessed prices via a data feed, an Expanded License covering that use will need to be in place.  AMM’s Specific Terms will detail the appropriate use of AMM data, but if you are in doubt, please contact us to ensure your current use of AMM data is compliant. Call 312-929-4193 to speak to Aaron Goggan about your current and future data needs and we will create a bespoke package for your business.

How Can AMM Help You Prevent Costly Mistakes?

In addition to possibly being non-compliant, manual data entry introduces the possibility of human error that could cost your company tens of thousands of dollars or more. Taking the data directly from the AMM database via a licensed feed eliminates the opportunity for keying errors. Margins are tight everywhere so avoiding risk is paramount at every turn – AMM Data Feeds provide a simple solution for managing risk with business-critical data.

Why Do I Need a Data Feed?

If market volatility is the single biggest challenge you face in controlling costs, maximizing profit margins, and negotiating your best position for contracts, then an AMM data feed is essential for your business. AMM data can be fed directly into your company’s back-end financial analysis, risk-management, accounting, sales, or cost-modeling systems to allow you to operate your business based on sound, independent benchmark data that is widely accepted as the standard for metal valuations. 

What Prices Are Available in an AMM Data Feed?

All of the prices that AMM publishes are available in a data feed including exchange prices. For a full list of AMM prices, please visit this page or email a specific list of commodities you track and we can map them to our data.

AMM is also part of a global publishing company encompassing brands such as Scrap Price Bulletin, Metal Bulletin, Steel First and Metal Bulletin Research and all of the data published by these brands can be incorporated into your data feed alongside the AMM data. 

What format can I get the data feed in?

Data can be supplied through an API (application programming interface) or a raw data feed outside the API. The format of data supplied in the both options is XML. You can find a sample here. The former option is more secure and is the preferred method of delivery. On a case-by-case basis, we can also offer deliver data in XLS/CSV format via FTP.

How can I incorporate this feed into my everyday workflow?

The market data feed is set up using an API/XML framework which means clients can access, integrate and manipulate our data using both standard independent software vendor and bespoke in-house applications and analytics. Most organizations with an IT team or a developer will be able to integrate this with relatively little effort. If you don't have any technical staff, we are able to provide support and code snippets to enable integration.

Are there any restrictions when using the market data feed?

We request our clients to conform to a fair usage policy of up to one API call every 10 seconds. In addition, we take data protection and abuse very seriously. Sharing of AMM data to unlicensed individuals amounts to violation of our policy and may lead to additional charges.

Specific questions not covered here? Call 312-929-4193 for more information or email

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