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By utilizing American Metal Market's pricing data, you can:

 Whether you are on the buy side or the sell side, being educated on the state of the market is the best way to protect your business against fluctuating prices.  Drive your operations and gain insightful knowledge with a powerful combination of breaking news, current prices and a robust historical archive.
 Anticipate disruptions in the supply chain, competitors gaining an edge, or potential opportunities with critical news across the entire supply chain.   Search thousands of prices with Price Tracker, then download, print, chart, and view the history of our price assessments for your analysis.

American Metal Market publishes more than 1,200 proprietary metal prices including established benchmark prices trusted and used across the metals supply chain. Referencing a price from AMM ensures continuity, consistency and transparency in all your financial transactions.You can find out more about our methodologies by clicking here. See all of the scrap metal prices we offer below. If you have questions, please reach out to our customer service team at or 412.765.2580.

We offer custom data feeds. We can package the data you need, in the format you need it. Contact John Lecky to find out more information about how AMM can customize a price feed for your business.

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Scrap Metal Material

Cut structural/plate, 5' max
Mixed borings, turnings
No. 2 bundles
Shoveling turnings
Cut structural/plate, 3' max.
Heavy forge bar crops
No. 1 factory bundles
No. 1 R.R. heavy melt
Rail crops, 18" max.
Steel axles
Mills, specialty buying prices
Refiners' copper scrap
316 solids, clips
430 turnings
430 Bundles, Solids
Aluminum borings, turnings
Mixed low copper clips
Used beverage cans, clean & dry
Cocks and faucets
Manganese bronze solids
No. 1 heavy copper and wire
Yellow brass rod ends
Mixed hard lead
Monel castings
Nickel turnings
New clippings, engravers' zinc and litho sheets
Clean auto cast
Drop broken machinery cast
No. 1 bundles
No. 2 heavy melt
Shredded auto scrap
Cut structural/plate, 4' max.
No. 1 1/2 bundles
No. 1 heavy melt composite
No. 1. bundles
Rerolling rails
Steel car wheels
Secondary smelters' scrap
Smelters' lead scrap
409 bundles, solids
Smelters' zinc scrap
63S aluminum solids
Aluminum utensils
Old aluminum, sheet and cast
70-30 brass clips
High-grade bronze gears
Manganese bronze turnings
No. 2 heavy copper and wire
Yellow brass rod turnings
Undrained, whole old batteries
Monel clips and solids
304 new clips
New zinc die cast
Cupola cast
Heavy breakable cast
No. 1 busheling
Rail crops, 2' max.
Unstripped motor blocks
Electric furnace, 3' max.
No. 1 busheling composite
No. 1 heavy melt daily composite
Other track material (OTM)
Shredded auto scrap composite
Stove plate
Brass ingot makers' scrap
304 solids, clips
409 turnings
Auto bodies
75S aluminum clips
Industrial castings
Painted aluminum siding
Auto radiadtors (unsweated)
High-grade low lead bronze
Misc. nickel-"silver" solids
Red brass solids
Yellow brass solids
Wheel weights
Monel turnings and shavings
430 new clips
Old zinc die cast
Cut structural/plate, 2' max.
Machine shop turnings
No. 1 heavy melt
Random rails
Clean used densified cans
Foundry steel, 2' max.
No. 1 busheling daily composite
No. 1 industrial heavy melt
Punching and plate, 12" max.
Shredded scrap daily composite
Domestic producers
Brass mill scrap
304 turnings
430 bundles, solids
Mixed cast
75S borings, turnings
Mixed clips
Segregrated low copper clips
Brass pipe
Light copper
Mixed yellow brass turnings, borings
Red brass turnings, borings
Heavy soft lead
Inconel solids
New nickel clips and solids
Die cast automotive grilles
Old zinc scrap
430 Bundles, Solids
316 solids, clips
430 turnings
409 bundles, solids
304 new clips

Founded to establish transparency in the metals markets, American Metal Market set the standard for price reporting 135 years ago and, in the process, defined the benchmarks widely quoted today. Companies across the globe use AMM prices to negotiate contracts, purchase materials, understand future raw material costs, estimate project costs in proposals, perform inventory valuations and create forecast models. Here’s why you should reference AMM prices in your next report or contract.

Distinguished price discovery. Pricing is the pinnacle of what we do. The prices we publish are a fair reflection of transaction values in the spot market. AMM maintains a rich network of contacts and applies a comprehensive price formation process. The assessed prices are not published until they have been peer reviewed to ensure adherence to methodologies and pricing rigor.

Honest principles. Strict adherence to an editorial code of conduct, pricing procedures and clearly defined methodologies power every price published. These guiding principles lead AMM’s reporters to remain the most trusted in the business. Above and beyond our principles, AMM’s pricing practices align with core IOSCO Principles for Price Reporting Agencies — a set of guidelines and best practices for price reporting promoted by the International Organization of Securities Commissions.

Market intelligence that matters. Behind every price change lives an insightful story with an explanation of the forces driving the markets. The news generated from our price reporting activities allows AMM to give its clients intelligence on trade issues, mergers & acquisitions, bankruptcies and supply chain woes — all factors that can have upward or downward pressure on metal prices.

Trusted benchmarks. AMM excels at assessing metals prices. No other brand offers more metals prices or a deeper price history than AMM. Hedge financial risk, manage asset recovery, control material costs or negotiate your next contract using AMM’s prices.

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