Expanded Licenses

If your use of AMM's content extends beyond a single person viewing it, your company may require an expanded license.   This doesn't always mean additional full subscriptions for everyone who needs to access the content, you can pay for only what you need to cover your use beyond a single subscription. 

If you can answer yes to any of the following questions, you will need an expanded license to cover your use of AMM's content.

Am I taking AMM assessed prices and entering them into any internal system (spreadsheet, database, software, ERP, etc.) that is distributed to others in my company?
Even if your colleagues are not accessing AMM assessed prices directly from AMM, if they have access to view them via any internal system or report circulated throughout your company, you will need an expanded license.

Does your company routinely share the AMM Daily?
If your company engages in practices that make the AMM Daily available to anyone who isn't covered by a license, you must stop immediately and contact AMM about an expanded license.  You are putting your company at significant risk of financial liability by engaging in this practice.

Do I share AMM news stories more than once per quarter with a colleague?
If you are sharing AMM content in a way that is intended to replace additional AMM subscriptions, even by using the Email a Friend function on, you may be violating the terms of your single user license.

Do I share AMM assessed pricing with my customers?
If you display AMM's assessed pricing to your customers in any way you may be violating your single user license to AMM.  If your customers require visibility of AMM's assessed prices to engage in transactions with your company, they must purchase their own license to do so.  It is your responsibility to adhere to AMM's Specific Copyright Terms.

Am I using AMM assessed pricing to settle a contract?
If you use AMM pricing to settle a contract, and therefore other parties within your company will see AMM assessed prices as part of the contract administration process, you may need an expanded license from AMM.

Complete the form below or contact us directly if you think you require an expanded license for your company.   Pay only for what you need to ensure compliance, fully customized to your specific use. 

John Lecky, VP of Sales:                                                        412-880-4969 or

Chas Reese, Eastern Region Key Accounts Manager:    212-224-3002 or                     

Alan Frawley, Midwest Region Key Accounts Manager:    412-880-4991 or

Fred Dirkes, Western Region Key Accounts Manager:    212-224-3942 or                        

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