• A BRIGHT cloudy outlook Nov 01, 2014

    Cloud options accelerate computer adoption in metals as a convergence of developments start to align in a sector that has been slow to embrace high-level systems in the past but appears prepared to move forward with what is being seen as a cost-savings measure.

  • Breaking the mold Nov 01, 2014

    Breakthrough steel furnace technologies like hydrogen flash smelting, the paired straight hearth furnace, molten oxide electrolysis and Siemens VAI Metal Technologies’ Simetal Quantum electric-arc furnace technology are moving from the laboratory to production.

  • Employee management a key challenge for executives Nov 01, 2014

    Executives often consider employee management a top priority, but the ongoing uncertainty generated by a tough economy can create major changes in the workplace, which in turn can cause uncertainty among employees.

  • Forward progress Nov 01, 2014

    Not only are metal companies investing more in research and development than they did a decade or so ago, but more are coming together globally in their efforts to stay ahead of competing materials.

  • Heavy machinery makers are equipped for long haul Nov 01, 2014

    The heavy equipment market is expected to remain relatively unchanged through year-end and into 2015, with the farm sector taking the lead and mining equipment demand holding back more gains, while the jury is still out on the construction and forestry sectors.

  • Line kings Nov 01, 2014

    The news has been mostly positive for the line pipe sector during much of 2014, but persistent domestic oversupply and concerns about import volumes are making market players a bit edgy as they look ahead to next year.

  • OCTG demand, prices still uncertain for distributors Nov 01, 2014

    Despite higher prices for oil country tubular goods (OCTG) in the second half of 2014—and favorable trade rulings that could make U.S. products more desirable and profitable—distributors are still somewhat wary of the long-term trends facing the tube and pipe market.

  • Shale game Nov 01, 2014

    Two announcements in August highlighted the ongoing potential benefits in steel demand in the energy sector and also reminded steel producers that they still face some challenges related to the shale gas sector.

  • Aerospace expected to remain strong in coming years Oct 01, 2014

    Backlogs for airliners and engines are providing a ‘momentum lift’ to aerospace metals such as aluminum and titanium, according to analysts.

  • Auto correct Oct 01, 2014

    As increasingly stringent fuel-economy standards push automakers toward more-efficient vehicles, new car models are introduced each year using lighter-weight, higher-strength steel components that provide cost-effective solutions to demands for increased performance.

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