• AMM Hall of Fame: The 2014 honor roll Jun 01, 2014

    The latest class of inductees into AMM’s Steel Hall of Fame includes four truly outstanding individuals who we recognize as great achievers in the steel industry.

  • Award-winning distributors provide range of products Jun 01, 2014

    Past winners of AMM’s annual awards have tended to share more than just big revenues—they also provide a large variety of metal products.

  • Honors roll on: AMM Awards Jun 01, 2014

    The fifth year of AMM’s Awards for Steel Excellence is the biggest yet, with a record number of awards, nominees and finalists in categories that address issues of institutional accomplishments and individual achievements at many points along the steel supply chain.

  • Aerospace demand once again ready to take wing Apr 25, 2014

    Even as the defense sector threatens to weaken, commercial aerospace is healthy enough to give metal companies reason to feel sky high.

  • Aluminum rolls right along Apr 25, 2014

    Whether meeting the needs of automotive, aerospace, beverage containers or other applications—or even its own basic production methods—the aluminum industry is aggressively using new technologies to carve out greater market share and improve profits.

  • Black Sea tensions could cause headaches for metals Apr 25, 2014

    Uncertainty from ongoing hostilities between Turkey and Syria as well as the West’s responses to Russia’s actions in Crimea could hurt industry.

  • Conflict minerals law presents administrative challenge Apr 25, 2014

    The aim of the reporting requirements is to bring transparency to the supply chain so that financial links to armed groups can be identified.

  • Light headed: A public and private partnership Apr 25, 2014

    New public and private research initiatives continue to spearhead lightweight metals, which have applications not only in the highly publicized automotive changes of recent years but also in the defense and aerospace sectors.

  • Steel tube and pipe dreams Apr 25, 2014

    A good year for tubulars and pipe has carried over into 2014 with mergers and acquisitions, expansions and operational improvements as steelmakers continue to seek ways to capitalize by capturing a greater share of the market.

  • Steel tube and pipe: Higher and hiring Apr 25, 2014

    While the shale drilling boom presents market opportunities for steel tube and pipe producers, it also has created competition for trained, qualified managers and other employees who can help propel mills to higher levels of success.

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