• Acquisitive natures Mar 01, 2015

    Recent deals by leading service centers have renewed industry attention on mergers and acquisitions, and a number of analysts say that consolidation is a major—and inevitable—part of the future of the sector, and always will be as companies seek to grow market share.

  • Drill team Mar 01, 2015

    Recent drill rig idlings—and the oil market downturn that precipitated them—put the viability of mill expansion and construction into question for the sector in 2015, but steelmakers and distributors are still adopting strategies they believe will deliver market share and profits.

  • Energy boost Mar 01, 2015

    It has been difficult to get a read on where markets are heading in an environment of low oil prices, with analysts and market players divided on whether the steel tube and pipe sector will see long-term price and market share boosts from OCTG and line pipe trade cases.

  • Technology centers Mar 01, 2015

    Technology innovation is transforming the way steel service centers do business as they look for new opportunities to save on costs, improve customer service and become more-efficient players in a market that continues to be a challenge in tough times.

  • Well centered Mar 01, 2015

    Strong diversification is contributing something substantial to the bottom line of service centers, as the more successful distributors recognize and are able to implement a diverse approach to business that doesn’t end at product lines and instead uses several strategies.

  • A loan, not alone: Financing firms support producers Jan 01, 2015

    Tailored to needs: Finance providers offer packages to fit metal manufacturers’ unique production cycles and the cash flow to support them.

  • Automotive road wide open for metal manufacturers Jan 01, 2015

    Steel and aluminum producers are pinning many of their hopes for growth during the next decade on increased automotive business.

  • China remains key to the future of copper Jan 01, 2015

    Copper producers are optimistic about 2015 after a mixed year in which threats of oversupply, a slowdown in Chinese demand growth and slightly declining prices created some doubt about the current and future health of a market that can be difficult to predict.

  • Dollar days Jan 01, 2015

    Although the US economy continues to improve, the domestic scrap industry will face significant headwinds in 2015, including a strong dollar that is making imports cheaper and exports more expensive, driving countries like Turkey to seek scrap elsewhere.

  • Full of energy Jan 01, 2015

    Oil prices will be key to oil country tubular goods and line pipe demand in 2015, according to analysts who follow energy sector demand, and where it intersects with the manufacture, supply and market share of steel products.

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