• A reduced appetite Aug 01, 2014

    Mills are cherry picking direct-reduced iron technologies from leading providers as they seek the best input mix to create the optimal product while keeping costs under control at a time when raw materials are a driving factor in corporate profitability.

  • Iron will Aug 01, 2014

    Steelmakers and other companies that have moved—or are considering moving—into direct-reduced iron production are exploiting advantageous energy prices while also looking to keep raw material costs and accessibility under their own control.

  • AMM Awards for Steel Execellence winners: 2014 Aug 01, 2014

    AMM presented 15 Awards for Steel Excellence to 13 companies and one individual at a June 17 dinner in New York celebrating best-in-class initiatives that have introduced real and quantifiable change to the steel industry.

  • Distributors still ramping up business strategies Aug 01, 2014

    Beyond the revenue information for service centers, AMM also surveyed service center companies on a variety of additional issues. 

  • Diversity a major key to success for metal distributors Aug 01, 2014

    Strong diversification is contributing something substantial to the bottom line, as the bigger service centers recognize and are able to implement.

  • Legacy network: ERP and service centers Aug 01, 2014

    As metal distributors make broader demands on their enterprise resource planning systems, developers and providers of service center software adjust their focus to help support the manufacturing processes needed to maintain efficiency and profitability.

  • Top service centers by revenue Aug 01, 2014

    The list was compiled from a survey of service centers, with additional follow-up reporting.  

  • Trends looking strong to OEMs for 2014 and beyond Aug 01, 2014

    Appliance sales are continuing to grow, and home appliance manufacturers remain optimistic about a robust future in the near-term US market.

  • U.S. service center economies Aug 01, 2014

    The service center industry remains an important part of the national economy as it continues to find new strategies—including expansions, mergers, system controls and management theories—to maintain business, customer satisfaction and profit margins.

  • Automotive market opens doors for new steel products Jul 01, 2014

    Automakers will demand not only more steel products, but ones that are innovative and sturdier while helping to improve fuel efficiency.

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