• Born in Battle Apr 01, 2017

    April, 2017 marks the 100th anniversary of America’s entry into World War I and with it, the transformation of the country’s ferrous scrap sector from a relative bit player to a key component of the nation’s critical steelmaking force.

  • Mining the demo stream Apr 01, 2017

    The art and science of controlled destruction doesn’t come cheap. It costs big money to buy and maintain the tools needed to tear down structures and turn a profit along with a keen sense of the recovery value of the materials left behind

  • Rebuilding America. . . a ton at a time Apr 01, 2017

    What does President Trump’s $1-trillion infrastructure rebuild plan mean to the US scrap sector? High spirits abound but so far details to justify the enthusiasm have yet to emerge

  • Rethinking scrap handling Apr 01, 2017

    Traditionally, scrapyard intake operations have not put much of a premium on speed. Today, technology in the form of scanners at the yards and sensors in the furnace are poised to monitor the supply chain and eventually melt in real time

  • Squeezing the last dollar out of the demo heap Apr 01, 2017

    David Bahm has made a habit of harvesting the last ounce of value out of virtually everything the Kansas-based company he heads comes in contact with.

  • STP tech Feb 17, 2017

    A number of companies, including Fives, IMS and 5 Star Engineering, continue to push forward in developing new technologies for tube and pipe manufacture, creating innovative mills, production lines and testing equipment for a variety of producers of OCTG and similar products.

  • Pipe up Feb 17, 2017

    Energy tubulars demand, pricing are fully in comeback mode for providers of oil country tubular goods (OCTG) and line pipe, and indicators are moving solidly in the right direction for the first time since the oil price crash of 2014-15, due to rising rig counts, and dipping imports.

  • 2020 sulfur bunkerrules surprise everyone Feb 17, 2017

    In October 2016 the International Maritime Organization issued new rules for reducing sulfur in the heavy ship fuel called bunker oil.

  • Refined behavior Feb 17, 2017

    Demand is growing for heavy chromoly pressure vessels as new rules for ship fuel drive a global process review by refiners, leading to an increase in demand for metals and possibly creating a new market for steelmakers to sell existing and new products.

  • Fuel rewards Feb 17, 2017

    With some headwinds to begin a new year and hopes for industry recovery, prospects remain quietly rosy for natural gas, wind and solar power expansion, and pipemakers face another potential sales opportunities as large-scale municipal water projects also begin a renewed ramp up.