AMM Specific Copyright Terms

American Metal Market ( provides proprietary price assessments and market intelligence covering the North American metals industry. 

American Metal Market services and products, including and American Metal Market Daily, provide proprietary pricing and daily news covering the North American metals industry. American Metal Market offerings are copyrighted, and all rights are reserved unless otherwise stated. Copyright © 2016 Metal Bulletin Holdings LLC.

This Specific Copyright Terms page provides specific terms and conditions that supplement the general American Metal Market terms to which all subscribers agree. As provided there, these specific terms prevail in the event of a conflict with the general terms.

An individual subscription to an American Metal Market service or product (including purchases online without consulting an AMM account manager) provides a license for only one person to use it. Photocopying, sharing access by email forwarding, scanning and saving on an intranet or server accessible by others, sharing your website access user name/password, or otherwise sharing the content of an American Metal Market service or product is strictly prohibited (unless expressly authorized by us in writing in advance) and violates the copyright law of the nation where the infringing conduct occurs. Violations in the U.S. are subject to the stringent remedies provided by the U.S. copyright laws. Any dispute or claim involving an alleged copyright violation in the U.S. will be governed by the laws of the United States.

In order to ascertain whether use of AMM content is compliant according to the terms of their license, subscribers agree to have their usage of AMM's website and digital products monitored by tracking systems that enable enforcement of their license terms. If you’re unsure if you’re copyright compliant, visit our data licensing page or connect with your account manager.

Below are some examples of what are authorized and not authorized uses of American Metal Market content.

What you MAY do

You as the named subscriber on the account are permitted to access the American Metal Market Daily pdf issue and/or the website using your assigned personal user name and password as often as you like throughout the duration of your subscription license.

You may print or save electronically a single copy of each American Metal Market Daily issue or of other website content for your individual use (but may not share it with others).

You may occasionally (no more than once per quarter) send a copy of a single article from the website to as many as five persons using the “Email a Friend” function on

You may circulate to others the original monthly print magazine that comes as part of your American Metal Market subscription package (but you may not copy it). You may also download and print one copy from the website for your own individual use (but you may not circulate that copy).

You may discuss your additional specific information needs with us, and we can tailor an appropriate license package to allow compliance for everyone who wishes to access and/or use the information American Metal Market offers. For more information, please email or call 312-929-4193.

What you MAY NOT do

You may not copy or forward (electronically or otherwise) an entire issue of American Metal Market Daily. This prohibition includes printing and scanning an entire issue with the intent of distributing it electronically. The law provides for a very limited amount of copying for limited purposes, commonly referred to as "fair use". However, cover­-to-­cover copying of an entire AMM Daily is always forbidden.

You may not set up access permitting multiple people to read American Metal Market Daily by giving shared access to an email address, saving the files on a network where multiple people can access them, posting the file on an intranet, or by any other means.

You may not print and distribute hard copies of the daily electronic issue of American Metal Market Daily. The subscriber has permission to print a single copy of the daily issue for his/her own reading or to retain for later reference, but regular distribution is strictly prohibited.

You may not routinely copy and distribute portions of American Metal Market content, including the daily email received by subscribers.

You may not share your username and password that is used to access non-public material on; the username and password may be used only by the person named on the subscription account.

You may not republish or repackage American Metal Market content, including the proprietary pricing information.

You may not regularly merge American Metal Market content with any other data or information, or manipulate such content, or incorporate it into another work in any media, even for your company’s internal purposes, unless you have first purchased an appropriate American Metal Market data use license. For more information, please call 312-929-4193.

About Use of AMM's Proprietary Pricing 

American Metal Market's assessed prices are proprietary in nature and can only be legally accessed through a license to American Metal Market.   Anyone with visibility to AMM's assessed pricing will require their own license even if they are not directly accessing through AMM's products.  Through AMM's pricing methodology, our journalists apply judgement, creativity and originality to the price assessment process. This means that AMM assessed prices are original works protected by intellectual property rights and they also cannot be shared internally or externally without proper licensing in place.  If you have any questions about your company's use of AMM pricing data with respect to compliance, please consult with us by calling 312-929-4193.

The use of exchange data provided to AMM clients may require additional licensing through the exchanges.  Please check with the exchange directly to inquire about use of their data.

AMM’s Position on Copyright Enforcement

American Metal Market creates high value original content and assessed pricing. We invest in a highly skilled editorial staff and pay for their travel and other associated costs necessary to produce the high-level intelligence that our subscribers find indispensable for their business operations. Most subscribers respect and understand that AMM provides a valuable service to them and do their best to ensure compliant use of digital products such as AMM by purchasing a license that is appropriate for their needs. However, infringement of copyright in digital products is easy to commit and hard to detect and, despite clear and frequent warnings alerting subscribers to their obligations, clients may not have the appropriate license to facilitate compliant use, or they may choose to ignore warnings in an effort to “save money” on subscription costs. We therefore take a firm position against any willful ignorance of our Terms if Use. This is doubly so for instances of habitual, systematic, or repeated infringement intended to replace the need for additional licenses within a company.

American Metal Market registers its copyrights with the Library of Congress and undertakes other steps to ensure they benefit from the full protection of U.S. copyright law, notably the statutory damages remedy. The premise of this remedy is that, because infringement of copyright in digital products is easy to commit and hard to detect, infringers who are caught must pay sufficient damages to provide a clear incentive for them and others to obey the law. If, as is the case with American Metal Market, copyrights are properly registered and fair warnings are given, a dispute can be taken to a jury. That jury will have broad discretion to award up to $150,000 for each issue of the AMM Daily or other material that is infringed.

As a matter of policy all instances of continual or repeated infringement are referred to counsel and pursued with the intention of creating a deterrent to copyright infringement. It is flawed thinking that sharing a license will save your company money. In reality you create a risk of significant financial penalties upon detection of non-compliance especially with the tracking capabilities now available to publishers of digital products.

American Metal Market’s primary goal is to match the needs of our clients with an appropriate license through mutually respectful commercial negotiations. We encourage you to engage in conversations with our Account Management team that indicate a desire to create a culture of compliance within your organization. This is always the best approach to protecting your company from risk of penalties. Please call Aaron Goggan at 312-929-4193 to initiate this discussion.



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