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We have expanded our ferroalloys coverage to include 50+ ferroalloys prices including 3 totally US price assessments 


The ferroalloys coverage available to our subscribers via Fastmarkets AMM Daily and includes a table of 50+ price assessments plus relevant news and market wraps for each major ferroalloys category. These materials are also loaded into price tracker and are available for download, data feeds, and charting alongside the other data you already get from Fastmarkets AMM. The table below lists the markets covered by Fastmarkets AMM – each market name links to a landing page for that price assessment including material specifications and current assessed price. 



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We are leveraging our global editorial footprint through Fastmarkets MB to deliver best-in-class coverage for the global ferroalloys market. We are uniquely positioned to cover this market more effectively than any other information provider due to the structure of our price reporting teams and our close ties to both the global markets through Fastmarkets MB and the US consumers through Fastmarkets AMM. Fastmarkets AMM has a full-time reporter in the US covering ferroalloys, global reporters covering ferroalloys trade flows and an analyst providing forecast and deep insights into global market dynamics through our ferroalloys tracker (download a sample issue of the Ferroalloys Tracker above). Our ability to produce robust prices and indices is driven by a global team of 13 reporters and editors in the United States, Europe, and Asia, who have well over 100 years of combined experience.

Subscribers already know and trust Fastmarkets AMM’s ferrous scrap price assessments as the established industry standard. Our ferroalloys price assessments follow the same rigorous methodology as our scrap prices and are produced by the world’s leading ferroalloys markets experts across the MB group including here in the US. We provide you with an opportunity to eliminate costly additional services through other providers. Consolidate your information needs with the Fastmarkets AMM license you already have in place.  

Fastmarkets AMM continues to provide the market with the industry standard price assessments, trusted by market participants on both the buy and sell side of the transaction for its truly reflective representation of the current spot market. Please reach out and let us know how we can help you establish Fastmarkets AMM’s expanded ferroalloys coverage as the benchmarks you trust for your transactions. Contact with questions, feedback or to become a price contributor.


AMM ferroalloys price assessments


As we strive to create a complete view of the US ferroalloys market and its related materials, adding US-based assessments for Ferrotitanium, Manganese Electrolytic Metal and Aluminothermic Chromium Metal allows Fastmarkets AMM to fill a gap in the market and offer comprehensive coverage for its clients.

Manganese Electrolytic Metal is a key element in the steelmaking process when a higher manganese content in the finished steel product is preferred. In particular, it is integral in the production of manganese-stainless steels, such as series 200. These steels are known to exhibit higher tensile strength. 

Ferrotitanium is another important element utilized in steelmaking, particularly in the use of low carbon steel for the automotive industry. The material is also utilized in certain grades of stainless and high strength low alloy steels. 

Meanwhile, Aluminothermic Chromium Metal is primarily utilized within the super alloy industry and is favored for its high temperature and corrosion resistance properties. These super alloys often service the aerospace, oil and gas, and petrochemical industries. The material is also consumed as an additive to specialty steels serving these same industries.

In addition to our price assessments, we also be produce market coverage for the ferroalloys market: View recent ferroalloys market coverage


Global ferroalloys price assessments

The prices below are available to Fastmarkets AMM  subscribers. Fastmarkets MB has been pricing some of these ferroalloy materials since 1987. This means that, with the proper Fastmarkets AMM license, you will have access to the rich price histories of each of these ferroalloy materials to chart and download. Click each material description below to see its price, launch date and charting options.

 Material DescriptionRegion
Chrome Ore South Africa SA UG2 Met grade basis 42% $ per tonne cif main Chinese ports South Africa
Non-Ferrous Metals Chrome Ore cfr main Chinese ports Turkish lumpy 40-42% $ per tonneTurkey
Ferrochrome 6-8% C basis 60-65% Cr max 2% Si United States free market in warehouse Pittsburgh $ per lb CrUSA
Ferrochrome 6-8% C basis 60% Cr max. 1.5% Si major European destinations $ per lb CrEU
Ferrochrome Low phosphorous Cr min 65%, C max 7%, Si max 1%, P max 0.015%, Ti max 0.05% $ per lbEU
Ferrochrome Japan import 8-9% C, basis 60% Cr, CIF Japan, duty unpaid, $ per lb contained chromeJapan
Ferrochrome South Korea import 8-9% C, basis 60% Cr, CIF South Korea, duty unpaid, $ per lb contained chromeSouth Korea
Ferrochrome China import charge chrome 50% Cr index, CIF Shanghai, duty unpaid, $ per Ib contained chromeChina
Ferrochrome China Spot 6-8% C, basis 50% Cr delivered duty paid China RMB/tonneChina
Ferrochrome China Contract 6-8% C, basis 50% Cr delivered duty paid China RMB/tonneChina
Ferrochrome lumpy Cr charge, basis 52% Cr quarterly major European destinations $ per Ib CrEurope
Ferrochrome 0.05%C - 65% min Cr low carbon United States Free market duty paid fob Pittsburgh $ per lb CrUSA
Ferrochrome 0.10%C - 62% min Cr United States Free market low carbon duty paid fob Pittsburgh $ per lb CrUSA
Ferrochrome 0.15%C - 60% min Cr United States Free market low carbon duty paid fob Pittsburgh $ per lb CrUSA
Ferrochrome 0.10% C average 60-70% Cr major European destinations $ per lb CrEU
Ferrochrome 0.06% C max - 65% Cr European low carbon in warehouse $ per lb CrEU
Manganese ore Index 44% Mn, Cif Tianjin $ per dmtu of metal containedChina
Manganese ore Index 37% Mn, Fob Port Elizabeth $ per dmtu of metal containedSouth Africa
Ferromanganese 78% Mn standard 7.5% C United States free market in warehouse Pittsburgh $ per long tonUSA
Ferromanganese basis 78% Mn (Scale pro rata) - Standard 7.5% C major European destinations € per tonneEU
Ferromanganese MB Chinese free market min 65% Mn, max 7.0% C in warehouse China RMB/tonneChina
Ferromanganese 80% min Mn 1.5 max C United States free market medium carbon duty paid fob Pittsburgh $ per lbUSA
Ferromanganese medium carbon, major European destinations € per tonneEU
Ferromanganese low carbon 80% Mn max. 0.80% C United States free market duty paid fob Pittsburgh $ per lbUSA
Silicomanganese United States Free Market in warehouse Pittsburgh $ per lbUSA
Silicomanganese lumpy 65-75% Mn basis 15-19% Si (Scale pro rata) major European destinations Euro per tonneEU
Silicomanganese MB Chinese free market, min 65% Mn max 17% Si, in warehouse China RMB/tonneChina
Silicomanganese 65% min Mn 16% min Si $ per tonne fob IndiaIndia
Ferrosilicon Lumpy basis 75% Si, United States Free market, imported, in warehouse Pittsburgh. $ per lbUSA
Ferrosilicon lumpy basis 75% Si (Scale pro rata) major European destinations € per tonneEU
Ferrosilicon export from mainland China, Min 75% Si, 7.5% C, $/tonne, fobChina
Ferrosilicon MB Chinese free market min 75% Si in warehouse China RMB/tonneChina
Molybdenum Canned molybdic oxide United States Free market $ per lb Mo in warehouseUSA
Molybdenum Drummed molybdic oxide Free market $ per lb Mo in warehouseEU
Molybdenum concentrate MB Chinese free market, 45% Mo in warehouse China RMB/mtuChina
Ferromolybdenum basis 65% min, in-warehouse Rotterdam, $ per kg MoEU
Ferromolybdenum 65/70% Mo US free market Pittsburgh $ per lb in warehouseUSA
Ferrotitanium 70% (max 4.5% Al) MB free market $ per kg Ti d/d EuropeEU
Ferrotungsten basis 75% W Rotterdam duty unpaid $ per kg W in warehouseEU
Ferrotungsten, China export min 75% $ per kg W, fob ChinaEU
Tungsten APT European free market $ per mtuEU
Tungsten APT export from mainland China, Chinese number 1 grade, min 88.5% WO 3, $/mtu, fobChina
Tungsten concentrate MB Chinese free market, 65% W03, in warehouse China RMB/tonneChina
Vanadium pentoxide min 98%, in-warehouse Rotterdam $ per lb V2O5EU
Ferrovanadium US free market 70-80% V in warehouse, Pittsburgh $ per lb.USA
Ferrovanadium basis 78% min, free delivered duty paid, consumer plant,1st grade Western Europe, $ per kg VEU
Chromium World MB free market alumino-thermic min 99% $/tonne in warehouseEU
Manganese min. 99.7% electrolytic manganese flake MB free market $ per tonne in warehouseEU
Silicon United States Free market Cents per lbUSA
Silicon MB free market Euros per tonneEU
Silicon export from mainland China, 98.5% $/tonne, fobChina
Nickel Cash LME Daily Official $ per tonneEU
Nickel 3 months LME Daily Official $ per tonneEU
USD/GBP LME Settlement Currency Conversionn/a
USD/JPY LME Settlement Currency Conversion Ratesn/a
USD/Euro LME Settlement Currency Conversion Ratesn/a


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