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Hall of Fame Inaugural Class


Any Hall of Fame needs a starting point. Over the coming years and decades numerous outstanding contributors to the steel industry will be inducted to the Fastmarkets AMM Steel Hall of Fame, but those elected in its first class will always hold a special place in the Hall’s history.

The competition for entrance to the Steel Hall of Fame will never be stiffer than in the first year when the field of candidates essentially included anyone who has made a significant contribution to the industry over its long and storied history.

So just as the five initial inductees into Cooperstown have a special place in baseball’s archives, so too will the eight outstanding achievers who were elected to the inaugural class of the Fastmarkets AMM Steel Hall of Fame.

After a lengthy nomination process and two rounds of voting, the Hall of Fame committee selected a truly outstanding group to blaze the trail for those that will follow. The eight represent five different countries. They include inventors, entrepreneurs, pioneers and great leaders and between them they made immense contributions to both the integrated and the electric arc furnace industries.

Sadly, one commonality among the inductees is that all are no longer with us. The last remaining of them, Park Tae-joon , passed just days after the votes were cast.

While the full voting results will remain confidential, we can reveal that two of the inductees were unanimous choices of the eight-member voting committee.

It is surely no surprise that Andrew Carnegie, considered by many to be the father of modern steelmaking and Ken Iverson who sits on a similar perch for the mini mill sector, would be waved into the Hall without objection.

That the other six inductees – Willy Korf, Charles Schwab, Elbert Gary, Henry Bessemer, Yoshihiro Inayama and Park Tae-joon failed to gain unanimous support speaks to the quality and depth of the field they were drawn from. In all, 24 nominees gained at least one vote for induction and all will be strong candidates in the ballots that follow.

The first of those will take place later this year when the voting committee pick the Class of 2012. But for now, the eight inaugural members of the Fastmarkets AMM Steel Hall of Fame stand alone as pioneers in their industry.