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Magazine Issue: April 2022

Cover Story

Jeremy Flack on steel and metals distribution and price risk management
Flack Global Metals CEO, Jeremy Flack, is a vocal proponent of using futures and options for price risk management in the steel supply chain. He told Richard Barrett about the strategy behind FGM’s complementary mix of physical steel supply and financial services, how he entered and has prospered in the steel business, and what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur.


From the Editor



  • China aims to tighten its grip on iron ore supplies

    Since iron ore supplies and prices are of fundamental importance to China’s enormous integrated steelmaking capacity, the country’s government takes a close interest in them. Norman Fong reviews recent initiatives taken by China’s authorities to boost domestic production, influence trade and limit price surges in the vital raw material.


APRIL 2022

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    Cover profile interview with Jeremy Flack about steel and metals distribution, price risk management and being an entrepreneur; China’s tightening grip on iron ore supplies; India’s expansion in steel and iron ore; New plant orders for the latest technology; Copper market trends and developments; Argentina encourages new lithium mining projects; Opportunities for commodity traders in lithium; Graphite prices rise; Artificial intelligence and machine learning extend their reach; Automotive and EV trends.