American MetalMarket

Magazine Issue: October 2017

Cover Story

Canada's Mike Giampaolo On the record...after all these years
For some, necessity is, indeed, the mother of invention. For others, it’s a whole lot more. No one knows that better than Mike Giampaolo whose ascent from the son of an Italian sharecropper with a fifth-grade education to the chairman and visionary founder of a privately held Canadian metals giant is living proof of the power of pure necessity and its ability to drive personal and professional success.


From the Editor



  • Shop till you drop

    Scrap recyclers know what they want and equipment suppliers are busy meeting and anticipating those needs. More analytics and increasingly sophisticated separation technologies top a wish list leaning toward increased pre-shredding and right-sized processing tools.


  • En garde!

    So far, there has been little communication out of China regarding what nonferrous commodities might fall under the country’s National Sword policy. The longer the silence, the steeper the concern mounts among aluminum and copper scrap exporters that the sword will swing their way.


  • Super charging the demolition derby's spoils

    On a fast track, live and on-line salvage vehicle auction company IAA is racing to keep pace with the rise in the ‘total-loss’ frequency rate of wrecked autos and exploring forming strategic relationships with auto recyclers and dismantlers.


  • Five truths Steel can not afford to ignore

    An industry-wide obsession with trade and overcapacity is masking a handful of developments—from digital disruption to a downward spiral in the relative value of steel—that are reshaping the global steel industry, Accenture Strategy warns.