Magazine Issue: January 2020

Alexander Shevelev 'I am going to transform our company'
Alexander Shevelev, CEO of Russian steelmaker Severstal, says that the company has changed its culture quite quickly and substantially to focus on being a solutions provider. Richard Barrett asked him to explain that mission and to recall his path from the shop floor to the top of a company that employs 50,000 people



  • Calcined alumina outlook

    Suppliers debate whether calcined alumina can break the oversupply wall in a bearish 2020 scenario, writes Davide Ghilotti


  • China's magnesia recovery slows

    Overcapacity in China’s magnesia sector and shrinking international demand have roiled the domestic market this year, dragging prices to a two-year low and prompting producers to lower output, reports Carrie Shi


  • Non-ferrous metals outlook for 2020

    The fortunes for base metal markets have been mixed and volatile in 2019. Myra Pinkham asked seasoned analysts and observers to identify key market drivers for 2020 and beyond


  • Table of Contents

    Our first issue of the New Year has an exclusive cover profile interview with Alexander Shevelev, CEO of Severstal; multiple market outlook features and analysis include base metals, steel and scrap; in the first of a new series on industrial minerals for 2020, we include features on refractories markets; approaches to reduce carbon emissions in both steel and aluminium production are in focus; a steel section includes a profile of a major hot-dip batch galvanizing plant and a piece looking at the advantages of duplex stainless steel; advances aplenty appear in our technology spotlight and regular innovations and end-user pages


  • Advancing DRI technology to make steel with hydrogen

    ArcelorMittal has commissioned Midrex to design a demonstration plant to produce steel with hydrogen at the steelmaker’s Hamburg site in Germany. Richard Barrett asks Midrex expert Dr. Vincent Chevrier to explain its advantages.