Magazine Issue: February 2021

Craig Richard Bradshaw on Ten Years at Masan High Tech Materials
‘We have come a long way in ten years’ Masan High-Tech Materials CEO Craig Bradshaw succeeded in his early career in mining as a trouble-shooter fixing underperforming parts of businesses, but for the past ten years he has relished the opportunity to help to build a new mining company, he told Fastmarkets’ Ewa Manthey




  • What's next for the US Steel Industry

    Steel markets for the US industry have been on a rollercoaster ride over the past few years, together with some significant sector restructuring. With the new US administration under President Biden now in place, Myra Pinkham reviews the shape and trends in the industry and asks what comes next.


  • Table of Contents

    FEBRUARY 2021 ISSUE: Interview with Craig Richard Bradshaw, CEO of Masan High-Tech Materials; Outlook for the US steel industry; Major ferro-alloy market analysis; Indian ferro-alloy and stainless steel markets; Progress in hydrogen-based steelmaking technology; Industrial Mineral market developments for refractory grade bauxite and alumina; The growing use of drone technology for commercial and industrial applications; Spotlight on trends in the automotive sector; Fastmarkets expert base metal, steel and steelmaking raw material market analysis, news reviews, innovations and end-user regulars