Magazine Issue: June 2021

T V Narendran
With responsibilities across Tata Steel’s diverse international portfolio of steelmaking assets, CEO and managing director TV Narendran has a wide-ranging view of, and experience in, the global steel industry. He told Kunal Bose about the company’s strategy to thrive in a changing world for major steel producers.


JUNE 2021

  • Table of Contents

    JUNE 2021 issue: Cover profile interview with Tata Steel CEO and managing director T V Narendran on steelmaking strategy and company growth; Top steelmakers 2021 edition with regional reviews and outlooks; Turkish steelmakers find new markets; Volatile iron ore markets explained; Sustainability in steel and metal production; Spotlights on automotive markets, new technologically advanced steel plants and new plant orders; Renewed focus on rare earth demand and supply; China’s balance of acidspar imports and exports.


  • Looking for answers on carbon reduction

    The steel and metals industries stress that their products are key to enabling solutions to address global environmental priorities. Myra Pinkham gathers international views on progress in ‘green’ transformation and asks what today’s environmental goals imply for industrial production and future demand


  • Top steelmakers 2021 edition

    Alongside Fastmarkets’ annual global ranking of steelmakers by crude steel output in 2020, our correspondents around the world review developments in their regional steel sectors