Magazine Issue: February 2020

Gay Huey Evans ‘The LME is a unique market'
New LME chair Gay Huey Evans has a great depth of experience and wide range of interests. Andrea Hotter asks her what has driven her career and what priorities she has at the exchange



  • The dynamics of scrap in SE Asia

    Multiple factors are bearing on the dynamics of ferrous scrap markets in southeast Asia, which scrap trader Hoffman Iron & Steel is looking to as a key area of growth for its business. Paul Lim asked CEO Philip Hoffman about the outlook for the region


  • Industry challenges in Mexico

    The Mexican steel market faces a variety of headwinds, but industry observers have a degree of optimism that conditions will improve this year, reports Myra Pinkham


  • Table of Contents

    An exclusive interview with LME chair Gay Huey Evans; Challenges for steel markets in Mexico; Changing dynamics of scrap supply and demand in SE Asia; India’s diversification of coal imports; Progress in the use of steel derivatives; A long-term vision for manufacturing; Trends in metallurgical and non-metallurgical bauxite and alumina markets; A spotlight on copper and its outlook; Autonomous vehicle applications, developments and material choice; Regular news review, innovation and end-user pages; Steel, base metal and steelmaking raw materials analysis from Fastmarkets MB research


  • A brighter year for copper?

    A cocktail of market drivers is influencing price prospects for copper. Myra Pinkham considers the ingredients and discusses their role in determining an overall picture for the red metal’s outlook


  • Progress in the use of steel derivitaves

    As international exchanges continue to encourage trade in their ferrous contracts, Richard Barrett asks market experts for their views on progress in steel price risk management over the past year and the outlook for 2020