• Top steelmakers 2020 edition Jun 04, 2020

    International trade protection measures continued to loom large over global steel markets over the past year –to which the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic have created further challenges. Alongside Fastmarkets’ annual ranking of steelmakers by output, our correspondents around the world review developments in their regional steel sectors

  • US steel scrap sector prepares for recovery Jun 04, 2020

    Steel demand, prompt scrap generation and end-of-life scrap collection have all been hit by the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic. Myra Pinkham reviews the scale of the impacts and asks what the outlook for the sector holds now

  • Global Awards for Steel Excellence 2020 Finalists May 06, 2020

    Nominations were received from across the world for the 11th annual Fastmarkets Global Awards for Steel Excellence, reflecting the global nature of the steel industry.

  • Metal Market Magazine May 2020 Issue May 06, 2020

    Wide-ranging interview with AISI president and CEO Tom Gibson; Full listing of Fastmarkets Global Awards for Steel Excellence Finalists 2020; Impacts of Covid-19 on aluminium supply-demand balance; Indian copper trends; Technology to create dry, filtered mine tailings; Soda ash applications and market fundamentals; Volatile oil-price consequences for frac sand; China returns to business but exports slump; Digital remote support comes of age; Plus regular pages on market analysis, news reviews, innovations and end-users

  • Supply response lags demand shock for US aluminium May 06, 2020

    US Midwest aluminium premiums have slumped in reaction to the ramifications of the spread of Covid-19. Myra Pinkham surveys the market damage and analysts’ forecasts

  • Galvanizing India Apr 02, 2020

    There is no shortage of potential applications for zinc in India, where the corrosion of steel is acute in some areas. Kunal Bose outlines efforts to encourage galvanizing in the country and looks at the nation’s own sources of zinc supply

  • Lithium's turning point clouded by stormy weather Apr 02, 2020

    Striking the right balance between supply and demand for lithium has been difficult, given the still relatively nascent demand for electric vehicles and the time needed to ramp up lithium production. William Adams considers recent trends and the global outlook in present uncertain economic times

  • Striking a supply-demand balance for US steel scrap Apr 02, 2020

    The continuing growth of EAF-based steelmaking in the United States raises questions about supplies of scrap to feed the furnaces. Myra Pinkham reviews how supplies will meet demand

  • Table of Contents Apr 02, 2020

    Exclusive interview with Vedanta Zinc International CEO Deshnee Naidoo; Outlook for US ferrous scrap supply-demand balance; Long-term outlook for tin demand; Galvanizing growth potential in India; Boliden interview; Where next for minor metals markets; Battery raw materials – lithium and graphite market trends; DRI technologies; The challenges facing US steel construction; Fastmarkets research steel and non-ferrous metal market analysis; News reviews; Regulars on innovations in technology and applications

  • Table of Contents Mar 06, 2020

    MARCH 2020 ISSUE: Annual summary review of key insights from leaders interviewed for our cover profiles over the past 12 months; Trends in global tube & pipe markets and projects; Global overview of oilfield minerals developments; Fluorspar’s value chain rebalances; China’s logistics challenges as novel coronavirus spreads; Indian ferro-chrome industry trends; International new plant orders; Spotlight on deriving benefits from data analytics; Regular news review, innovation and end user pages; Steel, base metal and steelmaking raw materials analysis from Fastmarkets research