• Tight supply forecast Apr 08, 2021

    Lithium supply is set to be tight in 2021, despite a ramp-up in output, reports William Adams.

  • Strength in scrap demand returns Apr 08, 2021

    The rapidly growing momentum in manufacturing in the United States has revealed pent-up demand for steel and non-ferrous metal scrap. Myra Pinkham surveys the US scene, including its multiple connections with international markets for secondary metals

  • Table of Contents Apr 08, 2021

    APRIL 2021 issue: Cover profile interview with Midrex Technologies president and CEO Stephen Montague; Strength in US steel and non-ferrous scrap demand; Scrap supply in India; Turbulent times for tin markets; Lead continues its key role in energy storage; Alf Barrios changes role at Rio Tinto; Lithium price dynamics; Graphite markets outlook; Gathering business intelligence from satellite images of Earth; Regular Fastmarkets research analysis, news review, innovation and end-user pages.

  • Table of Contents Mar 08, 2021

    MARCH 2021 issue: Exclusive interview with La Farga CEO Inka Guixà; Tube and pipe market developments and innovation; Copper demand and outlook; Zinc trends in India; US hot-dip galvanizing; Processing line projects and advances; Future US energy mix; Early signs of oilfield mineral market recovery; New plant orders; Regular Fastmarkets research analysis, news review, innovation and end-user pages

  • Biden’s initiatives set to boost US Supply Chains Mar 08, 2021

    The change in direction on the part of the new United States administration with a greater focus on domestic manufacturing and local supply chains will benefit established and developing industrial minerals as well as metals sectors, including steel, rare earths, graphite and lithium, report Davide Ghilotti and Thorsten Schier

  • Power, politics, carbon and the US energy mix Mar 08, 2021

    So dependent is modern living on the supply of electricity, so politically charged the generation of environmentally damaging greenhouse gases, and so sensitive the costs of power, influences over the balance of the United States’ energy mix are diverse. Myra Pinkham reviews the aggregate effect of their impacts on the outlook

  • Demand climbs as supply tightens for ferro alloys Feb 15, 2021

    Fastmarkets research’s Amy Bennett summarizes the main trends and outlook for key ferro-alloy markets

  • What's next for the US Steel Industry Feb 15, 2021

    Steel markets for the US industry have been on a rollercoaster ride over the past few years, together with some significant sector restructuring. With the new US administration under President Biden now in place, Myra Pinkham reviews the shape and trends in the industry and asks what comes next.

  • Table of Contents Feb 11, 2021

    FEBRUARY 2021 ISSUE: Interview with Craig Richard Bradshaw, CEO of Masan High-Tech Materials; Outlook for the US steel industry; Major ferro-alloy market analysis; Indian ferro-alloy and stainless steel markets; Progress in hydrogen-based steelmaking technology; Industrial Mineral market developments for refractory grade bauxite and alumina; The growing use of drone technology for commercial and industrial applications; Spotlight on trends in the automotive sector; Fastmarkets expert base metal, steel and steelmaking raw material market analysis, news reviews, innovations and end-user regulars

  • Table of contents Jan 13, 2021

    Interview with O’Neal Industries’ Holman Head; Outlook for base metals, aluminium, steel and EU rail in 2021; Q&A with Rusal CEO Evgenii Nikitin; Growing use of automotive aluminium extrusions; Industrial minerals - Chromite, magnesia and graphite flake markets; Debate around trade in Indian iron ore; Technologies for high-quality steel output as the shift towards EAF-based production continues; Additive manufacturing trends; Fastmarkets expert base metal, steel and steelmaking raw material market analysis, news reviews, innovations and end-user regulars