• Untangling multiple drivers of battery material markets Nov 12, 2021

    Choice of battery chemistries, supply chain disruptions and consumer demand are a few of many factors with roles to play in the fortunes of battery raw materials markets this year. Fastmarkets expert analysts William Adams and Amy Bennett summarize the drivers at play and the outlook for lithium, cobalt, nickel and graphite in global battery production

  • Consolidation continues in US scrap supply chain Nov 12, 2021

    As demand for ferrous scrap climbs in response to steelmaking capacity growth in the United States, large US steel producers and scrap processors are making strategic acquisitions to secure supplies, while keeping an eye on scrap export levels too, reports Myra Pinkham

  • Table of Contents Nov 12, 2021

    Cover profile interview with Freeport-McMoRan’s Kathleen Quirk on the growth of a major mining business; Steel projects in Russia and India; Consolidation in the US ferrous scrap industry; Developments in markets for battery raw materials and processes for recycling lithium-ion batteries; Key examples of new plant orders; Advances in steelmaking technology and green steel production; Demand for steel and metal cans surges; Regular Fastmarkets expert analysis on base metals, steel and steel raw material markets.

  • Table of Contents Oct 07, 2021

    Cover profile interview with Indium Corporation’s Donna Vareha-Walsh about the outlook for minor metals and the MMTA; Review of the past year and outlook for the LME with chief executive Matthew Chamberlain; Extended base metals forecasts and ferrous analyses; List of LME member companies and LME-approved warehouse companies, samplers and assayers; Developments in Asian copper; Global large-diameter linepipe markets; Supply chain management; Mineral sands and rare earths; Trends in the automotive sector.

  • Large-diameter linepipe market recovery slowed Oct 07, 2021

    Large-diameter linepipe market recovery has been slowed by high costs and an uncertain energy demand outlook. Fastmarkets’ global tube & pipe research team, Kim Leppold, Paolo Frediani and Una Yin review the market drivers and outlook

  • Managing Changing Market Demands Oct 07, 2021

    Chief executive Matthew Chamberlain is used to hearing opposing views from members and clients of the LME, but in the wake of the impacts of the global Covid-19 pandemic and some of the changes proposed by the exchange as a consequence – they have been particularly vociferous this past year. In discussion with Richard Barrett, he reviewed the reasons why, the exchange’s response, and outlined initiatives under way for further development.

  • Table of Contents Sep 10, 2021

    Cover profile interview with Hindalco’s chief Satish Pai on priorities for a major international business; Overview of global aluminium market trends; Technology trends in extracting value from dross; Investments in the long-term potential for aluminium in India; Developments in Turkey’s demand for ferrous scrap; Predictive modelling for processing lines; Market drivers for magnesia, andalusite, refractory-grade bauxite, and fused alumina; End user spotlight on aerospace; Regular analysis of base metals and steel markets.

  • A recovering market set to get stronger Sep 10, 2021

    Markets for aluminium have staged a recovery. Myra Pinkham asks market experts to explain the reasons why and gathers their views on future prospects for the light metal.

  • Table of Contents Aug 10, 2021

    Cover profile interview with Kudumane Manganese Resources CEO Thembelani Gantsho on mining in South Africa; Outlook for US service centers; Fastmarkets Global Awards for Steel Excellence Finalists 2021; Analysis of key ferro-alloy market trends; The growth of India’s forges and foundries sectors; Industrial minerals – trends in chromite and titanium dioxide markets; Technology spotlight on quality and measurement systems; End-user spotlight on heavy-duty equipment; Regular analysis of base metals and steel markets.

  • Strong recovery for US service centers Aug 10, 2021

    Demand for steel and non-ferrous metals from US service centers has strongly rebounded this year, putting supply chains from mills to end-users under much strain, writes Myra Pinkham