American Metal Market - Issue Archives

  • March 2021

    ‘The family is at the service of the company and not the other way around’ In her early career, La Farga CEO Inka Guixà had not considered working for the business founded by her father and grandfather, but in her late-20s she accepted an invitation to join the company and assist in its expansion. She recounts her route to the top of the business and discusses the outlook for copper with Andrea Hotter.

  • February 2021

    ‘We have come a long way in ten years’ Masan High-Tech Materials CEO Craig Bradshaw succeeded in his early career in mining as a trouble-shooter fixing underperforming parts of businesses, but for the past ten years he has relished the opportunity to help to build a new mining company, he told Fastmarkets’ Ewa Manthey

  • January 2021

    Holman Head retired from his role as president and chief operating officer of O’Neal Industries, Inc. at the end of September. He recalls the substantial growth of the business during his 40-year career with the company and discusses likely future trends with Bette Kovach