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  • Automotive Supply Chain Map

    Fastmarkets AMM is pleased to present the 2018 Automotive Suppliers Map listing key metal inputs into the U.S. and Canadian automotive industry. This indispensable tool provides a wide variety of information about the key suppliers of critical materials to this significant metal-consuming sector. The offers the locations of key inputs as well as the automotive assembly plants in the United States and Canada. Continue to check back as we will provide the ability to link to Our prices for specific metals by regions and the ability to plot a transportation route.Data compiled by Fastmarkets AMM. Copyright © 2018 American Metal Market LLC. All rights reserved.

  • US Scrap Shredders Map

    Fastmarkets AMM is pleased to provide its 2018 map of U.S. scrap shredders. This indispensable reference tool offers the very latest operating status and productivity capabilities at each scrap shredder location for a critical grade of scrap consumed by integrated and electric furnace steelmakers.

  • North American Steel Mill Map

    Fastmarkets AMM is pleased to present its 2018 North American Steel Mill map. This reference tool lists all the steel mills in North America, the type of mill and the products produced at each location.

  • Steel Tube & Pipe Tube Mill Map

    Fastmarkets AMM is pleased to present its 2018 Steel Tube & Pipe. This indispensable reference tool lists the latest operating status at each mill location and products offered.


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