The Fastmarkets AMM app for iPad and iPhone: Q&A

  • What is the Fastmarkets AMM app?

    The app brings you all the latest news and pricing optimized for iPad and iPhone, with additional features and personalization options.

  • How do I sign in?

    The app login uses the same username and password as the website. If you have an active subscription or trial to Fastmarkets AMM and are having issues logging in, please contact us.

  • How much does the app cost?

    The app is free to download and recognizes the same expire date as your Fastmarkets AMM account. Current subscribers have unlimited access to the content available on the app. If you’re not already a subscriber you can take a trial from and enjoy some of the same benefits as subscribers.

  • How do I download the app?

    The iPad and IPhone app is available to download from iTunes.

  • What content is included with the app?

    The app has all of the latest news and pricing content and is updated throughout the day. The daily pdf issue and monthly magazine are also available for download to read offline.

  • How long should it take to download content?

    This depends on your internet connection. On a good Wi-Fi connection the latest content should take less than twenty seconds to download. On 3G or 4G this will take slightly longer.

  • How do I download the daily issue to read offline?

    After logging in, tap any daily issue date from the Home page or the Publications page to open the pdf. If you do not want to read it immediately, tap Done in the upper left hand corner of the pdf to close the issue. You’ll notice a checkmark will appear next to that issue date when you return to the app – the checkmark indiciates the issue is available for reading offline.

  • Can I customize the app?

    You can choose which news categories appear on your Home and News page and navigation menus and in what order they appear. Tap on the Preferences menu on the left and uncheck any categories you do not want displayed. You can also drag the order of sections you wish your news to be displayed.

  • How do I save articles?

    From within any article, simply tapping the Star at the upper right hand corner of the article will save that article to My Stories. You can easily access all of your saved stories from the home page of the app in the My Stories section or from the navigation in the News flyout menu. The My Stories in the app and in the main website are synched so you can access any stories saved from your desktop, iPad or iPhone using this function.

  • How do I share articles?

    Share articles using the function at the top right hand side of articles. This will open up your share options. You can share content via email, Linked In, Twitter and Facebook.

  • How do I save a price to My Prices?

    The first time you visit the price pages on the app, a tutorial will guide you through the whole pricing section. To save a price, simply tap the star on the price page or individual price card view. The My Prices in the app and in the main website are synched so you can access any prices saved from your desktop or ipad using this function.

  • How do I give feedback?

    We encourage you to give us your feedback – good and bad - on the app. It's the best way to ensure we are making improvements with each release. Please email