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For over 135 years, we have been the leader in metals news and pricing. Fastmarkets AMM assesses over 1,400 metals prices and covers the news behind each price change. A license can help your business maximize value, gather intelligence, stay competitive and work smarter. We are constantly updating our products to provide our subscribers with the best experience in the industry.

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  • We'll tell you what stories are most critical every day.
    Fastmarket AMM publishes a lot of content - probably more than any other publication in our field.  So having our experienced editors hand-pick the stories most likely to impact your business will make you more efficient in building your strategy. 
  • Access the most comprehensive archive database of metals information available.
    Pricing for some materials dates back to the 1960's - critical for understanding the cyclical nature of metals pricing.  Fastmarkets AMM is an invaluable tool for any research project involving the business of metals.
  • See the big picture. We cover the entire metals supply chain across steel, scrap and nonferrous.
    For purchasing managers who buy multiple materials or service centers who stock various products - Fastmarkets AMM is the only resource for all-inclusive coverage. 
  • Gain market intelligence with market reports.
    Every time the price of a metal moves, Fastmarkets AMM reporters detail the factors that have influenced that price change. It's one thing to read about the price changes, but having the understanding of why something happens can actually make you a more sophisticated buyer or seller of metals. 

Our staff possesses unrivalled expertise.  Having the ability to tap into that expertise every day can mean the difference between having the information and understanding how the information will impact you.

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