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  • Infographics Good Road Conditions

    The automotive market has been a consistent bright spot for metals makers over the past couple of years even as other end-users have become increasingly volatile. Demand id up and down the supply chain has remained strong, and steel, aluminum, stainless steel and other metals products show no signs of slowing down.

  • Infographics 11 Facts about Stainless Steel

    Stainless steel is used in a wide variety of applications, is potentially 100 percent recyclable and has grown faster than most other materials, as this infographic featuring these and other aspects of the metal shows.

  • Infographics What Drives Automotive?

    Automakers are in the midst of one of the best growth periods of all manufacturing industries as the recession continues to slowly fade. Sales are climbing each year and as they look ahead, automakers see opportunities and challenges around issues such as Cafe standards, lightweighting, new source materials, factory processes and new technologies for drivers. This infographic will include sales, forecasts, and fuel efficiency.

  • Infographics American Metals Market Future Trends

    Steelmakers face a number of challenges and opportunities in the coming years, from employee attraction and retention to energy to new material developments to technological advancements and beyond.

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  • WhitePaper Top 5 Reasons to Automate Your Manufacturing

    The manufacturing industry is investing more in automation – processes, tasks and machines. If your manufacturing business hasn’t yet jumped on the automation bandwagon, it’s time. Automation is the future of manufacturing. As technology continues to evolve, your business must evolve with it to remain competitive. Don’t let the ‘next big thing’ catch you off guard. There are many reasons why, but we’ve laid out the top 5 reasons. Download the Top 5 Reasons To Automate Your Manufacturing whitepaper today.

  • WhitePaper Prioritising asset turnover; how digital collaboration drives business results

    Metals traders need to prioritise asset turnover if they are to be successful in a climate of increasing pressure on profit margins. The advantage of focusing on collaboration to improve asset turnover is that this is an internal company initiative and therefore available to all businesses. Download this whitepaper from Gen10 to explore: The benefits of increased data visibility to different business functions, Tips for generating employee buy-in to a collaborative digital transformation, The impact improved collaboration can have on the business and How technology can help you achieve even better results.

  • WhitePaper Steel Success Strategies 2019 Key Takeaways

    Fastmarkets AMM reporters have summarized five key takeaways from last week’s 34th annual Steel Success Strategies conference in New York, hosted in conjunction with World Steel Dynamics. Click to read the five key takeaways on the state of steel from the conference.

  • WhitePaper Digital Steel Operations: Advanced Software Solutions for Effective Planning and Process Optimization

    Steel producers are navigating a minefield of intense competition, shifting industry structures and dynamic customer needs. Precise planning and scheduling — from procurement of raw materials to timely delivery of finished good to the customer — has never been more important. This whitepaper from Frost & Sullivan will explore, in detail: The critical issues prevalent in the steel value chain, The opportunities to make operations more flexible, adaptable and sustainable, The businesses that have transformed their steel production environment to become smarter, faster, simpler and more responsive. Click to download.

  • WhitePaper An Overview of Non-Ferrous Niobium Applications in the Renewable Energy Sector

    A step-change breakthrough to transition from fossil fuel dependency to cleaner, renewable energy sources relies on the development of new technologies that improve energy efficiency, reliability, and cost attainment, thereby overcoming barriers to mass market adoption. In this paper, you will learn how non-ferrous niobium technologies are emerging as part of the solution. Specifically, laboratory and prototype trials have revealed promising opportunities for both niobium and its oxides in product applications for lithium-ion batteries (LIBs), solar panels, smart windows and piezoelectricity. To learn more, download “Niobium Material Technology in the Renewable Energy Sector.”

  • WhitePaper Beyond the Tipping Point: Steel Futures Turn a Corner

    No one expected steel futures to steal the spotlight from and outshine the physical market overnight. It simply wasn’t on the cards. Too much tradition, too many entrenched commercial relationships, too diverse a product mix, and too little familiarity with the dynamics of the futures market and exchange trading. Add to that the resistance that comes with the prospect of quantum change and a market landscape that appears tranquil compared to the hyper-volatile conditions that characterize the current ferrous metals arena. More than a decade-and-a-half since early proponents first launched efforts to make futures a fixture of deal making, read how the tonnage transacted on CME Group in 2019 marks the highest monthly volume recorded in the history of Steel Futures since its’ launch in 2003. Click to download.

  • WhitePaper Hot Charging: The game changer steel manufacturers talk about, but do not do

    Now you can finally narrow the gap between continuous casting and hot rolling with a planning system that allows your operations to: Enhance productivity, reduce slab slacking, save thousands, or even millions of dollars annually. Register to access your download.

  • WhitePaper Advertorial: Key Depreciation Benefit Eludes Businesses

    Did you know a drafting error in tax reform will keep businesses from getting a key benefit that Congress intended to impart? This article provides clarity around this key depreciation benefit that is eluding business. To access the full advertorial, please register for your download.

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