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  • Infographics Good Road Conditions

    The automotive market has been a consistent bright spot for metals makers over the past couple of years even as other end-users have become increasingly volatile. Demand id up and down the supply chain has remained strong, and steel, aluminum, stainless steel and other metals products show no signs of slowing down.

  • Infographics 11 Facts about Stainless Steel

    Stainless steel is used in a wide variety of applications, is potentially 100 percent recyclable and has grown faster than most other materials, as this infographic featuring these and other aspects of the metal shows.

  • Infographics What Drives Automotive?

    Automakers are in the midst of one of the best growth periods of all manufacturing industries as the recession continues to slowly fade. Sales are climbing each year and as they look ahead, automakers see opportunities and challenges around issues such as Cafe standards, lightweighting, new source materials, factory processes and new technologies for drivers. This infographic will include sales, forecasts, and fuel efficiency.

  • Infographics American Metals Market Future Trends

    Steelmakers face a number of challenges and opportunities in the coming years, from employee attraction and retention to energy to new material developments to technological advancements and beyond.

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  • WhitePaper Discover the 5 Ways to Modernize Your Manufacturing Purchasing

    Today’s manufacturing environment is all about eliminating waste and building efficiency into every area of the business – including purchasing – so you can offer a quality product at competitive prices. But if you’re still using outdated purchasing processes, it can lead to problems on the shop floor that affect workflow, customer relationships and the company’s bottom line. Download the 5 Ways to Modernize your Manufacturing Purchasing whitepaper to bring your purchasing process into the 21st century.

  • WhitePaper Data for Balanced Scorecard: Driving Profits in Mining, Metals and Materials Industries

    The mining, metals and materials industry has always had to rapidly adjust to wild market fluctuations, social pressures, labour shortages and other forces beyond control. At the same time, it has had to provide the basic materials and much of the energy for the global manufacturing ecosystem. LNS research survey data show that the top financial challenges are growing revenue and protecting margins, while the top operational challenges are manufacturing efficiency and regulatory and industry compliance. Download the full research spotlight, written by LNS, and discover: Key trends in mining, metals and materials - and how this industry compares to other sectors; The strategy needed for each component of the balanced scorecard approach; How companies are gaining value from this approach, including up to 40% downtime reduction, 3% in energy savings, up to 50% in productivity improvement and much more. Click to access the whitepaper today.

  • WhitePaper Optimizing Iron Ore Agglomeration Plant Performance - Outotec's Solutions for Plant Monitoring and Sustainable Operation

    Highly complex iron ore pellet plant designs and increasing numbers of process parameters to be monitored by the operators are leading to undesired fluctuations in energy consumption. The related increase in a plant’s energy consumption and operational costs can be avoided by implementing the Outotec® Optimus advisory tool. Based on highly accurate process models, Optimus calculates an energy-efficient operational strategy for the plant and generates clear recommendations for the operators on what actions should be taken. Learn more about Outotec Optimus – a digital expert available around-the-clock to ensure that your plant efficiency remains as high as possible over its whole lifecycle!

  • WhitePaper 13 To Do’s to Manufacture Like a Boss

    If you are manufacturing like a boss it means you master the four key transactions: Purchasing Receipts, Issuing Material, WIP to FG, Shipping/Invoicing, know your costs (freight, labor, outside services, overhead, other, material) with accurate precision, price your parts competitively and profitably, quote your jobs correctly with speed and accuracy, reduce your risk by knowing and not guessing. When you are doing the above, you are making parts faster, making parts better, watching it all in real time, and knowing exactly what everything costs – otherwise known as “manufacturing like a boss.” So let’s get back to basics and manufacture like a boss with these 13 to do’s. Download the whitepaper today.

  • WhitePaper Discover How Steelmakers Can Meet Demand for Taller Wind Towers With Niobium

    To harvest the more dependable wind resources at higher altitudes, and for greater energy output and efficiency, wind tower hub heights of 100 meters (328 feet) and higher are becoming the new standard, up from 80 meters (262.5 feet) only 15 years ago. Unlike traditional steels unable to scale to the taller hub height, low carbon structural steel containing Niobium offers a solution. Discover how steel can maintain its advantage over alternative wind tower materials by downloading this white paper from CBMM North America, Inc.

  • WhitePaper US Tariff War Fractures Global Aluminium Industry

    The current isolationist trend among certain nations and governments has shaken up many industries, including global aluminium trade. Rising prices and upswing in demand for contracts used to manage risk are just a few indicators of the cracks in the global trade’s previously strong foundation, particularly in the United States. Where will the biggest realignments take place, and what might the landscape look like after the shifts? How severe will the resulting changes be? A new paper from Fastmarkets MB and CME Group takes a look at what’s on deck for aluminium in the months and years to come.

  • WhitePaper Free Guide: Digital Marketing for Materials Suppliers

    Materials buyers are going digital, and metals suppliers need to keep up. Contemporary material buyers tend to research – and buy – materials online. More material suppliers are addressing the trend and turning to the Internet. But simply having a website is not enough. You also need a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.This guide from Matmatch introduces the most important tools and channels to consider, as well as tips on how best to utilise them. It covers: Google Analytics, SEO, PPC advertising, and Social media. It also introduces Matmatch, which offers suppliers a way to take advantage of the digital opportunity today.

  • WhitePaper Integrated Planning For Your Metals Supply Chain

    Break down the barriers to boost your operations. The real world does not operate in silos, so why should your business? An integrated planning solution can provide continuity across all planning horizons and every aspect of your operations. In this guide from Quintiq, discover how to: Increase efficient resource utilization, enhance visibility across multiple sites and improve throughput while reducing costs.

  • WhitePaper 4 Price Risk Management Strategies to Protect Margins in a Volatile Steel Market

    Since the enactment of Section 232 in March, there has been a flurry of activity and uncertainty regarding steel prices. Now is the time to reevaluate your price risk management strategies to protect your margins and earnings. This white paper explains four price risk management strategies along with the steps to take in order to determine which strategy is best for your company.

  • WhitePaper Evaluating Screening Performance

    Screening (separating dry material based on particle size) is a complex task that requires sophisticated machinery. An optimized screener needs to be designed with consideration of countless variables, including: Motion: how a screen moves, whether vibratory, gyratory, linear, or stationary, loading mechanics: feed rate/unit area, etc. and material characteristics: particle size distribution, particle shape, bulk density, moisture, friability and static charge.

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