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  • Logistics Digital Transformation in the Metals Industry: Participate in the Survey Today

    Digital technology is transforming every industry in the world, and the metals industry is no exception. Crowe LLP and Fastmarkets AMM explore the factors leading change in the Digital Transformation in the Metals Industry survey. This quick, 10 minute survey seeks to understand how metals companies view technology in the context of business strategy by looking at the following factors: Business application implementations in process and planned, Use or planned use of data analytics and business intelligence to influence decision making, Viability of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and additive manufacturing for the metals industry Participants will be entered to win a pair of Bose wireless headphones. Click to participate in the survey now.


  • Webcast Webinar On Demand: How technology is transforming the metals industry supply chain

    : Join us to learn how your peers in the metals industry are using technology to differentiate their products and optimize their business operations. How could advanced technologies such as machine learning, AI, and the internet of things revolutionize the way metals organizations run? How are mainstay technologies like ERP evolving to help make metals companies more effective in data analytics, supply chain management, and customer service? How will organizations in the metals industry address data privacy and cybersecurity – a challenge that nearly half of metals company leaders say is their biggest obstacle to new technology adoption? Using the results from this year’s Crowe and Fastmarkets AMM Digital Transformation in the Metals Industry survey and our experience with transformative technology in metals, we’ll cover these and other critical technology questions. Join us at this webinar to get valuable insights into how you can confidently optimize your company’s future tech investments.

  • Webcast Webinar On Demand: Emerging Technologies: Metals Survey Insights from Crowe LLP and Fastmarkets AMM

    Blockchain. Machine Learning. Augmented Reality. Join Fastmarkets AMM and Crowe to learn how the metals industry is approaching these potentially transformative technologies. Join this webinar to learn: A framework for approaching business transformation with technology and insights from the 2018 Metals Industry Technology Survey. Register to view the presentation on demand.

  • Webcast Webinar On Demand: Insights & Action: Where do you place in the race to exploit Metals’ digital frontier?

    Don’t miss this unique opportunity to arm yourself with real-world insights derived from the seventh annual survey of Technology in Metals conducted jointly by Fastmarkets AMM and Crowe LLP. The survey results serve up actionable insights by tracking the latest shifts in priorities, cutting-edge tools, and adoption trends by decision makers driving Metals into an unprecedented era of digital evolution. Benchmark your organization’s progress against the entire metals supply chain. Tune in as Webinar presenters share, analyze, and discuss, key insights garnered from the latest survey and explore their significance in the context of today’s competitive landscape and market conditions. Register to view the presentation on demand.


  • WhitePaper Prioritising asset turnover; how digital collaboration drives business results

    Metals traders need to prioritise asset turnover if they are to be successful in a climate of increasing pressure on profit margins. The advantage of focusing on collaboration to improve asset turnover is that this is an internal company initiative and therefore available to all businesses. Download this whitepaper from Gen10 to explore: The benefits of increased data visibility to different business functions, Tips for generating employee buy-in to a collaborative digital transformation, The impact improved collaboration can have on the business and How technology can help you achieve even better results.

  • WhitePaper Haynes International: Crowe Supports Transformation with a Global Business Application

    For international metals manufacturers, Digital Transformation begins with a global solution in mind. When Haynes International began the search for an integrated ERP system, their success was based on three significant factors: Microsoft Dynamics - A leading enterprise business application, Crowe Metals Accelerator - An industry-tailored solution, Crowe LLP - a Microsoft Industry Partner for Metals. Download our latest case study and learn how Crowe's systematic plan for global improvement helped bring Haynes onto the forefront of Digital Transformation.

  • WhitePaper Digital Transformation in the Global Metals Industry

    Our 2018 Crowe and American Metal Market’s metals industry survey provides a look at the factors driving digital transformation within the industry. The survey focuses on how metals companies are using or planning to use technology to improve: customer service, products and services and reporting. Respondents are high-level executives from a cross section of metals-based companies including mills, producers, processors, service centers, scrap recyclers and manufacturers.

  • WhitePaper A Bigger, Better Solution for Supply Chain Planning

    It’s time to move to a more mature supply chain planning & optimization solution. In this guide from Quintiq, find out the risk-free method to switch to a solution that enables you to: Increase efficient collaboration, improve visibility across multiple sites and monitor your KPIs for effective decision making.

  • WhitePaper Faster, smarter, smaller: Digital technologies push new frontier for metals industry

    Advances in digital technology, and the falling prices thereof, are now offering miners and metal producers significant advantages when it comes to even the oldest production processes and the longest standing production challenges. More affordable and, crucially, smaller sensing equipment allows producers to retro-fit older equipment with the new sensing hardware, while more advanced software networks with total connectivity between various systems allows one to leverage existing automation and control systems to offer new ways of approaching asset lifecycle and maintenance, productivity, and energy optimisation. Read the full whitepaper, written by OSIsoft in co-operation with American Metal Market.

  • WhitePaper 18 Things You Need From Your ERP in 2018

    Do you want to take your manufacturing from good to great in 2018? You are not alone. Spare five minutes to: Save yourself thousands go from good to great, get the most out of your ERP software and satisfy your customer. Download our whitepaper titled 18 Things You Need From Your ERP in 2018 today to get started.

  • WhitePaper The 3 Rules Every ERP Software Customer Should Know

    MANUFACTURING IS CHALLENGING. No matter what part you are manufacturing, it takes guts, grit, dedication, and passion to be successful. The job of any ERP software provider is to help every customer simplify their manufacturing™. Global Shop Solutions has been doing just that – simplifying your manufacturing - for thousands of manufacturers in nearly 25 countries and 20 industries for over 40 years. In fact, we have more successful customers than anyone else in the field (nearly 150 case studies and 150 customer testimonials). How do we get manufacturers to become successful with the entire ERP system? With 3 simple rules.

  • WhitePaper Information Technology, Data Analytics, and Business Intelligence for the Global Metal Industry: Sixth Annual IT Research Project by Crowe Horwath LLP and American Metal Market

    The 2017 Crowe Horwath LLP/AMM metals industry survey looked into the role of information technology (IT) in the global metals industry. This year’s survey included questions about participants’ use of advanced IT capabilities such as data analytics, business intelligence, and the “Internet of Things.” Responses from high-level executives within metals-based companies provide a snapshot of the current state of IT, data analytics, and BI and offer some surprising insights into the pace at which the industry is adopting the use of more advanced technology.



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