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  • WhitePaper Commodity Mangement for a post Covid World

    Abstract: Even before the Covid-19 pandemic, the commodities industry was changing rapidly and there was a clear need to improve processes to meet ongoing challenges. During the pandemic, digital transformation initiatives rapidly accelerated as organisations with legacy CTRM systems struggled to maintain business continuity. Now as we look ahead to a post-Covid world, what has changed? Download CommOS: Commodity management for a post-Covid world to explore: Why replacing your legacy CTRM makes sense now, The 5 key areas for success when completing rapid global implementations during lockdown & how you can achieve business continuity and improve collaboration in a post-Covid business environment

  • WhitePaper Prioritising asset turnover; how digital collaboration drives business results

    Metals traders need to prioritise asset turnover if they are to be successful in a climate of increasing pressure on profit margins. The advantage of focusing on collaboration to improve asset turnover is that this is an internal company initiative and therefore available to all businesses. Download this whitepaper from Gen10 to explore: The benefits of increased data visibility to different business functions, Tips for generating employee buy-in to a collaborative digital transformation, The impact improved collaboration can have on the business and How technology can help you achieve even better results.



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