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  • Logistics Europe, Middle East Tube & Pipe Producers Wall Chart 2018

    The key tube & pipe producers in Europe and the Middle East. For your information, Fastmarkets presents a map showing the key tube & pipe producers in Europe and the Middle East in 2018. Click to download the full version of this map in a new window.

  • Logistics Fastmarkets IM Lithium Wall Chart Map 2018

    The Fastmarkets IM Lithium wall chart map 2018 will showcase lithium projects in development, those already established and their current projected production capacity details whilst also detailing world resources and areas that could be developed in future. You will also find information on different lithium types, an infographic showcasing end markets and processing flowchart of brine and rock deposits to intermediary products and end-use markets.


  • WhitePaper 13 To Dos To Manufacture Like A Boss

    If you are manufacturing like a boss it means you: Master the four key transactions: Purchasing Receipts, Issuing Material, WIP to FG, Shipping/Invoicing. Know your costs with accurate precision. Price your parts competitively and profitably. Quote your jobs correctly with speed and accuracy. When you are doing the above, you are making parts faster, making parts better, watching it all in real-time, and knowing exactly what everything costs – otherwise known as “manufacturing like a boss.” So let’s get back to basics and manufacture like a boss with these 13 to do’s. Download the whitepaper today.

  • WhitePaper The Ultimate Guide to Buying ERP Software

    We’ve built the only guide you’ll ever need to choose the ERP software that includes consensus directly from manufacturers that did it right and successfully. The Ultimate Guide to Buying ERP Software gives you step-by-step instructions to define your objectives, create an ERP budget, build a taskforce, evaluate ERP providers, secure proposals, grade the finalists, and select a winner. When you read and work through The Ultimate Guide to Buying ERP Software, you’ll be fully prepared to decide which ERP software system is right for you. Download it today.

  • WhitePaper 10 Things Great Manufacturers Won’t Do

    Bad habits are tough to break, especially in manufacturing. We see and hear it every day – “that’s the way we’ve always done it.” But these bad habits picked up over the years can hold you back from something great. Don’t waste another minute or dollar on processes that are hurting your business. See what our best customers say they won’t do in their business; the results were quite compelling. Download the 10 Things Great Manufacturers Won’t Do whitepaper today.

  • WhitePaper 10 Must Do's for Small to Medium-Sized Manufacturers

    Manufacturers around the world rely on ERP software to manage their critical business functions, from quote to cash. The 10 Must Do’s are the main themes heard from nearly every owner and employees they rely on the most for their success. The 10 Must Do’s are a playbook to transforming your culture, business, and each of the critical functions of your manufacturing in order to deliver a quality part on-time, every time. Download the 10 Must Do’s for Small- to Medium-Sized Manufacturers whitepaper and better your manufacturing.

  • WhitePaper 5 Must Do's To Fix Your Shop Floor

    There’s a reason the most successful and profitable manufacturers use ERP software: it’s all about the ROI. And the bigger and faster the ROI, the better. But where do you start? You’re beyond busy…filling customer orders, managing equipment maintenance, scheduling and managing employees, controlling costs, maintaining on-time delivery, improving quality control, working to meet revenue goals and more. Your most valuable resource – your time – is extremely limited. Let us help you get started. Read our 5 Must Do’s to Fix Your Shop Floor whitepaper and learn how ERP software can help make your shop floor more efficient and productive. Download the 5 Must Do's to Fix Your Shop Floor whitepaper today.

  • WhitePaper Top 5 Reasons to Automate Your Manufacturing

    The manufacturing industry is investing more in automation – processes, tasks and machines. If your manufacturing business hasn’t yet jumped on the automation bandwagon, it’s time. Automation is the future of manufacturing. As technology continues to evolve, your business must evolve with it to remain competitive. Don’t let the ‘next big thing’ catch you off guard. There are many reasons why, but we’ve laid out the top 5 reasons. Download the Top 5 Reasons To Automate Your Manufacturing whitepaper today.

  • WhitePaper Hot Charging: The game changer steel manufacturers talk about, but do not do

    Now you can finally narrow the gap between continuous casting and hot rolling with a planning system that allows your operations to: Enhance productivity, reduce slab slacking, save thousands, or even millions of dollars annually. Register to access your download.

  • WhitePaper Advertorial: Key Depreciation Benefit Eludes Businesses

    Did you know a drafting error in tax reform will keep businesses from getting a key benefit that Congress intended to impart? This article provides clarity around this key depreciation benefit that is eluding business. To access the full advertorial, please register for your download.


  • Infographics The Mandate to Rebuild America

    The United States’ crumbling infrastructure not only poses a physical danger to the operators, passengers and consumers of the goods and commodities shipped across the country’s roads, rails, bridges, inland waterways, pipelines and electrical grid, but threatens to undercut the economy built upon it.



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