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  • Logistics Digital Transformation in the Metals Industry: Participate in the Survey Today

    Digital technology is transforming every industry in the world, and the metals industry is no exception. Crowe LLP and Fastmarkets AMM explore the factors leading change in the Digital Transformation in the Metals Industry survey. This quick, 10 minute survey seeks to understand how metals companies view technology in the context of business strategy by looking at the following factors: Business application implementations in process and planned, Use or planned use of data analytics and business intelligence to influence decision making, Viability of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and additive manufacturing for the metals industry Participants will be entered to win a pair of Bose wireless headphones. Click to participate in the survey now.

  • Logistics Europe, Middle East Tube & Pipe Producers Wall Chart 2018

    The key tube & pipe producers in Europe and the Middle East. For your information, Fastmarkets presents a map showing the key tube & pipe producers in Europe and the Middle East in 2018. Click to download the full version of this map in a new window.

  • Logistics Fastmarkets IM Lithium Wall Chart Map 2018

    The Fastmarkets IM Lithium wall chart map 2018 will showcase lithium projects in development, those already established and their current projected production capacity details whilst also detailing world resources and areas that could be developed in future. You will also find information on different lithium types, an infographic showcasing end markets and processing flowchart of brine and rock deposits to intermediary products and end-use markets.


  • Infographics Fortifying the Future with Niobium Alloy Optimization

    Critical times call for structural materials that provide maximum performance and extended life at an affordable cost. Click to learn more.

  • Infographics Steel is the Springboard to Sustainability

    To sustain planet Earth and combat the advance of global warming, scientists calculate that the world must cut greenhouse gas, or carbon dioxide emissions. We think steel will be a major player in the transition to renewable energy. Click to learn more.

  • Infographics The Mandate to Rebuild America

    The United States’ crumbling infrastructure not only poses a physical danger to the operators, passengers and consumers of the goods and commodities shipped across the country’s roads, rails, bridges, inland waterways, pipelines and electrical grid, but threatens to undercut the economy built upon it.

  • Infographics Building the future with structural and rebar

    Global structural steel usage will continue to grow on an annualized rate of 5.5% through 2025. Fueling the growth are developed countries - including the United States, United Kingdom and Germany – that will continue to build residential and non-residential structures, such as schools, offices and hospitals. Click to learn more.

  • Infographics Stainless Gains Luster in 2017

    Rising global demand for stainless products will continue in 2018, with the coming year expected to be brighter than most. During the past 35 years, the stainless growth rate has been more than double the compounded annual growth rate of carbon steel, with even larger gains made than in aluminum. Click to learn more.

  • Infographics Pedal to the Metal: On the Road to 54.5 mpg

    Intensifying pressure to improve fuel economy is expected to accelerate the introduction and adoption of lightweight materials into vehicles. Research conducted by the Center for Automotive Research (CAR) indicates the current vehicle material mix is dominated by steel structures with some use of aluminum. Click to learn more.

  • Infographics Coins, Counterfeiting & Recycling: An investigative report

    The U.S. Treasury Department and U.S. Mint’s sudden suspension of the mutilated coin redemption program dealt a body blow to the global coin recycling sector, sowing uncertainty across the ranks and freezing millions of dollars’ worth of recycled coins throughout a complex supply chain. Join AMM nonferrous scrap reporter Brad MacAulay as he travels the world to capture the real story, brings attention and clarity to a largely overlooked market, and—in a unique twist—creates a framework to redeem the lost dynamism of the coin recycling industry.

  • Infographics Driving Directions

    To meet lightweighting goals, automakers have requested new metals that bring expanded capabilities to automotive design and manufacturing. Check out this infographic to learn more about trends in the automotive sector and what that may mean for the future.

  • Infographics Stainless Brings More Advantages

    Take a look at this infographic for more information on how stainless steel has been used in the past and the advantages of using it today and beyond.

  • Infographics 2016 Sees Steel Strengthen

    Despite some mixed views, 2016 so far has been a better year for domestic steel than 2015, judging by where several leading indicators-including production, prices, shipments and trade issues-have moved or may be moving the sector.

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  • Webcast Webinar On Demand: Emerging Technologies: Metals Survey Insights from Crowe LLP and Fastmarkets AMM

    Blockchain. Machine Learning. Augmented Reality. Join Fastmarkets AMM and Crowe to learn how the metals industry is approaching these potentially transformative technologies. Join this webinar to learn: A framework for approaching business transformation with technology and insights from the 2018 Metals Industry Technology Survey. Register to view the presentation on demand.

  • Webcast Trader’s Edge Gold Rush: Trading Surges in Gold Options on Futures

    The second video in the series looks at the surge in Gold options trading, factors contributing to increased volume, and what trading opportunities this could present: Building momentum in gold options, rise of trading during non-U.S. time zones points to significant role of Asian, European traders in Gold options, Improved bid-offer spreads and depth of book in all time zones, and substantial growth of weekly gold options in 2018. Watch the video today!

  • Webcast Trader's Edge: Copper Options on the Rise

    Watch the first video in a series of special Trader's Edge reports focusing on the metals options markets. Copper is the second most liquid metal futures contract at CME Group. Given its role in the world economy, traders watch Copper for signs of economic health. In the wake of recent market moves, Copper options volume is growing dramatically at CME Group: Bid-offer spreads are narrowing, Depth of book is improving, ADV up less than 200 contracts to nearly 1,500 contracts a day and Open interest has surpassed 24,000 contracts. Watch the video today!

  • Webcast Discover The Full Potential of Steel Inbound Supply Chain Planning

    Oversupply in the global steel sector. Increased variability in the supply of raw materials. Stricter environmental regulations. Steelmakers are constantly dealing with complex variables in a market that’s becoming increasingly challenging. Inbound logistics plays a vital role in withstanding these challenges. It can make or break the effectiveness of your organization, as well as its ability to reach yearly business goals. Therefore, optimizing the planning of your inbound supply chain requires a platform approach. Quintiq Senior Consultant Reinier Zuurmond will demonstrate how a single platform can connect all internal processes and bring transparency to your supply chain. Register for the presentation today!

  • Webcast Sanctions and their impact on risk management and the European aluminium industry

    Talk is cheap, tariffs expensive. In the current gamesmanship over trade, the aluminium market is going to penalty kicks and anything could happen. Erik Norland, Senior Economist, CME Group examines what the macro impact of the trade war would be for the aluminium industry. He will discuss potential scenarios as trade barriers and how they will impact the markets. As declarations of tariffs and retaliatory measures affect prices of futures and premiums in cash markets, adding volatility amid the potential for disruptions to large swath of the supply chain, Richard Stevens, CME Group Metals Research, will discuss how firms can manage risk. Agenda: how are futures contracts for aluminium being used by the industry, an overview of volumes of premium contracts and what issues are being responded to by the creation of premium futures contracts.

  • Webcast Webinar On Demand: Insights & Action: Where do you place in the race to exploit Metals’ digital frontier?

    Don’t miss this unique opportunity to arm yourself with real-world insights derived from the seventh annual survey of Technology in Metals conducted jointly by Fastmarkets AMM and Crowe LLP. The survey results serve up actionable insights by tracking the latest shifts in priorities, cutting-edge tools, and adoption trends by decision makers driving Metals into an unprecedented era of digital evolution. Benchmark your organization’s progress against the entire metals supply chain. Tune in as Webinar presenters share, analyze, and discuss, key insights garnered from the latest survey and explore their significance in the context of today’s competitive landscape and market conditions. Register to view the presentation on demand.

  • Webcast The Integrated Metals Supply Chain: From Planning to Production

    With growing complexity and regular volatility in the metals market, manufacturers are dealing with new challenges in planning orders, materials, and equipment. Organizations need new ways to remain agile while improving overall OTIF delivery rates and profitability. How will you adapt in 2018 to tackle complexity head on? Join us for this special webinar in partnership with Quintiq where we’ll discuss: The factors making it harder for metals producers to forecast, plan, and manufacture their products, why investing in a supply chain that full integrates planning with execution is key to maintaining competitive advantage, how metals manufacturers are utilizing leading-edge technology to improve throughput and reduce costs.


  • WhitePaper Prioritising asset turnover; how digital collaboration drives business results

    Metals traders need to prioritise asset turnover if they are to be successful in a climate of increasing pressure on profit margins. The advantage of focusing on collaboration to improve asset turnover is that this is an internal company initiative and therefore available to all businesses. Download this whitepaper from Gen10 to explore: The benefits of increased data visibility to different business functions, Tips for generating employee buy-in to a collaborative digital transformation, The impact improved collaboration can have on the business and How technology can help you achieve even better results.

  • WhitePaper Steel Success Strategies 2019 Key Takeaways

    Fastmarkets AMM reporters have summarized five key takeaways from last week’s 34th annual Steel Success Strategies conference in New York, hosted in conjunction with World Steel Dynamics. Click to read the five key takeaways on the state of steel from the conference.

  • WhitePaper Digital Steel Operations: Advanced Software Solutions for Effective Planning and Process Optimization

    Steel producers are navigating a minefield of intense competition, shifting industry structures and dynamic customer needs. Precise planning and scheduling — from procurement of raw materials to timely delivery of finished good to the customer — has never been more important. This whitepaper from Frost & Sullivan will explore, in detail: The critical issues prevalent in the steel value chain, The opportunities to make operations more flexible, adaptable and sustainable, The businesses that have transformed their steel production environment to become smarter, faster, simpler and more responsive. Click to download.

  • WhitePaper An Overview of Non-Ferrous Niobium Applications in the Renewable Energy Sector

    A step-change breakthrough to transition from fossil fuel dependency to cleaner, renewable energy sources relies on the development of new technologies that improve energy efficiency, reliability, and cost attainment, thereby overcoming barriers to mass market adoption. In this paper, you will learn how non-ferrous niobium technologies are emerging as part of the solution. Specifically, laboratory and prototype trials have revealed promising opportunities for both niobium and its oxides in product applications for lithium-ion batteries (LIBs), solar panels, smart windows and piezoelectricity. To learn more, download “Niobium Material Technology in the Renewable Energy Sector.”

  • WhitePaper Beyond the Tipping Point: Steel Futures Turn a Corner

    No one expected steel futures to steal the spotlight from and outshine the physical market overnight. It simply wasn’t on the cards. Too much tradition, too many entrenched commercial relationships, too diverse a product mix, and too little familiarity with the dynamics of the futures market and exchange trading. Add to that the resistance that comes with the prospect of quantum change and a market landscape that appears tranquil compared to the hyper-volatile conditions that characterize the current ferrous metals arena. More than a decade-and-a-half since early proponents first launched efforts to make futures a fixture of deal making, read how the tonnage transacted on CME Group in 2019 marks the highest monthly volume recorded in the history of Steel Futures since its’ launch in 2003. Click to download.

  • WhitePaper Discover the 5 Ways to Modernize Your Manufacturing Purchasing

    Today’s manufacturing environment is all about eliminating waste and building efficiency into every area of the business – including purchasing – so you can offer a quality product at competitive prices. But if you’re still using outdated purchasing processes, it can lead to problems on the shop floor that affect workflow, customer relationships and the company’s bottom line. Download the 5 Ways to Modernize your Manufacturing Purchasing whitepaper to bring your purchasing process into the 21st century.

  • WhitePaper Timeline of Compliance – FASB ASC 842 for Private Companies

    New lease accounting standards will have an estimated $3 trillion impact on companies’ balance sheets – and the ASC 842 compliance deadline is coming up fast. Our timeline can help you achieve compliance and optimize your lease accounting under the new standards by Jan. 1, 2020. Access the whitepaper now.

  • WhitePaper Data for Balanced Scorecard: Driving Profits in Mining, Metals and Materials Industries

    The mining, metals and materials industry has always had to rapidly adjust to wild market fluctuations, social pressures, labour shortages and other forces beyond control. At the same time, it has had to provide the basic materials and much of the energy for the global manufacturing ecosystem. LNS research survey data show that the top financial challenges are growing revenue and protecting margins, while the top operational challenges are manufacturing efficiency and regulatory and industry compliance. Download the full research spotlight, written by LNS, and discover: Key trends in mining, metals and materials - and how this industry compares to other sectors; The strategy needed for each component of the balanced scorecard approach; How companies are gaining value from this approach, including up to 40% downtime reduction, 3% in energy savings, up to 50% in productivity improvement and much more. Click to access the whitepaper today.

  • WhitePaper Optimizing Iron Ore Agglomeration Plant Performance - Outotec's Solutions for Plant Monitoring and Sustainable Operation

    Highly complex iron ore pellet plant designs and increasing numbers of process parameters to be monitored by the operators are leading to undesired fluctuations in energy consumption. The related increase in a plant’s energy consumption and operational costs can be avoided by implementing the Outotec® Optimus advisory tool. Based on highly accurate process models, Optimus calculates an energy-efficient operational strategy for the plant and generates clear recommendations for the operators on what actions should be taken. Learn more about Outotec Optimus – a digital expert available around-the-clock to ensure that your plant efficiency remains as high as possible over its whole lifecycle!

  • WhitePaper 13 To Do’s to Manufacture Like a Boss

    If you are manufacturing like a boss it means you master the four key transactions: Purchasing Receipts, Issuing Material, WIP to FG, Shipping/Invoicing, know your costs (freight, labor, outside services, overhead, other, material) with accurate precision, price your parts competitively and profitably, quote your jobs correctly with speed and accuracy, reduce your risk by knowing and not guessing. When you are doing the above, you are making parts faster, making parts better, watching it all in real time, and knowing exactly what everything costs – otherwise known as “manufacturing like a boss.” So let’s get back to basics and manufacture like a boss with these 13 to do’s. Download the whitepaper today.

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