• Webcast Trader's Edge: Copper Options on the Rise

    Watch the first video in a series of special Trader's Edge reports focusing on the metals options markets. Copper is the second most liquid metal futures contract at CME Group. Given its role in the world economy, traders watch Copper for signs of economic health. In the wake of recent market moves, Copper options volume is growing dramatically at CME Group: Bid-offer spreads are narrowing, Depth of book is improving, ADV up less than 200 contracts to nearly 1,500 contracts a day and Open interest has surpassed 24,000 contracts. Watch the video today!

  • Webcast Discover The Full Potential of Steel Inbound Supply Chain Planning

    Oversupply in the global steel sector. Increased variability in the supply of raw materials. Stricter environmental regulations. Steelmakers are constantly dealing with complex variables in a market that’s becoming increasingly challenging. Inbound logistics plays a vital role in withstanding these challenges. It can make or break the effectiveness of your organization, as well as its ability to reach yearly business goals. Therefore, optimizing the planning of your inbound supply chain requires a platform approach. Quintiq Senior Consultant Reinier Zuurmond will demonstrate how a single platform can connect all internal processes and bring transparency to your supply chain. Register for the presentation today!

  • Webcast Sanctions and their impact on risk management and the European aluminium industry

    Talk is cheap, tariffs expensive. In the current gamesmanship over trade, the aluminium market is going to penalty kicks and anything could happen. Erik Norland, Senior Economist, CME Group examines what the macro impact of the trade war would be for the aluminium industry. He will discuss potential scenarios as trade barriers and how they will impact the markets. As declarations of tariffs and retaliatory measures affect prices of futures and premiums in cash markets, adding volatility amid the potential for disruptions to large swath of the supply chain, Richard Stevens, CME Group Metals Research, will discuss how firms can manage risk. Agenda: how are futures contracts for aluminium being used by the industry, an overview of volumes of premium contracts and what issues are being responded to by the creation of premium futures contracts.

  • Webcast Insights & Action: Where do you place in the race to exploit Metals’ digital frontier?

    Don’t miss this unique opportunity to arm yourself with real-world insights derived from the seventh annual survey of Technology in Metals conducted jointly by Fastmarkets AMM and Crowe LLP. The survey results serve up actionable insights by tracking the latest shifts in priorities, cutting-edge tools, and adoption trends by decision makers driving Metals into an unprecedented era of digital evolution. Benchmark your organization’s progress against the entire metals supply chain. Tune in as Webinar presenters share, analyze, and discuss, key insights garnered from the latest survey and explore their significance in the context of today’s competitive landscape and market conditions.

  • Webcast The Integrated Metals Supply Chain: From Planning to Production

    With growing complexity and regular volatility in the metals market, manufacturers are dealing with new challenges in planning orders, materials, and equipment. Organizations need new ways to remain agile while improving overall OTIF delivery rates and profitability. How will you adapt in 2018 to tackle complexity head on? Join us for this special webinar in partnership with Quintiq where we’ll discuss: The factors making it harder for metals producers to forecast, plan, and manufacture their products, why investing in a supply chain that full integrates planning with execution is key to maintaining competitive advantage, how metals manufacturers are utilizing leading-edge technology to improve throughput and reduce costs.

  • Webcast Add Resilience to Your Steel Supply Chain: Discover what leading steel manufacturers are doing differently

    This webinar will examine the results from the 2017 AMM and Crowe Horwath Information Technology in the Metals Industry survey. Topics expected to be covered during this webinar include: Where metals companies use IoT today and what challenges they face, How metals companies compare to the broader manufacturing industry in IoT adoption terms, Risks to consider when adopting an IoT strategy or starting a project. This webinar will be moderated by Metal Bulletin product director Spencer Wicks, and feature Crowe Horwath’s senior manager Tony Barnes, and manager, Ken Major.


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