Data Feeds

Whether you’re in procurement, a trader, risk manager or analyst, accessing our data via a data feed ensures that you receive prices seconds after they are published by our price reporters. Save time by getting the latest prices fed directly into your systems and applications leaving more time for you to interpret and act on the data. 

Data consumption, analysis and charting become seamless once our data feed is integrated into your models.

Why choose a data feed?

  • Comprehensive: Access to all proprietary price data globally covering all major metals and minerals
  • Accuracy: Eliminate human error caused by manual data entry
  • Efficiency: Instantly updated price delivery with no need to search
  • Flexibility: Packages to suit your business needs

What prices are available?

We offer over 2,000 prices which are broken down into eight data packages to suit your business needs.

  • Base Metals
  • Industrial Minerals
  • Minor Metals
  • Ores & Alloys
  • Precious Metals
  • Scrap (Ferrous and Non Ferrous)
  • Steel
  • Steel Raw Materials
  • The All Metals Package (full access to all of the above packages)

Click here to see what prices are included in each package.

Interested in our Data Feeds?


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