Use of Data

How would you answer the following questions:

"I didn't know" may not be an acceptable answer to your company's compliance or risk manager, so be sure to arm yourself with the knowledge of our terms and conditions in a quick and simple way. How would you answer the following questions:

1. Will I need to distribute or archive copies of  the Fastmarkets AMM Daily in print, via email or on a shared drive?

2. Will I manually enter Fastmarkets AMM data into a spreadsheet which is accessible to others?

3. Will I post Fastmarkets AMM data on our company website?

4. Will I need to share my Fastmarkets AMM login details with anyone who doesn't have the ability to log in using their own email address?

5. Does my company have a shared email account that I would like to use to access Fastmarkets AMM data?

6. Will Fastmarkets AMM data be stored on any internal servers or software systems?

7. Will Fastmarkets AMM data, news, charts, etc. be incorporated into any internal reports or presentations?

8. Will I make Fastmarkets AMM data visible to my suppliers or customers?

9. Will I use Fastmarkets AMM data as the basis to mark-to-market derivatives like an EFT, swap, option and future?

10. Does my company use an ERP system that consumes 3rd party data in a feed?

11. Will I access Fastmarkets AMM data via an internal computer network, intranet or office archive?

12. Will I use Fastmarkets AMM data as the basis to value a company's equity, stocks or debt involved in metals?

Did you say "no"  to all of these questions?

Congratulations - you will not be putting your company at risk.

Did you say "yes" to any of these questions?

You require a data license. Not having the correct data license in place could cost your company millions of dollars in fines and copyright violations and this is something we never want to have to speak about with our valued clients. To make sure you purchase the correct data license that allows you and your company to operate effectively and efficiently, read our copyright policy and our terms and conditions

Also, take a moment to look at our licensing process or give us a call on +1 312-366-2541 if you have any questions.


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