PHD Metals

Not sure what license is right for you?
Here are a few examples of our subscribers to help you understand the range of options that are available to you and which is the most suitable option for your business. 


PHD Metals is a fabricator that buys automotive metals and sells finished parts to large auto OEMs further down the supply chain. They also sell the industrial scrap generated from machining and other material handling and manipulation to local scrap yards.

In order to value materials and negotiate contracts with vendors and clients, the company needs access to up-to-date, market-reflective price data that is trusted by the industry and backed by robust compliance procedures and methodologies.

PHD Metals Group did have a single-user subscription but after recognizing a larger data need within their company, they now have a data license in place. This allows them to reference and include our price data in contracts and other pricing activities.

A data license is also vital for them to share and redistribute our price data to their employees. Employees who need direct access to our data, each have a login, but the license in place also covers employees who interact with derived data. Learn about Daniel and how he uses his direct access to our data to create derived data that is shared across his organization to people like Maria. Use the images of each employee below.

Here are two employees from PHD Metals. Click to find out how they interact with our data:

   Learn about Maria's data use

Learn about Daniel's data use




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