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Agenda Overview

Steel Scrap 2018: Day One: Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Coffee and Registration

7:30AM How to register

Please arrive at the main Registration Desk in order to collect your badges and to start the day with a warm cup of coffee.

Registration will be open from 7:30am and will stay open for the duration of the morning.

You can register at any time and can choose to attend Fastmarket AMM's Breakfast Briefing or arrive later for the main content to begin at 9:00am.


Fastmarkets AMM's Breakfast Briefing

8:00AM Ferrous scrap futures

Start your morning the right way with Fastmarkets AMM’s Breakfast Briefing. Join us for breakfast and hot coffee as Fastmarkets AMM delves into the subject of ferrous scrap futures.

Regardless of where you sit in the ferrous supply chain, buying and selling at the right rates are essential, so come join us and find out how ferrous scrap futures contracts can help mitigate your risk and support your business.

Moderator: Thorsten Schier, North American Steel And Ferrous Scrap Editor, Fastmarkets AMM

Grace Lavigne, Price Development Manager, North America, Fastmarkets AMM
Andre Marshall, President, Crunch Risk LLC
Young-Jin Chang, Executive Director, Global Head Of Metals, CME Group
8:55AM Welcome address from Fastmarkets AMM

Session I: Charting America’s new landscape: tariffs, NAFTA and economic growth

9:00AM A Decade Later: What Has Changed and What Hasn’t (Yet)
Tamara Lundgren, CEO, Schnitzer Steel Industries
9:30AM Presidential Debate: Section 232 and trade wars
  • Following the U.S. Trade Representative investigation, how will the Section 301 investigation change the trade flow between China and the USA?
  • What is likely to be the short-term and long-term impacts of current trade tariffs?
  • What are your thoughts on the result of the US mid-term elections, and how do you see the results affecting the implementation of these trade tariffs?
Donald Cameron, Partner, Morris, Manning and Martin LLP
Roger Schagrin, President, Schagrin Associates
Samir Kapadia, Principal, Chief Operating Officer, The Vogel Group
10:15AM Networking refreshment break
10:45AM Turkey’s procurement of raw materials for steelmaking
  • An overview of Turkish steel production and raw material needs of steelmakers.
  • What specifications of scrap grade or quality of metallic are Turkish steel producers importing? How do these decisions affect the US?
  • How has this year’s domestic demand for Turkish long products - and the Section 232 tariffs - affected Turkish mill buying of US steel scrap? 
  • We have heard that Turkey may be reducing their billet volumes this year. What does this mean for imports of ferrous scrap?
Ismail Kursad Korkmaz, Chief Purchasing Officer, Oyak Mining Metallurgy Group
11:15AM Macro-economic issues that are shaping the US steel industry
  • On overview of the USA's GDP trajectory and interest rates: what opportunities are being created for steel mills?
  • Has there been any noticeable impact to the steel industry since the US withdrew from the Paris Climate Accord over one year ago?
  • What benefits have US trade tariffs brought to the steel supply chain and what could be future developments?
  • Is there the possibility of unintended consequences harming the steel industry?
Adam Green, Managing Director, World Steel Dynamics
11:45AM Trilateral panel: NAFTA and the steel supply chain in North America
  • What is the current state of the NAFTA renegotiations and what parts make you feel positive about the future? 
  • Is it possible that end-consumers will suffer under these tariffs and that companies may still move industries away from the USA?
  • Does applying tariffs on Mexican and Canadian steel imports to the US not break the free trade parts of NAFTA?
Adalberto Becerra, Strategic Planning Manager, Roca Acero S.A. de C.V.
Tom Meloche, General Manager, K-Scrap Resources Ltd
Nikhil Shah, President, Scrap Metal Services Brownsville

Session II: Procuring feedstock for steel mills

12:30PM Interactive polling: Fastmarkets AMM’s scrap pricing

Fastmarkets AMM’s overview of their current and future prices will be followed by a Live Polling session.

Thorsten Schier, North American Steel And Ferrous Scrap Editor, Fastmarkets AMM
Lisa Gordon, Correspondent, Scrap, Fastmarkets AMM
1:00PM Networking refreshment lunch
2:15PM Analyzing the balance between scrap and metallics
  • Finding the right balance: availability, prices and iron ore content.
  • Casting an eye to South America, what are the latest developments with Venezuela’s HBI production and Brazil’s Samarco’s reopening?
  • To what extent is their more space for a greater degree of metallic products to enter the US?
  • Where could a new supply of DR grade pellets come from?
  • As iron ore pellets remain high but the DRI premium remains higher, how does this affect purchasing decisions?
  • How will it pan out if the USA continues to import pig iron and scrap to feed hungry steel mills? Given time, could US industries displace these imports?
Chris Barrington, Secretary General, IIMA (International Iron Metallics Association)
Larry Hale, Consultant, Former Commercial Manager Raw Materials, Geradu
3:00PM Disruptions and the US Steel Industry
  • Is it correct that the steel industry continues to blame imports for current levels of domestic performance?
  • What are the issues when using cost curves within the steel industry?
  • How can companies adapt to constant disruptions within the supply chain?
Russell Egge, Partner, Egge & Alexander Associates
3:30PM Networking refreshment break

Session III: What keeps the steel industry moving?

3:45PM Reaching customers from across the United States
  • An overview of the flow of steel from the ‘steel capital of North America’ to the wider United States.
  • What volume of steel does the Port of Indiana handle and how does this benefit steel mills as well as their consumers? 
  • What advantages does the Port of Indiana have that earned it Fastmarkets AMM’s Logistics/Transportation Provider of the Year?
Vanta E Coda II, CEO, Ports of Indiana
4:15PM Road, rail and rivers: what is needed and what can be provided?
  • What are the current challenges that face customers, but also the logistic companies themselves?
  • What is being done to improve driver retention and attract new workers to the transportation industry? Who has the ability to make a difference?
  • With more micro-mills appearing, would it be easier for them to secure scrap locally and not further afield as other mills do?
  • ELD Trucking: has this legislation been a help or a hindrance?
Chad Sutter, Sales And Logistics, Cooper/Consolidated
Daniel Titus, Owner, Page Transportation
5:00PM End of day one and drinks reception

Steel Scrap 2018: Day Two: Wednesday, November 28, 2018

7:45AM Registration opens and welcome coffee
8:55AM Welcome address from Fastmarkets AMM

Session I: Regional insights and scrap shredding

9:00AM Regional scrap panel: thoughts from across America
  • The current margins for steel mills is larger than the margin on scrap: do you see this margin as stabilizing any time soon and what does it mean for your operations?
  • If the market remains profitable and steel mills ramp up production, will there be adequate and easily accessible reservoirs of scrap to meet new demand?
  • Is the decline in scrap quality a concern to you and your operations?
  • Is it true to say that tariffs are good for steel producers but not for the scrap merchant? 
  • What can be done for scrap recyclers to have a larger say in the market?
Albert Cozzi, Co-Owner, Cozzi Recycling
Kelly Eaton, Vice President Of Ferrous Sales, Rochester Iron & Metal
Gary Clayman, Co-President, Niles Iron & Metal
Tom Knippel, Vice President, Commercial Industrial, SA Recycling LLC
10:00AM Shredding, zorba and the chemistry of steel scrap
  • Insights into the local and national environments that steel shredders operate in.
  • With steel scrap’s quality in decline, is there merit in looking at the chemistry of scrap rather than grades?
  • If Zorba prices have fallen and it becomes increasingly difficult to shift, to what extent may we see a cut back in available shredded scrap?
Andre Pujadas, Evp - Commercial, PSC Metals
Rob Rutherford, Vp And Shredder Manager, SOUTHERN RECYCLING
Bobby Triesch, Vice President, Regional General Manager, Newell Recycling
10:45AM Networking coffee break

Session II: Independent insights

11:15AM Independence: how to make it on your own
  • What drove you to leave established companies and to go your own way?
  • What were the challenges that you came across as independent scrap brokers?
  • In today’s market, do you think there are more opportunities available for others to do what you did?
  • Do you have any final thoughts for those thinking of claiming their own independence?
Greg Dixon, Ceo, Smart Recycling Management
Norb Klebanski, President, Great Lakes Metal Trading
12:00PM India and the latest opportunities for scrap in the subcontinent
  • Expectations for growth in steel production and scrap consumption in India
  • The growth in scrap imports into Bangladesh and Pakistan.
  • Will India become sustainable in ferrous scrap, and if so then when?
  • How will these changes affect scrap merchants in the East and West coast?
Lee Allen, Metals Analyst, Fastmarkets MB
12:30PM Networking lunch and Close of Conference