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Agenda Overview

Day One: Wednesday, March 25, 2020

7:30AM Registration Desk Opens
9:00AM Welcome Address from Fastmarkets
9:05AM Chair Person's Opening Remarks
Kim Leppold, Principal Analyst, Fastmarkets
9:15AM Producers Panel: Strategies for 2020, Working Within the Current Market
  • What new technologies are being utilised to increase efficiency and productivity?
  • How is the strategy of producers changing to match the current market conditions on supply & demand?
  • Where does the industry expect the oil price to be? What is the best way to hedge against vulnerability?
  • What are producers doing to keep up with the innovation of customers in terms of size, grade?
  • How is the relationship with customers changing?
Moderator: Kim Leppold, Principal Analyst, Fastmarkets
Kirk Murray, Vice President, SeAH Steel America, Inc.
Dean Rougas, Executive Vice-president, Benteler Steel & Tube Corp.
Josh Croix, Chief Commercial Officer, Borusan Mannesmann Pipe U.S., Inc.
10:15AM Introducing SeAH's New Mill
Kirk Murray, Vice President, SeAH Steel America, Inc.
10:30AM OCTG and Line Pipe Forecasting
  • Will we see any recovery in OCTG demand in 2020 and beyond?
  • Will we a see a recovery in the price as a result?
  • What will 2020 have in store for Line Pipe? 
Kim Leppold, Principal Analyst, Fastmarkets
11:00AM Networking & Refreshment Break
11:30AM Fastmarkets AMM Indexes
Grace Asenov, North American Steel Editor, Fastmarkets
11:50AM Procurement Panel: Sourcing the Right Material for the Best Price
  • What factors are being considered by tube and pipe mills in creating a flexible procurement strategy to cope with unknown raw material prices?
  • To what extent is 232 driving prices? How can exposure to the unknown be limited?
  • What is the pricing and availability of flat rolled steel inside and coming into the US?
  • How has the supply of HRC been constrained within the market and how has this changed procurement strategies for welded pipe producers?
Moderator: Grace Asenov, North American Steel Editor, Fastmarkets
Dhaval Trivedi, Supply Chain Director, Borusan Mannesmann Pipe US Inc
Mihir Desai, Sr Manager, Supply Chain Management, WELSPUN TUBULAR LLC
12:35PM Lunch & Networking Break
2:00PM Macro Perspective: Key Trends in Energy Markets
Reid Morrison, Global Energy and US Energy & Chemicals Advisory Leader, PwC
2:30PM Financing the Oil & Gas Industry
  • With different areas of finance withdrawing from the Oil & Gas industry, where will the industry find its backing in the future?
  • Will the stricter financial controls be a force for good for the industry?
  • Is this trend a phase or a sign of things to come?
  • How will this all impact the expansion of the industry?
Max Schlubach, Vice President, Brown Brothers Harriman & Co
3:00PM Networking & Refreshment Break
3:30PM Line Pipe Utilisation
  • What is the capacity utilization in the USA for line pipe? What does this mean for each part of the supply chain?
  • How have dynamics changed in terms of demand for OCTG and line pipe?
  • What are the chances of future line pipe bottlenecks in America?
Geoff O’Donnell, Manager- Energy Tubular Products, Wheatland Tube
4:00PM Outlook for Oil and Gas
  • What is the picture of oil & gas prices and what market factors are impacted the price? 
  • How has the US rig count changed since 2019 and does this remain the best indicator of measuring this industry, or should we turn to look at OCTG consumption per rig?
  • Will we see continued decreasing in DUCs? Will there be any shifts in the parent/child well relationship?
James Jang, Lead Analyst, Drilling, Westwood Global Energy
4:30PM Joint Market Forecast Q&A

Your chance to ask our expert market analysts your pressing questions on the market.

Day Two: Thursday, March 26, 2020

8:00AM Registration Desk Opens
9:10AM Chair Person's Opening Remarks
9:15AM Distributors Panel: Supplying the Industry
  • What strategies have been put in place to help clear through built up inventory?
  • How are distributors preparing for future markets? Is demand expected to pick up?
  • A year in, how has section 232 changed the procurement strategies of distributors? Is domestic procurement cost effective?
  • Is there a danger that producers and end users will try and bypass distributors? What is preventing this from becoming widespread?
Moderator: Kim Leppold, Principal Analyst, Fastmarkets
Adam Tesanovich, Chief Commercial Officer, Eagle Pipe LLC
Dolty Cheramie, Senior Analyst, Pipe Exchange
Faisal Naseem, Chief Executive Officer, Sooner Pipe
Hugh Heslep, Chief Operating Officer, Premier Pipe
10:00AM Streamlining Custom Work With a Single-Partner Approach

Efficiency is the key to success in any manufacturing operation. This presentation will showcase innovations in process and engineering geared towards increasing productivity and solving challenges unique to tubular facilities.

Jason Schoff, Sales Manager, Brandt Engineered Products Ltd
10:30AM Networking & Refreshment Break
11:00AM Global Politics and American Trade Policy
  • How has the US/China trade uncertainty impacted global trade flows?
  • Are the tariffs and quotas currently in place effective? Or, do they need to be readjusted to today’s market?
  • With 232 firmly in American trade policy, what has been the secondary impact of these measures? What opportunities have be found or lost?
  • With increasing global instability, could we see a sudden spike in prices? If so is the industry ready to react?
Moderator: Dom Yanchunas, Senior Price Reporter, Steel, Fastmarkets
Donald Cameron, Partner, Morris, Manning and Martin LLP
Robert DeFrancesco, Partner, Wiley Rein
Roger Schagrin, President, Schagrin Associates
11:45AM M&A in the Current Market: Is Bigger Better?
  • What market factors are driving M&A transactions in 2019? Will the Steel sector see any dramatic changes?
  • Are there any exciting M&A deals on the horizon? Are these coming from the pipe producers, distributors or end users of tubular products?
  • How will capacity and buying power be impacted by these changes?
Vince Pappalardo, Managing Partner, Brown Gibbons Lang & Company
12:30PM Conference Close & Networking Lunch